Are all ear drops generally safe ?

Ear drops are given to patients with any disease affecting external ear specially. Are all ear drops safe? Ear drops are safe generally if the tympanic membrane is intact. Some drops used for ear have a combination of antibiotic and steroid which help in reducing the inflammation and infection in the external ear which can … Continue reading Are all ear drops generally safe ?

My Patient died after a week of concussion

Few months back I received a patient of road traffic accident in Emergency room OT of BB-hospital. He was not having any signs of cerebral edema though, but the history was clearly indicating a concussion and he lost short term memory too – of the event. After managing the patient and stitching his wounds, he … Continue reading My Patient died after a week of concussion

How to relieve period pain fast

There are natural ways to relieve period pain as well as medicines to relieve pain from periods. Here you will learn about medicines that can relieve period pain along with few tips on how to overcome the pain and reduce its intensity by natural means. Females can use both medical as well as natural approach … Continue reading How to relieve period pain fast

Treatment of Chlamydia Symptoms

Chlamydia can easily be treated by antibiotics. To cure Chlamydia a single dose of azithromycin or a weekly dost of doxycycline BD (twice daily) are used commonly. Treatment of Chlamydia Symptoms HIV positive and HIV negative patients both get the same treatment of chlamydia. However, all sex partners should be evaluated and tested for chlamydia … Continue reading Treatment of Chlamydia Symptoms

Surgery House Job schedule in Rawalpindi General Hospital

Rawalpindi General Hospital is also known as Central hospital or Benazir Bhutto Hospital. The Surgery house job duty structure is as follows. Surgery Housejob Schedule in RGH Duty starts at 8:00 am morning. At 9:30 am morning is the morning meeting everyday. There are two surgery units SU-I and SU-II. Each surgery unit is divided … Continue reading Surgery House Job schedule in Rawalpindi General Hospital

How do i know if I am depressed?

Well, everyone of us, at some stage in our life feel sad and depressed! yes, even psychiatrist do feel so too! But how do we know if the condition has reached the stage of disease? and needs treatment, or care now? How to tell if someone is suffering from Depression? Well, the easiest and best … Continue reading How do i know if I am depressed?

MBBS subjects in Pakistan

This is a list of subjects for MBBS in Pakistan divided by Profs (professional examination). Note: MB BS (bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery) is a 5 year course consisting of 4 profs. 1st prof is divided in 2 years, hence making it 5 year in total in Pakistan. In this article we’re going to … Continue reading MBBS subjects in Pakistan

Ramsay Hunt Syndrome (herpes zoster octicus)

Ramsay Hunt syndrome (herpes zoster oticus) is caused by the shingles infection affecting the facial nerve near one of your ear. When shingles infection involves the facial nerve of one side near the ear, causing ramsay hunt syndrome (herpes zoster octicus) which have following signs and symptoms at clinical presentation: Ramsay Hunt Syndrome (Clinical presentation) … Continue reading Ramsay Hunt Syndrome (herpes zoster octicus)

Abocol – contra indicated in diabetes

Abocal Efferevescent tablets are Calcium, Vitamin C , Vitamin D and Vitamin B-6 supplement tablets manufactured by Abbott, Pakistan. Abocol is a very good source for calcium and Vitamin C, D and B6 supplementation in patients but it is contra indicated in patients with diabetes mellitis. It contains carbohydrate (sugar in common words) content and … Continue reading Abocol – contra indicated in diabetes

Subjects in each year of MBBS (Pakistan)

This post simply enlists subjects taught in each year of mbbs. Please note, that in Pakistan mbbs is typically divided in to 5 years but 4 profs. First prof is divided into part one and part two, completing in two years, and then all other prof’s take 1 year each. After 5 years (4 profs) … Continue reading Subjects in each year of MBBS (Pakistan)