Elbow Joint stiffness and pain after Gym exercise

Even if you are very much athletic and pro in resistance training, if you leave your body muscles for a long time without any proper physical activity, they tend to go in a different phase. There is a popular saying about muscles: They build like ice, they melt like ice Although if you have been … Continue reading Elbow Joint stiffness and pain after Gym exercise

Blumberg sign – Rebound tenderness

Blumberg sign (or Rebound tenderness positive sign) is elicited by palpating slowly and deeply over a viscus and then suddenly releasing the palpating hand. If rebound tenderness is positive then the patient experiences pain. The sign is explained by the fact that gradual stretching of the abdominal wall by deep palpation followed by sudden release … Continue reading Blumberg sign – Rebound tenderness

Male vs Female brain | Tabulated differences

We will be listing out some key features differentiating between the male and female brain and nervous system in a tabulated form. Hope you will find this information helpful and if you have some other information to add, please do share it too. The differences presented here are not to declare any of them to … Continue reading Male vs Female brain | Tabulated differences

How we declare someone Amenorrhic (having amenorrhea)

There are varieties of menstrual irregularities and disturbances but they all have their own management according to signs and symptoms and patients condition. One of them is called Amenorrhea. In this post, we’ll learn various types of amenorrhea and how to declare or know if someone has amenorrhea. The most common cause of amenorrhea in … Continue reading How we declare someone Amenorrhic (having amenorrhea)

Dizziness, fever with infection (throat)

Some times there could be a situation in which the person is having dizziness, fever and some infection, e.g throat infection. The cause of dizziness might be considered to be low blood pressure by some physicians, but it is not usually so. The dizziness is probably due to the fever and is mostly seen in … Continue reading Dizziness, fever with infection (throat)