Surgery House Job schedule in Rawalpindi General Hospital

Rawalpindi General Hospital is also known as Central hospital or Benazir Bhutto Hospital.

The Surgery house job duty structure is as follows.

Surgery Housejob Schedule in RGH

Duty starts at 8:00 am morning.

At 9:30 am morning is the morning meeting everyday.

There are two surgery units SU-I and SU-II. Each surgery unit is divided in three teams / batches. Each batch cycles through these weekly duties.

1st week

First week is OPD/OT. It is alternated. One day the team manages OPD and other day OT.

On OPD days the duty goes off at 2:00 pm

2nd week

Second week is ward. In surgery ward the duty depends on number of house surgeons available and also the will of the batch incharge.

Usually the duty goes like this: the house surgeon goes at 8:00 am in morning today and he gets duty off 8:00 pm tomorrow. 36 hour duty.

3rd week

Third week is in Emergency Department.

Here the duty is 24 hour then 24 hour off.

HS go on duty at 8:00 am today and get off 8:00 am tomorrow. Then come on duty at 8:00 am day after tomorrow.

However, HS stay in groups alternately, to manage the pending cases in emergency OT.

At the end of month they get 48 hour duty and then 48 hours off (in those 48 hour, they get 12 hour relief too from other department)


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