Surgery House Job schedule in Rawalpindi General Hospital

Rawalpindi General Hospital is also known as Central hospital or Benazir Bhutto Hospital.

The Surgery house job duty structure is as follows.

Surgery Housejob Schedule in RGH

Duty starts at 8:00 am morning.

At 9:30 am morning is the morning meeting everyday.

There are two surgery units SU-I and SU-II. Each surgery unit is divided in three teams / batches. Each batch cycles through these weekly duties.

1st week

First week is OPD/OT. It is alternated. One day the team manages OPD and other day OT.

On OPD days the duty goes off at 2:00 pm

2nd week

Second week is ward. In surgery ward the duty depends on number of house surgeons available and also the will of the batch incharge.

Usually the duty goes like this: the house surgeon goes at 8:00 am in morning today and he gets duty off 8:00 pm tomorrow. 36 hour duty.

3rd week

Third week is in Emergency Department.

Here the duty is 24 hour then 24 hour off.

HS go on duty at 8:00 am today and get off 8:00 am tomorrow. Then come on duty at 8:00 am day after tomorrow.

However, HS stay in groups alternately, to manage the pending cases in emergency OT.

At the end of month they get 48 hour duty and then 48 hours off (in those 48 hour, they get 12 hour relief too from other department)

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13 Responses to "Surgery House Job schedule in Rawalpindi General Hospital"

  1. Nice information, sir can u tell something about getting recruited as a house officer in this hospital.

    ….. Beside this an excellent combination of doctor, martial arts and swimmer.NICE….

    • Thanks

      which college have you completed your mbbs from? they prefer rmc and other government college graduates for paid housejob, for others, they need to have a reference usually.

  2. Thanks for response,

    I have done my MBBS from Peshawar medical college, can i get a paid housejob now over there? If yes, then which documents are usually required ? so that i can apply..

    • You need to check and ask them personally if you can get paid house job (without sifarish) or not

      about documents, you need:

      2 attested copies of:
      pmdc registration
      pmdc certificate
      academic mark sheet with all 5 year record
      mark sheets of all 5 years
      id card

  3. Thanx brother..

    • you're welcome

      I hope there is nothing else needed, but in case they ask for anything else, I'm sorry!! :)

      btw, you will need a written application too, the PA can assist you in writing it

  4. AOA Dr. Nabeel,
    Sir please help me. I need some information regardig housejob. I am graduate of Alla Iqbal Medical College Lahore. I got housejob there last year but due to my father’s ill health I could not work there more than one month. I resigned after one month of housejob and went back my village to take care my father. now I am desperate need of housejob to get fully registered in PMDC. please guide me is it possible to get paid or unpaid housejob in your hospital. I will prefer paid but willing for unpaid ifpaid is not possible. please please guide me. Jazak ALLAH Sir. ALLAH Bless you. I need guidance. very worried.

    • Sana you can get unpaid / honorary house job in almost any hospital for sure.

      Please get attested photocopies of your certificates and write an application for housejob in the concerned department and then visit the head of department. Once he signs your application, he will guide you to the clerk and it will go along.

      btw, how is your father now and why don’t you do housejob in the same hospital again in lahore ?

      • AOA Sir,
        thankyou so much for guiding me. My father is fine now Alhumdulillah. he is diabetic and had myocardial infarction last year, but he does not take medication on time. Please pray for his health sir. I don’t want to go to the same hospital because I am shy that I will be behind my class fellows by one year difference and I was in Jinnah Hospital because I am AIMC graduate… Jinnah is in Lahore and I am from near chakwal. so Islambad or pindi is near for me also and that I may not feel bad of lagging behind my classfellows also. thankyou so much sir. one more thing to ask, sir is there any time for applying? can I apply anytime? and can u guide me how I can get PAID seat if possible? I am 5th in my whole class in Final proff and every year I have been in top 10 ranking. I had paid seat in jinnah but I had to resign because of fathers health. I am not from rich family and have no sifarish also but very excellent merit. can u guide how it can be possible to get paid seat? but if really unpossible then I will take unpaid for my career sake. and sir, last question, I heard PMDC have made structure of housejob change ? now we will have to do 6 departments housejob and be evaluated in end of year… that is true? I am worried… can u tell me if I will have to follow that new structure? and please must guide me about paid seat if possible sir. thanks a lottt. Jazak ALLAH. I am waiting ur reply. May ALLAH Bless u a lot. Ameen.

        • w/s

          Allah unko sehat de, ameen

          You can get honorary housejob in hospitals almost at any time, e.g poly clinic islamabad allows walk in interviews to house job applicants. However not all hospitals are that much flexible.

          You can get paid housejob in your own medical college affiliated hospitals easily.

          However, you should start housejob in any hospital on honorary basis and then try to get paid seat there along the way, that would be best option.

          About feeling shy with your class fellows, you will get over it in a week or two if you work there, infact you will feel much better working under them as they will be more helpful to you instead of stranger seniors.

          Hostel is the main issue, as hospitals don’t give hostels to outsiders (Those who didn’t do mbbs from their affiliated medical college) usually, but you can still try for that or get accommodation in private hostels.

  5. and sir I forgot to ask u, I will need hostel also, will I get hostel also surely with housejob? there is surety of that I mean?

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