Summer Headaches

Summer is a wonderful season for taking break, going out on vacation and enjoying one self on a beach! As with any other season, summer brings many problems with it too. There are several diseases that are associated with summers, but here today I am going to highlight one issue which is not a disease … Continue reading Summer Headaches

Fasting in Ramadan: Health Benefits & Hazards

As the Ramadan is here the question always comes up among the educated lot that is the fasting beneficial or injurious for health. In this section we discuss both pons and cons of Fasting in Ramadan and fasting otherwise, leaving the decision for the reader =) Month of Ramadan is about 29 or 30 days … Continue reading Fasting in Ramadan: Health Benefits & Hazards

Top 10 diseases in USA

Men and women tend to have almost the same common diseases in USA apparently, except for suicide (more common in men) and the diseases exclusive to males or female. We’ll be discussing the most common disease reported in USA. This article includes the most reported diseases in hospitals resulting in hospital stay for various age … Continue reading Top 10 diseases in USA

Dry Needling, what it is and what it does

Dry needling is a controversial treatment method and is also known as myofascial trigger point dry needling. It’s a technique in which needles are used to relieve pain and to achieve various other claimed health benefits. The needles used for dry needling can be either hollow core type or solid filiform too. What is dry … Continue reading Dry Needling, what it is and what it does

Why do guys shiver after pee and do women shiver too?

This question has been asked a lot of times that why do guys shiver when they pee sometimes? Also, do women shiver too? If yes then how often? Well there have been a lot of answer and explanations to this question, we’ll try to sum them up and come up with as much detail to … Continue reading Why do guys shiver after pee and do women shiver too?

How to prevent Food Poisoning this summer

What is Food poisoning? Food poisoning is very common in summer specially due to the favorable environment for the bacteria to grow in the food and release toxins. The bacterial growth is favored in hot and humid environment and thus food is highly susceptible to contain bacterial growth in summers. Food poisoning can be life … Continue reading How to prevent Food Poisoning this summer

What is tooth sensitivity?

If you feel pain or discomfort when having cold, hot, sweet or very acidic foods, then probably you have tooth sensitivity. Patients suffering with teeth sensitivity can even sometimes get it triggered by a breath of cold air! The pain is usually sharp and shoots deep! The disease can occur in any age, however it’s … Continue reading What is tooth sensitivity?

Driving while drunk facts

Drunk driving is a massively illegal things across the globe, however there are people who still drive while drunk. Lets see some of the facts about drunk driving! Driving while drunk facts Some of the statistical facts about drunk driving are: Approximately one third of the fatal accidents caused in the united states of america … Continue reading Driving while drunk facts

Sinus Infection

Sinus infection means infection of the layer lining the sinuses in skull. The tissue covering these sinuses, when get infected by a virus, bacteria or a fungi, can result in sinus infection. The term sinusitis means inflammation of the sinus cavity lining tissue. However the term is used in conjunction with sinus infection (debatable) of … Continue reading Sinus Infection