Small Cell Carcinoma

Small-cell carcinoma is also called oat-cell carcinoma or small-cell lung cancer (if in lungs). It’s a type of highly malignant tumour, arising within the lung commonly. Small cell carcinoma can also arise occasionally in various other sites in the body, such as: Lungs Cervix Prostate Gastrointestinal tract In lungs, small cell carcinoma makes up 15% … Continue reading Small Cell Carcinoma

Difference Between IgM and IgG

What is an Immunoglobulin? Immunoglobin (or antibody) means a protein that binds to the antigens in certain specific conditions. The antibodies are produced by our immune system as a result of specialised process, to help our body in fighting against various antigens including viruses and bacteria. There are various classes of immunoglobulins including IgG and … Continue reading Difference Between IgM and IgG

Dengue Fever or Break bone Fever

Dengue fever (pronounced Den-gee) , also known as Dandy fever or Break bone fever, is a mosquito-borne infection that causes a severe flu-like illness. There are four different viruses that can cause dengue fever, all of which spread by a certain type of mosquito. Spread About 86 million people develop illness among 390 million who get … Continue reading Dengue Fever or Break bone Fever

First Ebola victim in Pakistan – Fake Rumor

Sorry to ruin your evening, the new is fake. Yes you heard it right, the news about the “Trusted” media and “trusted” website probably ran by kids who don’t know how to confirm some news is Fake. First ebola patient in Pakistan – was false news I’m seriously sick of people confused about ebola’s first … Continue reading First Ebola victim in Pakistan – Fake Rumor

MBBS subjects in Pakistan

This is a list of subjects for MBBS in Pakistan divided by Profs (professional examination). Note: MB BS (bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery) is a 5 year course consisting of 4 profs. 1st prof is divided in 2 years, hence making it 5 year in total in Pakistan. In this article we’re going to … Continue reading MBBS subjects in Pakistan

Subjects in each year of MBBS (Pakistan)

This post simply enlists subjects taught in each year of mbbs. Please note, that in Pakistan mbbs is typically divided in to 5 years but 4 profs. First prof is divided into part one and part two, completing in two years, and then all other prof’s take 1 year each. After 5 years (4 profs) … Continue reading Subjects in each year of MBBS (Pakistan)

What to eat if you need more blood

Today a friend of mine asked randomly on messenger that: what to eat if you need more blood? So the instant reply was: drink, blood Na! anyway . . . jokes apart, so what to eat in case you need more blood (inside body only). How to increase red blood cells count   Well you … Continue reading What to eat if you need more blood

Photonic Shampoo

Photonic Shampoo by PharmaHealth Pakistan (Pvt) Limited is sodium free shampoo for daily use for silky, shiny & healthy hair. It’s an anti-dandruff and anti-fungal shampoo with normal pH level. It contains conditioner too. Photonic shampoo reviews are good and suggestive of it’s efficacy. Photonic Max shampoo is also in the market and seems like … Continue reading Photonic Shampoo

Classification of Anti-Depressant Drugs

Anti depressants are classified in the following categories ( with example drugs ) A – Tricyclics Neutral: Imipramine, Dothiepin Sedative: Amitriptyline, Trimipramine, Doxepin Stimulant: Desipramine, Nortriptyline, Protriptyline, Mianserin B – heterocyclics Amoxapine, Maprotiline, Trazodone, Bupropion, Venlafaxine C – Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors Hydrazide derivatives: Phenelzine, Isocarboxazid Non-hydrazide derivatives: Tranylcypromine, Moclobemide D – Sympathomimetic Stimulants Dextroamphetamine, Methylamphetamine, … Continue reading Classification of Anti-Depressant Drugs