How to relieve period pain fast

There are natural ways to relieve period pain as well as medicines to relieve pain from periods. Here you will learn about medicines that can relieve period pain along with few tips on how to overcome the pain and reduce its intensity by natural means.

Females can use both medical as well as natural approach to achieve instant relief from menstrual pain.

How to relieve period pain fast by medicine

Well the fastest way to relieve period pain is by using a medicine. Simple pain killers or analgesics help in reducing pain during the phase of menstruation. Please note, the medicines work when taken in proper amount, below that they don’t work, so try not to be a doctor yourself and follow the prescription (in other conditions too).

Medicines to relieve periods pain

You can use any of the following medicines (tablets) to relieve periods pain fast

  • Panadol 2 tablets (total 1000mg)
  • Paracetamol 2 tablets (total 1000mg)

How to relieve low back pain during periods naturally

These tips work (and they really do) to relieve periods pain without medicines quickly.

  • Take warm beverage, like Tea, Coffee, or other herb teas, etc
  • Have a message on your abdomen in clockwise direction
  • Place a warm water bottle on abdomen
  • Don’t take cold water

Hopefully these tips will help you reduce menstrual pain and help you relieve period pain fast and efficiently as they worked for my patients.

Please share any tips that have worked for you too to relieve periods pain.


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