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This content on this website is updated & maintained by qualified professionals in the field of Medicine & Surgery, including medical doctors, dental surgeons, etc.

Our team of medical doctors include:

  • Dr N Khan
  • Dr Wasiq Zafar
  • Dr Amber Naqvi
  • Dr Naureen Kanwal
  • Dr Sarah Khan

Offline Clinic team aims towards providing relevant information to both medical professionals and non-medical visitors. We especially aim towards helping medical students of mbbs and other programs, related to their studies and for general queries related to the field.

What’s different about this website & many others out there?

All the authors here are qualified professionals. Which means that the articles you will find here are not written (or rewritten) by teenager kids or freelance writers who don’t know anything about what they are writing (the way it happens in most of the websites). The content is written by qualified and practicing professional themselves. 

Other than that you will be getting professional and real help from real Qualified Doctors and other professionals here.

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