How do i know if I am depressed?

Well, everyone of us, at some stage in our life feel sad and depressed! yes, even psychiatrist do feel so too! But how do we know if the condition has reached the stage of disease? and needs treatment, or care now?

How to tell if someone is suffering from Depression?

depressionWell, the easiest and best way is to visit a psychiatrist / psychologist (I’ll prefer psychiatrist) What? Oh! ok.. well many people are scared to goto them! ya! coz . . . do you think I am mad? why shall i goto psychiatrist? … Well! psychiatrist don’t only treat MAD people! they treat all problems related to nervous system! well, almost all! So just visit them, and see what they suggest, goto a couple of them to get some multiple decisions and opinions! but don’t get upset with it! coz if they tell you that you have depression, well, know it! that, it is 100% treatable! 100%! and even psychiatrist give guarantee for it! So why suffer in your life, just being scared of a disease, that is perfectly normal, and happens with many, and is perfectly treatable?

Other than that, if you want to see some points that let you get an idea if you are depressed or not, here they are, but please note, if after reading them, you feel they fit on you, don’t just panic! goto a qualified psychiatrist! and get the opinion!

Symptoms of Depression

Here you go with the symptoms! (non-clinical symptoms of depression) [on average they should be there for more than 6 months and causing change in life style]

Please note, don’t label someone or yourself as a patient for depression without consultation to a psychiatrist.

  • Everything seems wrong and turning off
  • there is no hope and happiness about anything in life
  • you cry a lot, usually for no apparent reason, for something that’s not significant or either nothing at all
  • feel like everything is in slow motion, moving and think slows too
  • getting up is not easy
  • you can’t seem to express yourself, normal conversation seems like a struggle
  • even simple decisions are a trouble to be made
  • family and friends “irritate” you
  • you’re not sure if you still love your partner
  • smiling feels like fake and awkward
  • it feels like there is a glass wall between you and the rest of the world
  • you forget things easily
  • it’s really very difficult to concentrate on anything
  • anxiety and worry increases over minor issues
  • have a feeling that you can’t do anything right
  • have repeated thoughts of death or suicide.
  • Suicide seems like release from all tensions and a way of relief.
  • have a feeling something bad is just to happen, not sure what it is
  • have any specific fear in your mind constantly
  • your perception of the world is blur and cloudy. Even if it’s clear sunny day, it seems cloudy and gray
  • feel like suffocated and drowning
  • feel agitated and anxious most of the time
  • senses seem dull, food don’t taste good, music isn’t interesting anymore, flowers smell don’t attract you
  • your mind keeps reminding you of all the failures and negatives in life

These are some of the points which may signal a depression. But again, don’t try to label someone as having clinical depression unless confirmed from a qualified and experienced psychiatrist, specially before medication.

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