How to speed up bone healing

Bone fractures are common. Anyone of us can result in having a broken bone, either due to injury or a planned surgery. There are 206 bones in the body, thus there are numerous different types of fractures, each having its own complications and healing time too. E.g. the fracture of finger will heal differently from … Continue reading How to speed up bone healing

How to monitor blood pressure at home

With so common high blood pressure issues in our society these days, it’s critical to know how to monitor blood pressure at home. This will not only help you confirm that your and your family members blood pressure is going in good range, but also to confirm if they’re suffering from high blood pressure (hypertension) … Continue reading How to monitor blood pressure at home

Rovsing’s Sign

Rovsing’s sign is named after the Danish surgeon Niels Thorkild Rovsing. Rovsing’s test is considered a sign for appendicitis, elicited during examination. However this is not done as commonly as rebound tenderness test (blumberg’s sign). If a patient has positive rovsing’s sign, he’s suspected to have appendicitis, if other symptoms of the disease are also present. … Continue reading Rovsing’s Sign

Dengue Fever or Break bone Fever

Dengue fever (pronounced Den-gee) , also known as Dandy fever or Break bone fever, is a mosquito-borne infection that causes a severe flu-like illness. There are four different viruses that can cause dengue fever, all of which spread by a certain type of mosquito. Spread About 86 million people develop illness among 390 million who get … Continue reading Dengue Fever or Break bone Fever

Hypertension – Symptoms, Treatment & Diet

What is Hypertension? Hypertension means high blood pressure. Blood pressure values are defined as high when they’re above normal range. Remember not to take hypertension lightly. Always consult your doctor whenever there are any related symptoms of if you’re at risk of developing the disease. Start maintaing a chart of blood pressure, whenever you check … Continue reading Hypertension – Symptoms, Treatment & Diet

COPD – symptoms, causes and treatment

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a chronic inflammatory disease of lungs. It causes the obstruction in the normal airflow to and from the lungs. COPD includes: Emphysema Chronic bronchitis COPD is a common disease and through proper management, it can be prevented and controlled. The term chronic refers to long standing. Chronic obstructive pulmonary … Continue reading COPD – symptoms, causes and treatment

Acne – causes and treatment

Acne vulgaris, which we commonly know as acne only, is a disease of the skin with specific characters of its own like pimples (both papules or pustules), comedones (blackheads and whiteheads) and a greasy skin. Acne can be with or without scarring. Usually scarring results due to cystic acne or when the pimples are scratched … Continue reading Acne – causes and treatment

Foot verrucae (causes, symptoms, prevention, treatment)

Verrucae (often misspelled as verrucas) are warts on the planter surface (sole) of the foot. These warts develop on the lower side of the feet and are generally harmless. If there are no symptoms like pain or discomfort then they can be left untreated, however if they’re spreading, associated with pain or any other symptoms … Continue reading Foot verrucae (causes, symptoms, prevention, treatment)

Hypertensive patients and surgery

Hypertension is one of the most common reason due to which the surgeries are postponed in various patients. Hypertension is known to be a cardiovascular catastrophe risk factor. In a scientific case studies between normal and hypertensive patient undergoing elective surgery and dying of cardiovascular event during the first month, the ones with preoperative hypertension … Continue reading Hypertensive patients and surgery