Solar Eclipse – Frequently asked questions

In this post, we will try to address some frequently asked questions regarding solar eclipse and how does it affect your eyes and overall health. Please let us know if you have any other questions about solar eclipse affects on eyes and health in comments.

Can watching solar eclipse make you blind?

Yes. Seeing sun during an eclipse can affect your eyes negatively and can lead to blindness too along with risk of developing other retinopathies.

Can we watch solar eclipse using mobile camera?

No. When you’re watching the sun through your front camera and mobile phone screen, the reflection of sun is also being produced directly on the glass of your cell phone, and thus the reflection will damage your eyes too. As the glass on your phone reflects ultraviolet and infrared rays too.

Is it safe to view solar eclipse through sun glasses?

No. Regular sun glasses are not safe and do not provide protection to view solar eclipse. Thus you should avoid looking at the sun while wearing sun glasses too, especially during the solar eclipse.

Is it safe to view the solar eclipse through pin hole?

No (and yes – keep reading). There are several mechanisms of pin hole setup to view the solar eclipse. In summary, if your face is towards the sun while using that pinhole, then it is wrong. However if sun is on your back and you’re watching the image formed through your pinhole, then it’s relatively safe.

However for proper safety, avoid going out at the time of solar eclipse to accidentally damaging your eyes.

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