Abocol – contra indicated in diabetes

Abocal Efferevescent tablets are Calcium, Vitamin C , Vitamin D and Vitamin B-6 supplement tablets manufactured by Abbott, Pakistan.

Abocol is a very good source for calcium and Vitamin C, D and B6 supplementation in patients but it is contra indicated in patients with diabetes mellitis. It contains carbohydrate (sugar in common words) content and is so not indicated to be used by the patients suffering from the diabetes.

abocal contraindicated in diabetesIn case of patient suffering from diabetes mellitus, alternate sugar free calcium supplement (e.g qalsan-d) and vitamin supplement should be given.

Update on Abocol – contra indicated in diabetes

Please note that abocal is available in a sugar free alternate too in the market, which can be used safely by diabetic patients. However the non-sugar free abocal (and cac1000) isn’t safe or exclusively recommended in patients with diabetes. However the sugar content in it is low but should be avoided in any case.

The sugar free abocal for diabetic and patients looking for sugar free solutions is available which should be used.

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