Male vs Female brain | Tabulated differences

We will be listing out some key features differentiating between the male and female brain and nervous system in a tabulated form. Hope you will find this information helpful and if you have some other information to add, please do share it too.

The differences presented here are not to declare any of them to be superior or inferior. They are just meant to understand the difference between the male and female brain because understanding the differences is important to avoid conflicts and improve the productivity. Both male and females have specific role in the world and thus their brain have been made by Allah accordingly.

Differences between Male and Female brain

During gestation, every brain starts as same (female) brain but after 8 weeks of conception, when testosterone secretion increases in male foetus, the brain starts to differentiate from a female brain.

Brain size10% more than female10% less than male
Processes per cellLower than female brainHigher than male brain
Average words spoken per day7,00020,000
Hearing cortexsmallerlarger
Communication centersmallerlarger
Sex processing centerdoublehalf the male center
Memory of fightspoorstrong
Sex thoughts entryevery minuteevery couple of days
Sensing others emotionsweakstrong
Neocortical neurons22.8 billion19.3 billion
Length of Spinal cord45 cm43 cm
Length of vertebral column71 cm61 cm
Weight of brainheavier than femalelighter than male
Average IQsamesame
Limbic systemnot deepdeep
Corpus callosum (right to left bridge)smaller than femalelarger than male
Dominant side used in processingleftboth
Susceptible to depressionlessmore
Suicide attempts1/3 of women attempts3 times more than men
Gray mater (active neurons)6.5 times more6.5 times less
White mater (connections)10 times less10 times more
Processing speedslower than femalefaster than male
Density of neuronsless than femalemore than male
Map readinggoodpoor

Male vs female brain size

Males have a 10% larger brain size then that of a female! Well does it mean a 10% increase in intelligence too?

Processes per cell in male and female brain

Female brain has more processing power than the male brain. Their brain cells can handle more processes per cell than the average male brain can.

Average words spoken, men vs women

Average man speaks around 2000 words per day while a women remain at lead with 7000 words per day!

Processing speed of male and female brain

Just like processes per cell, female brain is much more faster in processing too as compared to the male brain!

Density of neurons in male and female brain

Female brain has a higher density of neurons than the male ones!

Men vs women in map reading

Men are better in map reading than women! So next time when you go out cross country make sure you’ve a male map reader along with you!

The list never completes. Feel free to comment to correct or add to the provided list. Note that these differences and stats are much more debatable, detailed and complex to understand and interpret than to just look at the table and make an idea about what’s going on!

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