Elbow Joint stiffness and pain after Gym exercise

Even if you are very much athletic and pro in resistance training, if you leave your body muscles for a long time without any proper physical activity, they tend to go in a different phase. There is a popular saying about muscles:

They build like ice, they melt like ice

Although if you have been an athlete or in good shape in past and started physical activity after an inactive phase now, you will be much faster in gaining your previous state of health then a fresh trainee, but you will still be having pain after gym and irritation for first couple of days at least.

Elbow Joint stiffness and pain after Gym exercise

pain in elbow joint after gym exerciseSimilar thing happened to me recently. I started gym after long long phase of any proper physical activity. Result? one of my arm (the left one, which got fractured some years back and have a metal plate in it) got seriously stiff and was first very much irritating all the time, and then the pain was there when i tried to stretch it and was literally unable to stretch the arm full. It was not able to get stretched ahead of specific degree without passive and painful force.
So how did it got fixed? well the solution to this and other similar joint issues is very simple (provided that you haven’t damaged any of the joint structure and it’s just the stiffness causing pain).

How to get rid of Elbow Joint stiffness and pain after Gym exercise

The solution to this type of pain after gym and other issues and general body irritation and pain is:

  • Re exercise, simply do the same exercise next day, or follow your simple routine exercise for couple of days and believe me, the pain will go away. Why? many reasons, to keep it short, the muscles will become used to it and also by re exercise, blood flow to the same area will take away the lactic acid and pain causing chemicals.
  • Do an oil massage. One of the best way of temporary (sometimes permanent) relief of such pain (in my case left elbow joint). Simply use olive or any other oil of your choice and massage gently over the affected muscle area (all of it) or preferably ask someone else to do it for you if possible.
  • take pain killers. of course if the pain is unbearable, take some pain killer and have good meal and a very good rest. Don’t strain yourself and next time try to do as much as your body permits.

Remember if this pain after gym doesn’t go off, consult your physician and go to a hospital as soon as possible to avoid any serious damage.

While training, remember that the purpose of the training is not to break yourself, but to understand your body and build it. Note, UNDERSTAND and BUILD, both.


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