Small Cell Carcinoma

Small-cell carcinoma is also called oat-cell carcinoma or small-cell lung cancer (if in lungs). It’s a type of highly malignant tumour, arising within the lung commonly. Small cell carcinoma can also arise occasionally in various other sites in the body, such as: Lungs Cervix Prostate Gastrointestinal tract In lungs, small cell carcinoma makes up 15% … Continue reading Small Cell Carcinoma

Difference Between IgM and IgG

What is an Immunoglobulin? Immunoglobin (or antibody) means a protein that binds to the antigens in certain specific conditions. The antibodies are produced by our immune system as a result of specialised process, to help our body in fighting against various antigens including viruses and bacteria. There are various classes of immunoglobulins including IgG and … Continue reading Difference Between IgM and IgG

Blumberg sign – Rebound tenderness

Blumberg sign (or Rebound tenderness positive sign) is elicited by palpating slowly and deeply over a viscus and then suddenly releasing the palpating hand. If rebound tenderness is positive then the patient experiences pain. The sign is explained by the fact that gradual stretching of the abdominal wall by deep palpation followed by sudden release … Continue reading Blumberg sign – Rebound tenderness