Hypertension – Symptoms, Treatment & Diet

What is Hypertension? Hypertension means high blood pressure. Blood pressure values are defined as high when they’re above normal range. Remember not to take hypertension lightly. Always consult your doctor whenever there are any related symptoms of if you’re at risk of developing the disease. Start maintaing a chart of blood pressure, whenever you check … Continue reading Hypertension – Symptoms, Treatment & Diet

Hypertensive patients and surgery

Hypertension is one of the most common reason due to which the surgeries are postponed in various patients. Hypertension is known to be a cardiovascular catastrophe risk factor. In a scientific case studies between normal and hypertensive patient undergoing elective surgery and dying of cardiovascular event during the first month, the ones with preoperative hypertension … Continue reading Hypertensive patients and surgery

Cardiac Asthma – Symptoms and Treatment

Cardiac asthma is a medical condition in which the patient presents with the presentation of asthma, however the symptoms are not caused by pulmonary issue, rather it’s due to cardiac issue (congestive cardiac failure). One study found that almost one third of the elderly patients suffering with congestive heart failure presented with cardiac asthma. Cardiac … Continue reading Cardiac Asthma – Symptoms and Treatment

BP 160/90, female patient 45 years old

This post is part of case discussion section for informing and improving the patients management. Today I received a patient with hypertension and was having symptoms like headache. I tried to discuss the case with various doctors of different departments and hospitals and would like to share my experience and their opinions. This is a … Continue reading BP 160/90, female patient 45 years old

Drugs used in VT and SVT

This post simply summarizes drugs used in ventricular tachycardia and supra-ventricular tachycardia. Note: this post is meant to give a brief quick review for when to use amiodrone, verapamil, lidocaine and adenosine. Drugs used in Ventricular Tachycardia (VT) Lidocaine: It’s drug of choice in post MI ventricular tachycardia. Amiodrone: amiodrone can be given in both … Continue reading Drugs used in VT and SVT

How to manage low blood pressure at home in emergency

Hypotension, low blood pressure, can happen anywhere under certain circumstances where no medical help is available. What to do in such situation when your blood pressure drops and you don’t have any doctor or hospital around . . . ? keep reading to know! Emergency treatment for low blood pressure (hypotension) First of all, make … Continue reading How to manage low blood pressure at home in emergency

Lower down high blood pressure at home in emergency Now

Once you’re in hospital, doctors have several ways to bring your blood pressure to normal limits easily. But what if you’re home, without any medicine to lower blood pressure instantly naturally? And need to bring your severely high blood pressure within normal limits? Here are a few tricks for immediate treatment of high blood pressure. … Continue reading Lower down high blood pressure at home in emergency Now

Significance of Pulse Pressure

What is pulse pressure ? Pulse Pressure (PP) is the difference between systolic and diastolic blood pressure values. In lay mans terms, pulse pressure is the difference between the highest and the lowest values of your blood pressure. For example, if you have a blood pressure of 120/80 then your pulse pressure would be 120 … Continue reading Significance of Pulse Pressure