Dementia Symptoms and Care

Dementia is a condition with symptoms related to decline in multiple cognitive abilities due to any underlying disease. It’s a term describing symptoms due to various diseases. Alzheimer’s is one of the commonest type of dementia with almost 60 to 80% of cases of dementia being Alzheimer’s disease. In dementia, the conscious level of the … Continue reading Dementia Symptoms and Care

Itchy legs when walking or running

Nothing can be more annoying than the itch while running or jogging, forcing even the motivated people to stop exercising. This doesn’t end here, the burning sensation followed by the rash and swelling adds to the discomfort and forces the person to stop doing the activity causing it. There are various reasons for the itchy … Continue reading Itchy legs when walking or running

Cardiac Asthma – Symptoms and Treatment

Cardiac asthma is a medical condition in which the patient presents with the presentation of asthma, however the symptoms are not caused by pulmonary issue, rather it’s due to cardiac issue (congestive cardiac failure). One study found that almost one third of the elderly patients suffering with congestive heart failure presented with cardiac asthma. Cardiac … Continue reading Cardiac Asthma – Symptoms and Treatment

Hypercalcemia – High Calcium levels

Hypercalcemia refers to the condition in which the levels of calcium in body are above normal. Excess calcium in the blood can result in various complications including kidney stones, weak bones, heart and brain related complications, etc. Symptoms of hypercalcemia vary from none to severe and the management depends upon the underlying cause. Regulation of … Continue reading Hypercalcemia – High Calcium levels

Avoid giving intramuscular pain killer for chest pain

It’s a common practice in healthcare centers that patients are given intramuscular pain killer for pain, specially if it’s muscular. The injection used is mostly dicloran. The advising doctor may advice it as: inj dicloran i/m stat The statement means that this patient should be given the medicine “dicloran” in the injection form through intramuscular … Continue reading Avoid giving intramuscular pain killer for chest pain

Menopause Symptoms

Almost every woman undergoes menopause once it reaches the specific age. However it’s important to realize that the symptoms experienced by all women, before and after menopause, are not the same. The signs and symptoms experienced by the women undergoing menopause are very much variable and depend on various factors. What is Perimenopause? The transition … Continue reading Menopause Symptoms

Can mosquitoes spread hepatitis?

Summer is here and so does the exposure to these creepy little creatures called mosquitoes! Mosquitoes are known to transmit a number of diseases to humans, other than simply irritating with buzzing sound in the ear and sucking the blood. Some of the diseases spread by them can be cured by using medicine, however some … Continue reading Can mosquitoes spread hepatitis?

How to treat a Scorpion sting

Scorpions hunt usually at night and use their sting against the prey or predator, both. Every scorpion contains venom (usually neurotoxic), however not all are deadly for adult humans but can be fatal for children. Before moving to the treatment of scorpion sting, lets see some interesting facts about scorpions.  Are all scorpions dangerous? Scorpions … Continue reading How to treat a Scorpion sting

How to Stop or Control Hirsutism

Hirsuitism refers to the abnormal growth of hairs in women. This can either be the development of dark and coarse hairs in areas where women have fine hairs or in the areas where they have no hairs at all. These regions include the upper lip, chin, chest, abdomen, back, etc. Please note that women with … Continue reading How to Stop or Control Hirsutism

Acute tonsillitis medication and management

This post is not meant to be an alternate to expert doctors advice. It’s intended to be a discussion forum for doctors regarding best medicine for their patients and variable treatment. Case Presentation of Acute Tonsillitis The patient was suffering from cough along with mild sore throat and fever. No flu or any other complains. … Continue reading Acute tonsillitis medication and management