Why are prisoners so muscular

See any movie or video showing prisoners and they’re mostly fit or at least muscular! Although no one feels jealous of their life maybe, but many people admire their physique and strength and makes them wonder that how do prisoners gain so much muscle? How do prisoners get so big muscles specially confusing because they have a terrible nutrition deprived diet and no advertised products and supplements at least!

Also they exercise without weights mostly, so what about the popular belief that body weight exercises don’t add muscle bulk? and many other queries still coming to the common question that how do inmates build muscles?

Why are prisoners so muscular

So apparently prisoners have no access to resources to follow the “conventional” and “scientific” ways of gaining muscles, then how is it possible? lets have a look!

Prisoners have to be big and strong for survival

When someone is new in prison, he might be weak and small among the inmates, but in the ocean of sharks they have to get bigger to either blend in or to compete! The prison world is merciless.

When the mind decides and gets dedicated, the body follows!

Why are prisoners so muscular

They are high in testosterone

Mostly prison going guys have high testosterone already, rest is added up by the harsh environment of the prison where you need to survive every moment.

Testosterone is essential in muscles development and thus helps them a lot!

Prisoners workout regularly

Prisoners don’t have to drag themselves to the gym, they have the gym only to be in! Everything is scheduled and organized for them.

Imagine living in gym for years? Now make that happen, convert your room into a mini gym or make arrangements so that you never miss a workout! that’s the least requirement!

Prisoners lift heavy

Prisoners aren’t training to get role in some movie where they just have to appear strong, they need to get strong because of their survival!

Stop taking those advices on buffing up like this or that, lift heavy, do it, but with caution of course!

Prisoners get enough sleep

You know why are prisoners so muscular? part of the answer is that they get enough sleep to let their body take care of itself!

Regular eating habits

Although their diet isn’t as fabulous as advertised commercially for gymmers, they have a regular pattern of meals that they follow.

Prisoners don’t eat poisons

Prisoners don’t eat toxins that we eat daily in the name of healthy food like packaged milk e.g. nestle, sugar products and so on. Which allows their bodies to stay healthy and develop easily.

Yes some of them do take steroids too, but that’s not the main reason for muscles, if that was the case, everyone taking steroid would look better than Arnold, which they don’t. So steroid can just be useful, but not the key to building muscles.

Now we know some points how inmates build muscles. If you’ve any query, addition or feedback for the points regarding how do prisoners get so big and how do prisoners gain so much muscles please let me know in comments!


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