Toxins we eat every day

The things we consume these days from the market and brands are so much toxic that one gets confused what to eat and what not to!

In fact most people keep eating the toxins because there isn’t anything left to eat if they give up all of them!

Toxins in fruits and vegetables we eat

The fruits and vegetables get toxic even before they reach the market, right when they’re in the field because of the toxic sprays and chemicals we use. E.g. one of the chemicals is known to cause downs syndrome and others are even more toxic!

Then when they reach the market, they’re sprayed again with toxins to increase their shelf life and so on.

Toxins in packaged products

Coming to packaged products let me give a few examples:

Nestle and other milk products having toxins

First of all pasteurization denatures the proteins in the milk.

The calcium left behind isn’t useful for the body, in fact can be damaging altogether.

Vitamin D added artificially is harmful for body as per studies. In fact anything saying “Fortified” is damaging to the body and is not natural!

Iron added? iron and calcium when taken together reach with each other and none is absorbed.

This all is added with the chemicals and toxins given to the animals from whom the milk is extracted! leading to diseases in both males and females!

poisons in food

Toxins in Pepsi and other drinks

Pepsi contains anti-emetic (anti vomiting drug). What does it mean? It simply means that company knows what they’re adding in pepsi is going to be rejected by body as vomiting, therefore they add the anti vomiting drug already! A whole set of toxins!

Toxins in artificial chicken and eggs (broiler / white)

The broiler / white chicken is known to enhance subinfertility in females. The artificial chicken and eggs being used these days are toxic in many ways!

This and many other poisons are being used by us every single day! like tea, sugar, and so on!

Anything you wanna know about? Please let me know in comments! If you have anything toxic in our diet to add to list please share that too!

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