Americans affected by CoronaVirus

This monday, several new cases of coronavirus were reported which included several americans too.

The confirmed cases of dozens of coronavirus infected people were confirmed on a quarantined cruise ship called Diamond Princess, in Japan (Yokohama).

The total number of passengers removed from the ship or soon to be removed due to coronavirus infection reached 135. This number includes around 23 americans affected with coronavirus. 11 of these american coronavirus patients were among the newly confirmed 65 cases.

Total number of passengers on the ship are 3711 including crew, however most remained in isolation to prevent the infection.

Americans affected by CoronaVirus

There are reports that Chinese government is trying to silence the people who were trying to inform others and raise an alarm about the outbreak early on. In fact this effort to stop reporting of this outbreak has led to so many people getting infected with the coronavirus, including citizens of USA.

The reports of people of other countries and united states getting infected with coronavirus and being silenced by Chinese government might create a backlash for the heavily censored media and social media of the country.

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