Acute tonsillitis medication and management

This post is not meant to be an alternate to expert doctors advice. It’s intended to be a discussion forum for doctors regarding best medicine for their patients and variable treatment.

Case Presentation of Acute Tonsillitis

The patient was suffering from cough along with mild sore throat and fever. No flu or any other complains.

Patient was advised Cap amoxil 250 BD along with panadol which didn’t resolve the condition. He was given Tab leflox 500mg BD next day as cap augmentin wasn’t available along with syp hydralline. He had mild tonisillitis that day too.

However today the patient suddenly sweated a lot and got severe discomfort along with bp of 90 / 60 mm of hg. I/V line was maintained and inf Ringer Lactate was given.

Patient was complaining of exhaustion, nausea, sore throat and pain on swallowing.

Medicines for Acute Tonsillitis:

Inj Co-Amoxiclav 1.2gm TDS

Tab Panadol 2 x QiD

Tab gravinate 1 x BD

Tab Brufen 1 x OD

Tab Loratidine 1 x OD

Disprin gragles

Please provide your input and discuss the case.

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