What is CoronaVirus?

CoronaVirus is not new, however the recent outbreak of Wuhan city of China has caused a serious concern around the world regarding this virus.

Recent outbreak of CoronaVirus began around the seafood and meat market in Wuhan, China. The market had both alive and also recently killed animals for sale. Since its start in December, the virus has spread to many other countries including American continent & United States.

How many cities have been Quarantined due to CoronaVirus?

Till now, 6 cities of China have already been closed and quarantined. The risk to United States and American continent is being claimed to be low at the moment as per the statements from centres for disease control & prevention. However no one can be sure about the extent of this outbreak and the dangers associated with it.

What is CoronaVirus?

CoronaVirus is found in animals. The virus can rarely transfer from animals to humans under some circumstances.

The exact animal responsible for the outbreak of this coronavirus outbreak is not known or determined till now. The market where coronavirus outbreak originated sold wild animals too, including crocodiles, snakes, etc.

How many coronavirus types are there?

Most people only believe that the coronavirus is of only one type and is only recently discovered in Wuhan City of China. However that’s not true.

Coronaviruses found in humans previously include:

  • MERS-CoV – Middle East Respiratory CoronaVirus, originating in Saudia Arabia in 2012
  • SARS virus – Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome virus, originating in Chinese province of Guangdong in 2002
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What are the symptoms of CoronaVirus infection?

The recent coronavirus strain is relatively mild compared to previous MERS and SARS versions.

The symptoms of recent outbreak coronavirus take longer to develop. Symptoms of coronavirus infection include:

  • Mild cough
  • Headache
  • Fever
  • Difficulty breathing and shortness of breath
  • Rhinnorhea (running nose)
  • Sore Throat

Most cases of coronavirus do not get serious. Till now only around 15 to 20% of patients infected with coronavirus have developed serious illness.

Anybody who already has weak immune system is more prone to serious illness from coronavirus infection. Serious illness includes pneumonia or bronchitis and so on.

So far, mainly people of age 40 and above have shown symptoms of Wuhan Coronavirus infection.

How is CoronaVirus diagnosed?

CoronaVirus infection is mainly diagnosed by the doctor by ruling out any other common disease with similar symptoms.

If you’re suspecting that you or anyone you know is suffering from coronavirus infection, then you must immediately see your doctor. Do remember to inform the doctor and medical setup about the possible coronavirus infection before you go there, so that they can prepare before hand to receive and isolate the patient, so that they can prevent the disease from spreading to other patients in the hospital or doctor’s clinic.

What causes coronavirus infection?

CoronaVirus infection is transmitted to humans from an animal host. Then this virus can spread from human to other humans. The animal which caused the recent Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak is not yet established.

The coronavirus can spread from humans to another humans through bodily fluids contact, including cough droplets. It can also be spread from the infected persons hands, if his hands are contaminated due to touching his or her eyes, nose, mouth, etc.

The most common source of spread of coronavirus is not yet known and the most dangerous route of transmission is also not confirmed.

How to prevent coronavirus infection?

Due to the hype related to coronavirus outbreak, everyone is genuinely worried that can coronavirus be prevented or avoided? And if yes, then how to prevent it?

The only remedy and prevention for now is to avoid getting in contact with people who are suffering with coronavirus infection, or who are suspected to have it.

Make sure you wash your hands properly and often and avoid touching your bodily fluids unnecessarily, including eyes, nose and mouth.

If you intend to travel to such a place where coronavirus of Wuhan city is suspected, then do talk to your physician first before traveling.

Is there any vaccine for coronavirus infection?

Unfortunately, no, there is no vaccine to protect against coronavirus infection.

CoronaVirus Treatment

Well, the most important question of all, can coronavirus be treated? This is a tricky question. The virus itself can not be killed through medicines, your immune system has to do the job. What medical professionals can offer is to:

  • Help in managing the symptoms of the disease, keeping the patient most comfortable and preventing any complications, while his or her body fights against the corona virus
  • Prescribe supportive medicines for fever, and other symptoms that the person is having.

The patient is advised to isolate himself to prevent the spread of virus. They should have plenty of rest, have good food and fluids intake.

You should discuss with your doctor if you’re suffering from coronavirus infection. Especially ask these questions:

  • Are you at the risk of any coronavirus complications?
  • Are there any over the counter medicines that work for coronavirus symptoms that you have?
  • How to prevent spread of coronavirus to your friends and family?
  • What are the alarms to look for coronavirus complications?

Do coronavirus heal itself?

Yes. In most cases, the symptoms of coronavirus go away on their own. However the patient still needs supportive treatment to help his or her body to fight against the coronavirus.

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