First Ebola victim in Pakistan – Fake Rumor

Sorry to ruin your evening, the new is fake. Yes you heard it right, the news about the “Trusted” media and “trusted” website probably ran by kids who don’t know how to confirm some news is Fake.

First ebola patient in Pakistan – was false news

I’m seriously sick of people confused about ebola’s first “suspected” victim in Pakistan. First of all, what’s the reason of making a news of “suspected” victim of some disease? let is be confirmed first!

Our media these days is so out of authentic news that it’s running false and fake rumors, that too just on the suspicion! wow! and what’s more? people, even doctors, who know medicine, are weeping over the “suspect”.

There is no Suspect of Ebola in Pakistan – anymore

first case of ebola in pakistan fake rumor

Confirmed from the doctors in the hospital which media is quoting as first ebola victim, he is not being managed or suspected for ebola anymore. He is being treated for Dengue hemorrhagic virus (a very common virus in Pakistan and region).

The news have been confirmed from the doctors and the hospital administration.

So guys, calm down, ebola might reach Pakistan too, but it’s not today!

Why was he suspected as Ebola patient?

Because he (Naeem) recently returned from Africa! seriously? that’s the only reason? wow! means anyone returning from usa had to be suspected of sars? ya right! :/

A few words about Ebola

Just to tell you, ebola was discovered and was “epidemic” in Africa for the first time in 1974. This is the third recorded outbreak of ebola virus since then.

So calm down, and let CDC, USA do the research of their product, EboBun (Patent US20120251502)


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