Does Cocaine kill CoronaVirus?

There is an image floating around saying “cocaine kills coronavirus”, raising many questions in people’s minds around the world. However, the news is fake.

The fake image tweeted and shared by many people over social media like facebook and instagram is:

The image is created by a fake image generator website called

This is the screenshot of the website from which this fake image was generated:

The false news creator simply created this fake news from the webpage shown above and took an image using his mobile phone, appearing as if he took the image off some TV news channel.

Can cocaine cure coronavirus?

Unfortunately, no. Cocaine is not linked to coronavirus treatment apparently and it’s a hoax.

Learn more about what is coronavirus here.

Coronavirus is already a huge tragedy all over China and also around the world. It’s unfortunate to see how people are misguiding and misusing this epidemic just for fun or cheap publicity.

Kindly spread the word so that your loved ones also know about this fake news regarding cocaine curing coronavirus.

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