Weight Loss Soup

There are many recipes in town all claiming that they help weight loss. This recipe I have tried myself and by my mom, we both lost weight, about 10% of our original weights with just a seven day diet plan! Take that! Just seven days! Only drawback is that this weight loss is so immediate … Continue reading Weight Loss Soup

8 Tips for Losing weight in Winters

Yup you heard it right; we will consider today losing weight during winters. Usually winters bring weight, as too keep body needs fuel and fuel is food, therefore, we feel more hunger than summers and eat more. Secondly, outdoor activities are reduced during winters which increases time spend indoors, snuggle in cozy blankets with some … Continue reading 8 Tips for Losing weight in Winters

How to speed up bone healing

Bone fractures are common. Anyone of us can result in having a broken bone, either due to injury or a planned surgery. There are 206 bones in the body, thus there are numerous different types of fractures, each having its own complications and healing time too. E.g. the fracture of finger will heal differently from … Continue reading How to speed up bone healing

Jaw Surgery – pictures, diet, risks & swelling

This post will cover most commonly asked questions and details related to Jaw Surgery. If you have any query which isn’t answered in this upper and lower jaw surgery blog already, please let us know through comments. Jaw surgery is a type of orthognathic surgery in which they do upper jaw surgery (maxilla) or lower … Continue reading Jaw Surgery – pictures, diet, risks & swelling

How to monitor blood pressure at home

With so common high blood pressure issues in our society these days, it’s critical to know how to monitor blood pressure at home. This will not only help you confirm that your and your family members blood pressure is going in good range, but also to confirm if they’re suffering from high blood pressure (hypertension) … Continue reading How to monitor blood pressure at home

Small Cell Carcinoma

Small-cell carcinoma is also called oat-cell carcinoma or small-cell lung cancer (if in lungs). It’s a type of highly malignant tumour, arising within the lung commonly. Small cell carcinoma can also arise occasionally in various other sites in the body, such as: Lungs Cervix Prostate Gastrointestinal tract In lungs, small cell carcinoma makes up 15% … Continue reading Small Cell Carcinoma

Difference Between IgM and IgG

What is an Immunoglobulin? Immunoglobin (or antibody) means a protein that binds to the antigens in certain specific conditions. The antibodies are produced by our immune system as a result of specialised process, to help our body in fighting against various antigens including viruses and bacteria. There are various classes of immunoglobulins including IgG and … Continue reading Difference Between IgM and IgG

Rovsing’s Sign

Rovsing’s sign is named after the Danish surgeon Niels Thorkild Rovsing. Rovsing’s test is considered a sign for appendicitis, elicited during examination. However this is not done as commonly as rebound tenderness test (blumberg’s sign). If a patient has positive rovsing’s sign, he’s suspected to have appendicitis, if other symptoms of the disease are also present. … Continue reading Rovsing’s Sign

Summer Headaches

Summer is a wonderful season for taking break, going out on vacation and enjoying one self on a beach! As with any other season, summer brings many problems with it too. There are several diseases that are associated with summers, but here today I am going to highlight one issue which is not a disease … Continue reading Summer Headaches