Why solar eclipse is harmful to eyes?

Solar eclipse is an interesting and fascinating event, however it’s extremely harmful to the eyes. Looking at the solar eclipse, in any phase, causes permanent damage to the eyes.

This post provides some explanation as to why this happens.

Why looking at solar eclipse damages eyes?

Looking at the sun during the solar eclipse can cause irreversible damage to the retina of the eyes due to certain reasons, such as:

  • looking at sun, without eclipse, also damages the eyes, however when we look at sun in normal days, we do not focus on it
  • during eclipse, some part of sun is covered so the brightness is reduced, however the ultraviolet rays of the remaining / visible part are still of same intensity
  • out of curiosity, we focus on the sun, which leads to the damage to focus area of retina, called fovea, which is very small and very imp

So in summary:

  • because of the ultraviolet rays from sun
  • because of curiosity and focus, rays fell on the fovea

Frequently asked questions about solar eclipse

Can we look at solar eclipse with sunglasses?

No. Regular sun glasses provide no protection against the harms of solar eclipse

Can we use polarized glasses for viewing the solar eclipse?

No. Polarized glasses do not provide protection needed to view the solar eclipse.

Is it safe to view solar eclipse from camera lens?

No. Seeing solar eclipse through anything is unsafe and causes harm.

Is it safe to view solar eclipse through special equipment and glasses made for viewing solar eclipse like Baader lens?

No. Due to some reasons such as:

  1. Do you have the guarantee that the beedar or other lens you’re buying is original and not a counterfeit / fake?
  2. Those lenses are not thoroughly trialed with volunteer human subjects to claim and assess their safety.

What is the safest way to see a solar eclipse?

Safest way to see a solar eclipse is on youtube or any other recorded media.

Can we view solar eclipse in ____ (any) form outdoors?

No. No matter how safe the method is, if you’re outdoor at that time, then you can accidentally look at the sky and sun and focus on it out of curiosity. Thus it’s safest not to risk your eyes and avoid going outdoor at that time.

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