Secret Weight loss diet

Losing weight seems like impossible once you’re fat and don’t know how to get rid of it due to various weight loss myths floating around! However it’s literally possible to get slim with the right diet and exercise. You can even lose 1kg weight per day for at least 10 kg weight loss in 10 days, however that’s not always recommended and weight loss should be done gradually.

Although, instead of outlining a sure cut quick weightloss diet, it’s better to understand the principles and facts to formulate your own ideal weight loss diet plan, but you will get a decent outline of a weight loss diet plan that will help you lose your weight fast and efficiently.

Being overweight is a major problem with most people now a days. The main cause is inactive and sedentary life style along with unhealthy food that we’re consuming all day long.

Please note, ideal weight loss and life style includes proper diet with proper exercise regularly.

Fast Weight loss diet plan

Please note, the following meal items are not meant to be “absolutely consumed” at that meal time, rather the choices are listed which should be consumed in proper amount.

weight scale red apple and measuring tapeWeight loss diet for Breakfast:

  • sugar free tea / coffee
  • bran based biscuit if available (2-4)
  • egg white only
  • banana (1 or 2 only)

Weight loss diet for Lunch and dinner :

  • steamed / bar-b-q chicken, mutton, beef or fish
  • pulses
  • boiled rice (not much)
  • bran bread (not much)
  • raw vegetables only

Note: lunch can be skipped or replaced with raw vegetables only depending upon your craving / weight loss requirement

Snacks for weightloss diet (very small quantity):

  • apple
  • orange
  • nuts

Beverages during weight loss diet:

  • sugar + fat free drinks only
  • water, lots and lots of water

Supplements during weight loss dieting:

  • calcium supplements (abocal / qalsan-d or any sugar free one)
  • multivitamins (revitalemulti / centrum)

Note: supplements help alot in avoiding triggering starvation mode and speed up weight loss

Water, have lots and lots of water with the weight loss diet plan.

Remember, you need to have regular and proper routine for exercise to lose weight along with diet too!

Keep me posted about your weight loss progress and if you have any queries!


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