How to Lose 1 kg in 1 day Now

Before we get into the details please be advised that trying to lose 1 kg a day might be fine but if you continue doing so then it can be harmful. I.e don’t try to lose 10 kg in 10 days or 20 kg in 20 days or so on. I lost 10 kg in 10 days but then shifted to a more relaxed model of losing weight and maintaining it.

So coming to the point, how to lose 1 kg in 1 day ( or 2 kg in 2 days, 7 kg in a week and so on). It’s easier to lose for a teenage than for people above 20 or 30 years of age and above. However Teenagers should avoid doing strict diet as their body needs plenty of nutrition for their growing bodies.

You might already be knowing that losing initial 5 kg weight is relatively easy to losing weight after 5 kg.

Also, its easiest to lose weight the first time you wake up out of your sedentary life style and decide to get slim. With each repetitive try your body becomes more hard to shed weight.

So anyway, losing first 1 kg or 2 kg of your body is not an issue at all. Seriously. You can lose 1 kg per day for 2 to 3 days easily if you’re really determined to do so. So if you’re overweight by 10kg, lets see how to lose weight fast in 10 days.

How to lose 1 kg in 1 day

This will include 2 things, as usual, 1 exercise, 2 diet control

As for the diet part, simply follow these:

  • Don’t take carbohydrates (bread, potato, rice, etc)
  • eat protein normally (not like eat all protein that you can, but try to live on protein – meat, pulses low in carbohydrates, egg white only, etc)
  • almost no fats (avoid any fats as much as possible)
  • no junk, no soda, no nothing, nothing goes in your mouth, and no fruits too! yeah!
  • have plenty of desired water

That was pretty simple right? to lose 1kg per day! yeah right. Here’s more to it.

If you follow this diet only, believe me you’re gonna lose at least half kg in 1 day (or lose 1 kg in 2 days)

If you’re fine with it, perfect, otherwise add these exercises to your routine to get to lose 1 kg in 1 day.

Exercises to lose 1 kg in 1 day

Well there are no specific exercises for that, just tips to keep in mind while trying to lose 1 kg per day:

  • don’t lie flat on the bed!
  • do normal daily tasks
  • do at least 40 minutes (or 1 hour if possible) jogging + walking (walk when you’re unable to jog, regain strength and jog again)
  • hike or swim if possible, nothing is better than that.

Ok there, 1 more thing, don’t jump on the scale straight away to check if you lost weight or not right after 1 day.

Your intestines still need to be empty before they show you some real weight of yours. So go empty yourself and see if you really lost 1 kg in 1 day or not ?

There are various weight loss myths floating around too, so make sure that you don’t fell trap to them and keep your focus on losing weight and getting in shape the right way.

Let me know your experience regarding following these steps to lose 1 kg per day.

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105 Responses to "How to Lose 1 kg in 1 day Now"

  1. why no fruits ?

    • because I like it that way ;) :p

      • why no fruits give a puticular reason i am 11 year old

        • no fruits for some days only :)

          • Hi, I reduse my 5 kg in one week eating fruit raw vegetables and some time cappuccino

            • This ia great Javi!

              yes raw vegetables are a great way to lose weight! But make sure they’re clean!

              Are you doing regular exercise too? Or you lost 5 kg in a week without exercise?

            • i want to lose 1 kg aday by walking 8 hours a day is it possible

              • Walking only may not help even if you walk for 8 hrs a day, balanced die, clear fluid intake and walk or exercise in moderation can make you loose weight.
                At certain weight the weight loss can be a kg a day but for less BMIs it is less

        • I don’t think there is a reason… Fruit has natural, healthy sugars.
          Also, why are you looking up diets if you are 11?

          • You’re right. She shouldn’t focus on dieting. Instead simply stop eating junk and sugar, avoid pepsi, coke and other sugary drinks too.

            Start healthy exercise or sports and you’ll be on right track!

    • i think because it has sugar in it

      • yes, a lot of carbs, but not in all.

    • Everyone says I am skinny but I am not at my goal weight so I want to keep loosing weight. I want to go on a diet but my parents probably won’t let me. Also I go to school and we have recess and lunch as well as having breakfast and dinner. My parents always make a big dinner. All I eat is fruits!!!!!! Can I still eat fruit? Also I am gluten free any tips?
      By the way what is a healthy weight for a 12 year old?

      • What’s your current weight, height and weight? So that we can calculate your bmi and see what should be your ideal weight.

  2. I’ve lived a very sedentary life until a couple of months ago when I started to get more active. But my activity hasn’t been constant and it’s like on-and-off thing. By active, I mean, jogging once or twice a week but not every week, and I eat little but binge every now and then (well, compared with my prior life, I consider this as a relatively “active” life). So give or take, I’ve lost a kilo so far. When I stumbled upon your article about your losing 10 kilos in 10 days, I’m very much determined to stick to your plan.

    Do you think I will lose a significant amount of weight even if I’ve been pretty active for these few months (albeit not THAT active)?


    • get strict to your diet and workout routine, feeling active is different from being active, define and calculate your activity level

  3. What do u eat if there is no fruit or carbs?!?

    • there are variety of other substances than cabs too :)

  4. can I do this for a month? or should I stop after few days?

    • it’s better to give a break after a week or so

  5. Then can we eat like noodle or porridge ?

  6. i have to loose 30kgs immediatly ,please suggest me to loose my weight within 1 month ,so please tell me easy and best diet plan for me sir .

    • did you start following the plan stated in this article ?

  7. what type of doctor you are no yolk no fruits for 11 year old child give me answer you doctor

    • what type of doctor are you? and why do you think it’s not good to avoid yolk and fruits for a week or so ? :)

      • Looks like neither of you are doctors…..yeah you shouldnt eat alot of carbs now but you have to include them in your diet because its the nutrients that give you fuel, secondly fruits are healthy and are mostly what make you lose weight you could go on a full fruit and vegetable diet better than this diet….whoever is doing the diet you’re telling them to now will gain weight quicker than losing and when you start a diet dont stop it, if you do you’ll gain weight but dont stay on the same diet, im a nutrionist and and actual diet planner plus doctor so here’s to all of you who want to lose a kilo each two days just eat fewer calories and drink more water avoid carbs and fats but you’ll need them just like once or twice a week and yes eat fruits and vegetables but no mango or potato or banana and count your calories an average person should eat atleast 2000 calories a day to maintain the body but if you’re aiming to lose a kilo in two days perhaps then aim for 1000 or 800 no more no less and drink green tea no cold water because it slows your metabolism and also you HAVE to cheat a meal once a week so your body would digest quicker and this would cause it to burn calories and fat quicker each time and also workout as well doesnt have to be intense just enough to kewp yout blood flow working perfect because if your blood isnt flowing well then your not burning and you wont lose blood flow is importang in your body losing weight thats it and good luck

        • Thanks for your precious comment :)

          but probably you were in a hurry and didn’t read the post completely,

          I mentioned that carbohydrates rich foods are to be avoided, you can’t take out carbs from each meal items, you get normal quantity carbs from various meal

          also, i mentioned that it’s not recommended for long term, should be done around a week or 10 days,

          so both the points you covered are already mentioned :)

          However glad to have your feedback that infact seconds the article :)

      • Hahaha thats a best answer u gave
        Nothing harms to avoide fruit and carbs for Week or two its must clean ur body from every kind of suger and toxin …

        • Thanks for appreciating and supporting the article Sofia :) I hope you’re doing good with your health and are in fitness.

  8. no doctor i didn’t followed any diet plans in this article sir please suggest me by giving me a best diet plan.
    2 years back i was 55 kg, from last 2 years i have put on 35 kg’s weight and now i am 90 kg,so please tell me a diet plan to reduce 30 kg’s in one month.its very necessary for me to reduce my weight.

    • ok if you want a specialized diet plan for you please add me on facebook and you will get professional service with discount

  9. Good Suggestions i have already reduce 2 kg in two weeks hopefully i can reduce 2 kg more in four days by implementing these steps

    • good luck in losing more weight fast sidra!

  10. how about going a day on milk, i mean just drink milk. would that help me ? i am 55 and i want to be 52 in a week or so.

    • Skimmed milk is fine to lose weight, but not the regular one.

      btw, i thought you’re 55 years old initially! :O

  11. I am having tyroid .I am.talking 100 mg thyrox medicine

    I want to.loose 5 kg in a week ..what should

    • Diksha you can exercise well to lose weight :)

  12. I am 12 years I do not eat a lot of food but I am fat I tried lots of diet yet no one worked I am not that fat but I am over my ages weight nd I don’t like it so please is there any other way I can reduce my weight?

    • If you really don’t eat much and are still fat, please goto the doctor personally and get yourself checked, there might be any medical issue such as hormonal, etc.

  13. I m 19yrs old girl my weight is 56kg n my chest size is 36.i tried all possible diets but its not working plzz help me out with my problem

    • Did you exercise to lose weight too?

  14. K thank u . I tried this diet and it actually wrked I already lost 3 kIlograms cuz I started 4 days ago

    • glad to know that hiba! are you doing the exercise too?

  15. Yes both at school and at home . I do 1 hour of sport everyday (treadmill, running, swimming etc) . But I also need to lose more weight in short time do u have any advices?

    • how much? what do you eat all day?

  16. sir 13 December my weightlifting competition so I have only 3 days an my weight 65kg an I want reduce 3 kg please tell me some tips…. please help me sir

    • don’t focus on losing weight so fast, it might affect your productivity and endurance during the competition.

  17. Hi I’ve been trying to lose weight for so many years, always trying new diets. I’ve come to the time where it’s enough I want to do a diet which (no matter how strict) will help me lose 20kg. Help?

    • you’ll have to exercise a lot along with diet Dalia! what’s your current routine?

      • I want to reduce 10 kg with in 15 days . But I have no facility of tredmill and swimming. . Plz suggest some other exercise for reduced 10 kg in 15 days!

        • You don’t need treadmill to run. Wear your shoes and go out for a run!

  18. I was weighing 48kg but now I am weighing 51 is it okay if I reduce it back to 48?

    • what’s your height and age?

  19. Hi im 17 guy and weigh 103kg and height is 5 ft 9 an bmi is 32 what should i do

    • Hi Bario

      To lose weight, you’ll have to stop eating junk food and start exercising every single day!

  20. I am 13 and weigh 60kg is there way i could lose 20kg in a week.

    • No kid, there isn’t anyway for you to lose this much weight

      Start some sports and exercise everyday and stop eating junk!

  21. How about taking a lemon? Or drink lemon water. Or one mustn’t take it at all.

    • you can have it, but very diluted and only after meals.

  22. Sir I have been selected for a cabin crew job. My age is 25 and my weight is 81.2 kgs.. I need to get to 76 kgs in 4 days only.. Kindly suggest as to how long should I run everyday along with this diet.. Also If I should go in for an alternate diet plan or not?? Please help…

    • You should run all day long! :)

  23. Hi there , I lost 3 kilos in 3 weeks just by dieting , no sugar , no carbs but had fruits n exercise once weekly . I had some cheat days afterwards in every week n guess wat I put on 2 kilos backs ….ah . How painful . Wat do I do now??????

    • exercise daily :) that’s what you do now

  24. do the weight will gain again if i stopped continuing.

    • how did you gain weight first time? by not doing good diet and exercise? :)

      yes if you will follow same life style again, you will have the same weight again

  25. If You drink a LOTS of water, You’ll only loose the water weight.

    • drinking lots of water is part of the routine, not the only thing to be done :)

  26. Can I eat oats and drink milk ?

    • You can have skimmed milk, but not much.

      Sorry no oats, only a very small amount is absolutely necessary.

  27. Hi, I was wondering.

    I have a very active lifestyle, but need to lose weight quick. Like two days quick. I’ve been eating like a hungry vegan with a bit of protein sometimes, but I already work out all the time and vigorously. My body is stubborn and despite healthy diet does not lose weight. I was wondering if there was anything I could add other than food or exercise.

    • Is the weight you’re having muscle mass or fat?

      What’s your weight and heigh?

      • I am almost 5’10 and 170 usually. I have thick bones and am fairly muscular, maybe 24-23% body fat…. it doesn’t really add up in my head but it works for my body.

  28. That means fruit juice is not allowed?
    Can we have vegetables and vegetable juice?
    For how long shall we avoid fruits?

    • You can have fruits, like apple especially.

      But avoid their juices.

      vegetables are allowed.

      Avoid fruits until you’re trying to lose weight :)

  29. I just lost 3kgs in 3 days after I started gym. I have worked out moderately for 40 minutes. And have ate a lot of vegeatbles, fruits, and increased my watekr intake to 3-4 litres.
    I just hope I continue to loose 7more KGS like this….which is not going to happen I am sure.

    • It will happen Rahul :) have faith! You’ll lose 7 kg in next 7 days for sure! Keep up the hard work!

  30. Please help me! I am a 14 year old girl that needs to lose weight fast. I have suffered from a knee injury for most of my life and it doesnt look like its going away anytime soon. I weigh a proximity about 87kg (high 80s) and i dont know my height but im not tall if that helps at all. Before you ask i have a terrible diet but im working on it. I love to swim but i rarely get to so is there any really low inpact exercise that will help me lose weight.

    • Swimming will be the best option for you.

      However you can also do pushups and chinups as part of workout to improve calories burnout and also improving your physique

  31. Why no fruits? Im 12 years old so i decided to lose weight. Help me please

    • which fruits do you want to have? :)

  32. Oh great but doctor can you help me with face weight loss cause I’m not really fat I’m 50 to 54kg I’m 16 but look like 19 20 what can I do please help

    • What’s your exercise and diet routine?

      • Actually I’m not on diet but I do exercise nearly everyday

  33. I am fat ,my weight is 52.4 kg .I am goingto a school camp and the activities include swimming.Do you think i can swim or float??

    • You can definitely swim :)

  34. Okay, so I understand that you “like it that way” but would you please give me a sufficient and reasonable reason regarding not consuming fruit. Wouldn’t it have any bad effects on my body?

    • Not having fruits for 10 days won’t have much bad effect i guess :)

  35. can we eat sweets?

    • Dude, seriously? No! Not at all! Sweets are the main reason for weight gain! You should avoid them even after you get slim!

  36. I wanna start tomorrow 6th til 15th July. i hope to lose if not 10kg, at least 5kg within the 10 day God help me and my discipline

    • Good luck Lillian :) Keep us updated about your weight loss progress.

  37. My daughter needs to loose 1kilo by tommorrow for weighing to compete in taekwondo please give me advice

    • Moona why exactly does she need that?

      Advice her not to eat any carbs today and have water mainly. Have no salt all day and have fiber rich diet or ispaghol.

      Remember to do this for 1 day only.

      There are some extreme ways to lose 1 kg at least for only 1 day too, but not recommended for kids.

  38. My age is 19,height is 5.4 and weight is 56 kg .is this perfect?

    • Yes shanzay, your weight is good as per your weight based on BMI. You need to keep it that way by avoiding fast food and sugar containing foods. Keep doing regular exercise too to stay fit.

  39. Hi. I am a dentist. doing my internship. I used to go for swimming which really reduced 5 kgs a month. But now I don’t find time for anything n I walk 4.4 km a day.. even then I eat usual foods meaning I don take junk always. But I am a brahmin so I eat more rice. morning I never skip ma breakfast. what should I do to red my weight. I wanna red 10 kgs actually.

    My bmi is 24.5 nearing obesity.

    • Hi Nithya.

      You can find at least 30 mins a day for jogging. This will help you lose a lot.

      About rice, they’re a major cause of weight gain, you need to cut them from your diet for sure.

      P.S. 24.5 is not near to obesity. Obesity begins at BMI 30.

  40. does it work if i do cycling instead of jogging?will i lose 1 kg per day?or do i need to put extra time on my cycling?

    • Yes you can cycle to lose weight too. But jogging or running is still better than cycling. You should do aerobics, pushups, pull ups and other general body exercises to lose weight too.

  41. Hi i need to loose 7 kgs in 7 days but i cannot jog anywhere as there is no suitable place for me to jog.. so is it possible that i’ll get my goal if i’ll do yoga and aerobic exercise + 40 minutes walking .. ??

    • Where will you walk? Can’t the same place be used for jogging?

      • I will walk inside my home i have big lounge but can’t jog here because i’ll slip on marble flooring.. yoga aerobic amd walking twice won’t help me ?

  42. should I jog once a day or twice a day?

    • You can jog once and exercise other things in the other half of the day preferrably to effectively lose your weight.

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