How did i lose 1kg per day (10+ kg in 10 days)

Well guys, here i am not going to sell any product or book which is usually done with such titles! So just be calm and continue reading on to learn how to lose 1kg per day! I’m gonna share my experience of losing 1kg per day with you all! free of cost of course!

Please note that this article about losing 1kg weight per day is for those who are free (well free in a sense that they will definitely feel too much exhausted, so might not be able to concentrate if they are on tough job or during exams).

There are various weight loss myths floating around too, however practically things are very much different. Let me show you how i lost 10 kilos in 10 days with exercise and diet both.

How did i lose 1kg per day (10 kg in 10 days)

Well the background of the story is that this is my info (before i started this regime):

Age: 22 years

Height: 5 – 11″

Waist: 40″

Weight: 90 Kg

And the specs after 10 days were:

Age: 22 years (well 10 days elder though!)

Height: 5 – 11″ (well couldn’t change it ! )

Waist: 36″

Weight: 80 Kg

Tip: Before going to this regime, have a break for a day, have the fun, eat what you like to eat! because you aren’t gonna get this stuff for many days now! :) so just get ready for that! and build up your state of mind!

how to lose 1kg per day

Lose 1kg per day

So here we start it. The basis of this is very simple in fact! very less to work around (around 2 – 3 hours a day) but a solid control on what you eat.

Remember that I’m not claiming that it’s the best way to lose weight in a couple of days, neither that it’s completely healthy. I’m just sharing how I did it myself. Please read the complete article on tips on how you can improve this 10 days weight loss plan and make it healthier.

1. You need to eat only once a day (i know it might make few of you panic! but come on! its for only 10 days! and also its if you really wanna get slim in very less time! so you need to sacrifice some thing to achieve a bigger goal!)

2. You need to workout (exercise) twice in a day. Making one time the main effort time, and second one just the supplementary one. This will help you lose 1kg per day or more even.

Well why two? why not just one with longer time of workout? well its like when we finish intense exercise, our body metabolism / basal metabolic rate (BMR) goes high for several hours until it comes back to normal. So if you exercise twice, you get extra few hours of high BMR daily, which will help you lose weight more and faster.

Which is important, as for as long your body will remain in hyper metabolic state, more energy and fat it will burn, and faster it will be to lose weight.

Exercise to lose 1 kg per day

Now what exactly is this exercise? Well, only 3 things basically:

  1. Running / jogging
  2. Pushups
  3. Skipping rope

Out of which running or jogging is the primary stuff to be done. You need to get some good joggers and start jogging. Get a mp3 player or ipod nano, and set up for running. You need to run around 1.5 hour a day (yes you can walk in between but keep on moving till 1.5 hour) or make it around 15 km a day. Primary target is to run, but if you are unable to do it initially you can walk in between running , to at least cover 15 km (you can start with 5 km initially)

Pushups are not to be done with the running, keep them at any other time. Do 3 sets of pushups of maximum what ever you can do.

Skipping rope, well you can skip rope in the opposite time of running. Like if you run in the morning, then skip in the evening (don’t forgot to take bath before you go to office/school! have mercy on others!)

For skipping, have 5 sets of what ever maximum you can do (around 100 per set is fine).

Well follow this for 10 days (1.5 hour running, skipping and pushups) and eat after 2 hours of running session, and only once a day.

Diet to lose 1 kg per day (10 kg in 10 days)

When you eat, don’t eat the all days meal! eat half of what you eat in one meal daily (oh ya! i know that’s ew!!! but you have to do it!)

For having mercy on you, you can have calcium and mineral supplements (cac 1000 for calcium and any multivitamin and mineral tablets from your local chemist )

Drink too much water! too much! You can’t lose 1 kg weight a day without water!

Take a snap shot of yourself and your fat exposed! and keep it near you, on your computer desktop , in your cell phone, in your wallet, on your wall! every where! to keep it in your mind! always! so that i keeps on motivating you!

So! follow it! and hopefully you will come up with good results!

And 10 kg is the minimum! if you follow it hard enough, you might go up to 15kg (but don’t push yourself too hard!)

Tips to lose 1kg per day

This article stated how i lose the weight! but for those who want to follow it in a better way and lose 1 kilo per day, add this to the routine:

1. take (1-2) egg white (no yolk!) in breakfast and sugar free tea if you want

2. take multivitamin and calcium + vitamin D supplements (sugar free)  (consult physician or ask me in detail)

Hopefully you’ll also lose 1 kg per day by following this regime!

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  1. hey!

    Thnx a lot! hope it works and i loose the weight!!

    thnx again!

    • good luck nomee! work hard, dont give up! but make sure you don't over strain yourself! remember, you are building yourself, not breaking!

  2. :) also update daily how much you did exercise that day! daily ! :)

  3. hm sounds gud agr us k bad b agr kam na hua tu is it work or not

    • tum kr ke to daikho! ho jay ga inshaAllah! moti!

  4. i just want to ask is this will really work because i really need to lose 10 kg in in 10 days before school starts is it ok because am only 12 and am 56 kg

    • it is not good for your age Feriel. You should not try to lose the weight that fast.

      • is this excercise and everything good for a 14 and half year old girl?

        • exercise (slightly moderately) is good, however for diet you’ll have to keep it healthy and don’t go for extreme.

    • Whoa, I’m 13, and 166 cm. I aim for 50. You’re young, so you shouldn’t focus on becoming a stick. You can do toning exercises to get shape in your hips and stuff which I think you already have. ;)

      • how do you know she already is in good shape? :)

        exercise is good no doubt! and yes, don’t aim for being a stick!

  5. I want to lsoe about 8kg.But the thing is i cant control my diet.I keep eating and eating.I want to be 45kg in less than a months time.Just exercising.Is it possible.

    • why can't you control your diet?

      and if you can't stop eating then take the reductil tablets, let me know if you want to know details about it

    • Hi all….THIS REALY WORKS

      to make it short

      The thing with one meal a day is that it slows down your metabolism. Try to eat a low carb breakfast when u get up in the morning to boost metabolism and try to give your body nutrients every three hours. Lots of water as well and replace your daily meal with fish…3 meals a day with 3 supplementations like a meal replacement supp(diet fuel…FEDRA_CUT.. THIS REALY WORKS>>>

      Then workout for 60 minutes a day 6 days a week with a 30-40 minute cardio in every session.

      Remember that to much cardio is bad for u as the body has to find time to replace insulin an build up energy to burn FAT. This method will ensure between 6 to 8 kg in weight loss in only three weeks, I have proven this with different people .DONT CHEAT<DO YOUR EXCERCISE !!!!


      From Adolf the fitness man

      • thanks for reminding infact, i was going to update the article with the breakfast thing too, updated the article .

  6. hi

    i m 23 yrn was 95 kgs mnged 2 reduce 7 kgs in 20 days…hope this wrk


    • You are going to start losing now? or you successfully did it already?

  7. hiiii

    i am going to do this for losing more weight… i m 87kgs…….inlast 20 days i losed 7 kgs by controlling diet strictly n excersing…1hr….

    but…i wanna suprise my husband…will meet him after a mnth…jus wish me luck..n do tell more tips that wud help me


    • Well that's really nice! and yes this will help you a lot to lose weight but remember "listen to your body" don't over stress yourself.

      Don't forget to take vitamin/minerals (centrum tablet 1 daily) and calcium (cac1000) daily or on alternate days to cover the lack of the required minerals and vitamins.

      Have good amount of fluid throughout the day too!

      Wishing you a very good luck and i hope not only your husband but all your friends will be surprised! :)

      one more tip is to add a few (15-30 mins) workout at the alternate time of the day too. Means if you are doing exercise in morning, then do 15 min walk or aerobics in evening too. Every time the body gets triggered, the bmi remains raised for almost 4 hours.


    will try all ur tips

    wanna ask u smthing…every whr its written that losing only1 kg per week is recomnded for health issues…is it so

    kya sath mein itna weight lose karne se koi prblem future mein ho sakti hai…

    do le me know….


    • well there is no such rule that how fast weight can be reduced.

      The main thing which matters is how you lose it and did it cause damage to body or not.

      And to be honest, starving like this "DOES" damage the body alot. Thats why i asked you to take vitamins and minerals and calcium too.

      Severe dieting and exercise causes problem in periods for women too.

      If you are pregnant or planning to be in near future, then you shouldn't try to lose weight by this method too.

      In short, losing weight in a stressful manner does have damage to the body but much of it is reversible if it is controlled and observed properly (women get more damage than men)

      and btw, how did you know that i am Pakistani?

  9. huhhh….

    its a bit terrifying but i m desperate to loose weight…

    biggest problem is the kgs i m carrying…in only last 2 yrs i gained 40 kgs of weight..n its creating whole lot of problem in my life….

    hindustan n pakistan ,s veins r same so i guessed


    • Yeah, being over weight is definitely a big problem by itself.

      but honestly speaking, females should be extra conscious with stressful exercises and diets for very long time (more than months) because hormonal imbalance (if caused) can lead to more problems. I will be making a post on that soon too.

      So just do it for couple of weeks and then return to normal diet plan.

      and where did i mention on blog that i am from Pakistan? (just curious) :s

  10. u r right……..i m jus doing in a easy way with few changes….frm ur advice….


    n yes i din know that u r pakistani..only that 1 of ur replies was in hindi…so i felt u know hindi….:D

    • great, keep updating about the progress or any queries that you might have :)

      And ya i am from Pakistan so know the language :)

      • Hi Nabeel ,plz check my reply on Jae about the diet thing and let me know what u think?

        • yup you are right infact, and i did mention about exercise !

  11. hello nabeel ….

    hey what can we eat that once a day meal thing…..

    we can eat what we want or is there something that you prefeer to meat..please tell me cuz imma gonna start this diet

    • modify it abit, take 2 times a day

      in morning: only 2 boiled eggs white only (no egg yolk)

      at night: take meal having minimum fat in it (not 0 fat) and minimum carbohydrates too. E.g, Bar B Que without bread (and less oil)

  12. this is a really intelegant web im 12 and 70kg i want to work hard to be 25-40 kg i really need to work hard

    • oh, you are too young for that maybe! where do you live?

      • Hi there i am trying this and day 1 today. :) is it ok i have added drinking lemon juice with honey in the morning before working out. I am not that hungry so i didnt eat eggs and maybe i might cook something later on but can I add veggies on my diet? And is grapefruit fine? Will be running also later

        • Hi

          how’s it going?

          yes you can add veggies but not too much

          grape fruit juice in small quantity, without sugar is fine

  13. hey..u r realy a gud doc….i realy wana apreciate u 4 ur work…. Please help me, how to lose weight fast in 2 weeks 10 kg

    • hi Iman..! thanks for appreciating :)

  14. nice! um motivated now !x))

    um gone follow you steps ! i hope it works with me !:S

    but i can't believe i would lose 10 kg in 10 days!! if that happens it would be a merical xD xD

    i really need to lose about 15 to 20 kg if possible before school!

    • what's your age?

  15. it's 17

    • your age is bit low for very hard dieting and exercise!

      Don't do it for more than 15 days and don't do it very hard

      Take boiled eggs without egg yolk in the morning along with the meal at the end of day

  16. hi, i just want to know, i know that men lose weight faster then woman, so is it still 10kg s in 10 days for ladies.

    must i just use the treadmill or can i also use the bike?

    and you only eat once a day right? do you eat only veg. is there a calorie rule?

    and can you do it for more the 10 days or must you take a day or 2 break?

    • Hi Maddy!

      let me tell you first that this diet is NOT RECOMMENDED

      having said that, let me say that again, that YES, it worked for me and i lost 15+ Kg , but as said before, it have it's side effects too!

      Will it work for woman? yes it will, how fast you lose weight depends on some factors like how much over weight you are, how many times have you tried to lose weight before, any disease or hormonal problems, what you eat when you eat it, etc

      You can use treadmill or a bike , but with bike, you will need to workout more to spend same calories, you can simply do it twice daily ( treadmill / bike / swimming )

      how much and what to eat? well I stated above what I did, but what I will recommend (specially for a lady – and it helped one of my friend too) to eat 3 times a day (only 2 boiled egg white's in morning, and twice daily meal, meal having more proteins with normal fats and very low to zero carbs / bread )

      You can do it for longer periods but they will damage more that way, its better if you do it for 7-10 days, then give a break and then try after 2-7 days again (note that, break means break from diet only, exercise routine should go on! even after you leave the dieting forever, keep exercise in ur life, atleast 3 times a week for 30 min a day)

      also, if you are not an athlete or used to running / bike, then you should skip a day for exercise too whenever your body demands! listen to your body! always! :)

      Hope it helps, you can ask me any further queries!

  17. Hi. Um, I've been trying to lose weight for ages now but nothing works for me, so i'll deffinitely try out this diet. I'm 15 years old and i want to lose 5 kgs. Is this ok? It's just that i want to lose a bit of thigh fat and belly fat so i can start auditioning for modeling. My weight atm is 60kgs, and my height is 1m 83cms i think that is 6'0.. Please let me know if it is healthy for me to lose 5 kgs in a week or 2.

    • dude! I think you are fine with your height and weight! you just need to tone up yourself!

      don't go on skipping meal diet for now, just avoid all type of junk, sweets, sugar , bread and rice for now only

      and tone up your body by some aerobics or dance classes!

      tell me, do you exercise currently? how much? from how long? and what do you do etc?

  18. i m 22 years old …carryng a weight ov 61 kgs………..i need 2 knw that wat max wt is required 4 da age like mine….and ..yes…ofcourse……m feelng dat u r muslim…..but r u a doctor…..a nutritionist….or wat???………….any ways thanks

    • yap I am a Muslim alhamdolillah, and I am final year mbbs student (going to be a doctor in couple of months inshaAllah!)

      about your weight issue, tell me your height and your level of physical activity (sports etc)

      • Hi.I am weighing 115 age is 23I put on 30 kgs in the last 4 much can I lose with this diet in one month as I really wanna lose weight befor I go to London next month on 26 th dec.way should I exactly do

        • did you ose weight Abhay?

  19. ok……m 5 ft 4 inchs….wat i mostly do , is just cleaning my messy house(wo b without jharo n poncha)….nothing else….now?????

    • your normal weight range is minimum: 52 average: 60.5 maximum: 69

      which means your are in normal range (almost average weight)

      can I know why are you concerned about your weight? I mean do you feel like being overweight or just because your friends are too skinny (and slim upto starved person level!) so you just want to compete with them?

      your weight is normal as per your height, just add some light sport or aerobics to your life style to tone up your body and this will give it bit improved shape!

      If you live in Islamabad, you can go on trail 3 on hike every weekend or join aerobics / dance classes in megazone for that purpose! (I am not advertising them in any way btw! )

  20. no its not like that actually,i always feel that m a bit fat and i shldnt b like that..but still its been 3 or 4 days that i hv started skipping…in a set of 2(each set off 60 skipngs)…can u give me a dietary plan also…i will b very pleased………………..many thanksss nabeel1

    • sure

      but before the diet plan, again, i'll advice you to visit some doctor personally or just ask some of your friends their views if they consider you to be fat or in good shape

      also note, losing weight, and getting in shape (toning up your body) are two different things.

      for losing weight and then maintaining it, simply stop these things:

      – no ice creams, chocolates, biscuits (all type of junk food infact)

      – no drinks / sodas or juices (can have diet coke etc)

      – stop sugar – in tea, coffee, milk etc, use canderel instead.

      – try to eat roti made at home, instead of nan from shop, and that too, try to have the "bgair channa hoa aata"

      – in the breakfast, if you have eggs, then avoid their yolk and also avoid paratha ofcourse!

      – don't eat potatoes, milkshakes and highly oily thing

      Other than these basic changes, to tone up your body and keep it in good form:

      – walk atleast 3 days a week for 30 mins, (goto park, or simply some friends home near your house etc)

      – skipping is good, but if you make a habit of it, and then leave it, it will make your thighs much fatter than what they are now! so don't over do it

      – do some sports! basketball, football, martial arts, hiking, cycling, dance, aerobics, etc! chose any similar one! and do it once or twice a week atleast

  21. ok thankyou so much.

    • you're welcome! do let me know when you improve your weight!

  22. Wow I think this really works!! I lost a kilogram now :))

    What I did was, 2hours jogging then rest then went to train in Taekwondo for another two hours then rest rest rest rest for hours then I've done aerobics at the afternoon then started skipping in the evening :)

    I will really inform you what is my new weight five days from now :)

    Thank you sooooo much!!


    And oh… to the people who can't control what they eat… I have one tip for you.


    Once you've done that you will really realize how hard it is lose weight then you'll just eat and eat and eat and eat again?. I've done that. With what I am doing it motivated me to say no to sweets which were my favorites nyahahaha


    Let me just ask?

    Do you mean run/jog in the morning for 1 hour and 50 minutes… then after doing so start skipping?

    What I did was.. I jogged for 2 hours and I skipped in the evening…

    is it wrong?. Please tell me :)

    • Jazzim, it's great to know that it worked for you

      but don't over do, remember, you don't need to do it for 2 days or so, but for many days, so listen to your body so that it don't shut down!

      also, keep meals at two times a day to avoid going into starvation mode metabolism

      and exercise in morning, then in evening is better than all at one time! so you are definitely doing it correct

  23. well i guess am gonna loose the 10 kgs with those advices 10x for the information and wish me good luck plzzzz i wanna be 45 and i will start from tomorrow cu after 10 days

    • whats your height and age?

  24. hi nabeel iam 13 yrs and 70 kgs and i want to lose 20kgs atleast.can you tell the excercise routine ,diet plan for me…please.and oh i am vegetarian.i'll be grateful to u.

    • hey werty! you seem to be in a hurry ! :)

      first thing to note is that you need to lose only almost 10kg not 20 according to your height

      Please tell me your routine, sports that you do etc + are you boy or girl so that I can further advice accordingly

  25. hi nabeel ,

    i am 13 yrs , 70 kg and 5'4.i want to lose 20 kgs . i want u to make a excercise routine indoor only .i have treadmill.cycle.etc and a diet plan too.

  26. i am 13 and 70 kgs 5'5. i wanna lose 20kgs.can u tell me the excercise routine indoor only weather conditions not good and diet plan for me

    • if you're 5"5 then you probably need to lose only 8 more kg's

  27. Hi Nabeen.I am 23 years old 5.11 height and I weigh 114.I gained 30 kgs in the last 4 months.I want to look good before 25 th of next month.what can I do to lose weight over the next 25 days.I am also working so working out in the mornin will be little difficult as I lv very early for office can I exercise in the evenin.would that help.

    • did you lose weight kaku?

  28. Hi Nabeel,

    Actually Im a very good dancer and I know swimming I go for cycling. I just want to get thin in 10 days. Because I have a party on Dec 16th. I planned myself for the calorie shifting but yet i didnt have the strength to carry on. I think I ate more. And Im just 16 Yeah I know it wont be appropriate. But I want to feel good due to this overweight i feel so frustrated. So if you could give the exact way of the food and the water consumption. I really need your help. I probably need to lose more than 10 kgs but im giving a minimum of 10 kgs. Help me please. If I just get 10 kgs down im sure im going to be of healthy weight. I just need some guidance and support.

    Take care

    • did you lose that weight???

  29. thanks a lot…..

    • you're welcome!

  30. im 24,m… 5 feet 10 inches and my weight is 100 km… i gain 40 kg in 1 year… i never tryd to lose my weight… but nw im gonna start according to ur way… and my goal is to lose my weight up to 65 kg… is that a good weight for me? o what weight u will recommend for me? thank you

    • try going to 70-75 kg and maintaining it.

  31. hi i am 70kg and only 11 years old i need to lose abt 20kgs! but only eggs and tea?? Others like a waffle(plain) would it do?

    • don't do intense dieting, but avoid waffles though!!!

      for you, just start any sports! swim!

  32. WOW, thanks for all of this .

    I hope I loose weight fast !

    But can I ask? If I want to change jog/running into biking , how many hour do I have to do it ?

    • walk is important, if you can't jog, do walk for half an hour minimum.

      About cycling, do it atleast 40 minutes (start slow though)

  33. Hi, I am 40 years and weigh 87kgs my height is 5 feet 8 inches. I started using treadmill and used to workout for 90minutes in the morning and covers around 10kilometres . moreover as suggested by you i m taking only one meal and also drinks lot of water. could you suggest my ideal weight and whether this form of exercising is ok.

    • eating once a day is not ok for you sunil

      you should have 2 eggs white in the morning too and try to lose at slow pace

      do other exercise other than running too.

  34. I have to loose 10 kgs in 15 days, i am already having fat burner supplement. i eat only 3 apples a day but since past 20 days i have lost only 4 kgs despite jogging for 40 minutes a day. should i start eating egg whites only( 2 a day)?

    • dont take the fat burner supplement without a professional coach (which I think you are not consulting at the moment)

      jog twice a day for 30 minutes

      pushups 3 sets maximum that you can

      eat egg white only, roasted / bar b q chicken and fruits.

  35. hi.just want to know is it possible to lose 35 kg in 60 days? thanks for replying.

    • yes perfectly possible

  36. WOW !

    Amazing, Could I try this diet, I'm 14, turning 15 in March.

    I feel so uncomfortable carrying the unwanted fat everyday, I've tried exercise daily alot, but I didn't lose any weight.

    • what's your height and weight lina?

  37. hey nabeel…!!

    hi m 20 n m over weight m 90 kg …my height z 5'5

    n i really need to loose weight .. .

    its my sister's wedding after 3 months….n i really really want to loose weight till then….

    plz help..:(

    • did you lose any weight till now ??

  38. hi i'm 76kg which is 12 stones

    i want to lose 10kg in 10 days as well is it OK if i exercise once a day an only eat fruit and veg?

    • what's your height and age Feduma?

      you can exercise once, but walk at second time to help it more.

      About fruits and vegs, well, they should not be high carbs ones.

  39. hey nabeel….i really needed your help….after reading your article im really motivated but honestly everyday i read tones and tones of weight loss articles and this is the only one that doesnt talk about just calorie count and excercise its a full reallty package…

    i needed your help urgently like plzz:

    im 20 years old

    weight: 80kgs

    height about 156 cm(nt sure)

    my level of activity has been quite high for the past 3 weeks:

    at 5am i go for a jog(1 hour max)

    come back home and sleep

    wake up at 9-treadmill for 30 minutes before breakfast

    breakfast(2 brown toasts and a cup of black tea with a splash of milk and sugar)

    i wait for an hour and hit the gym

    i excercise for about 3 hours: X trainer:40mins


    rowing machine:15mins

    push ups and alot of streches

    and i Xtrain again

    and i bike again

    and i come home and have a small bowl of salad(lettuce…cucumber…onion…tomato)

    i was 98kg and lost 18 kgs in about 6 weeks….but now im stuck on 80kg and doesnt seem to go down at all …and i have a wedding to go to in less than 6 weeks …im reallly really stressed out that i can t even sleep all i think about is how to lose this weight can u plz help me …i really need to lose 25kg in 6 weeks and i knw that im asking for a miracle…im willing to put any any effort into this …can you plz plz help me……can u tell me something relly affective to do plz?

    • nayha, here it goes:

      Your body recently lost alot of weight, so it's gonna slow down for a while, it's just temporary pause,

      Now things to change / add:

      1. NO Sugar or sweet things, chocolates, etc

      2. Instead of salad, have proteins, like roasted chicken,

      3. add egg white in breakfast instead of milk

      4. add calcium and vitamin supplements.

      Again, you shouldn't try to lose 25 kg in 6 weeks, just make it 15 max, or else you will lead your body in trouble state, I'm sure you will look great in 65kg! :)

      • Hey i read the article but i am still confused as to what should my diet be..
        Pls email me..
        I need to lose around 12 kg in 15 days…
        Tell me exactly how many times/for how long should I do the skipping rope…
        And is it okay if i run for 1 hr or is it necessary to do it for 1.5 hrs..

        • 1 hour running is good.

          Do you use facebook? you can contact us on our facebook page :)

  40. hey thanks alot…lol…ok il make it 20 max even if i lose 15kg id be happy…how long will my body stay in a paused state?

    and do u think i can lose 15kg by having ur planned diet as you wrote on the above article?

    yes and ill substitute my salad and stuff with the stuff above and ive had no chocolates ir sweets so far….but im reallly really desperate to lose weight can you tell me if i do ur diet how much like minimum (you wrote 10kgs) i would lose?

    thanks alot for the reply and ur time!

    • the paused state varies from 3-10 days usually,

      and yes you will lose 15+ kg easily, but as i said, it will damage your body for long term, so it's not recommended to push your body to the limits

  41. hi nabeel …i was wondering if u cud tell me how much calories do u burn by running for 1.5 hrs …thanx

    • Kristy, it depends on your speed and current weight.

      Can I know your current weight and how many miles you cover in 1.5 hours?

  42. Hi nabeel Am 13 years and i am 53 Kg's i wnna lose my wieght and my hieght is 155 i guess can u give me a diet plan plz and Shukran

  43. Sorry 4 writting again this fast bs can u answer me as soon as possible Plz ,, btw soryy if my English is not clear caz i am from Dubai

    • Hi Aisha, your weight according to your height is perfectly ok! Why do you think you are over weight?

      Please confirm your weight and height again, and also note that you are in growing age, so you will get slimmer automatically in next few years!

      Just add some sports or activity to your routine to get a toned body!

  44. Salam alekum mr nabeel

    First of all thank u for ur advices about wight lose I really liked ur way

    Still I always feel in my diet

    I work 9 hours daily and I will be 12 hours out and when I come back I am so tired

    My wight is 91.6 kg I am 26 year old once I done hard diet I reached 77 and was looking cool and so healthy but problem I can't maintain the wight which comes again and double once I start eating normally I am fed up and so sad I am not happy with my ugly body I have soon a travel which I wana lose at least 20 kg plz help me wat to do I will do anything just need ur advice plz give me ur email I have only one month to lose at least 20 kg my goal is to lose 25 kg but 20 kg is fine but how ? Plz help



    • First of all, you have done it once, you can do it again! just start it!!!

      secondly, how to avoid gaining weight back, that's an issue too, but it's secondary to the losing weight one, first lose it!

  45. Sorry I forgot to write my hight 172

  46. Hi Nabeel…

    Am 19 and 80 kg…i wanna reduce ma weight in a month…bt its difficult for me to follow ur advice coz…first of all my exams are coming and the diet tht u hav suggested is hard to follow for me, its because im staying with my granny and she wont let me eat just one a day…she forces me to eat food on time.. i badly wanna reduce ma weight plz halp me out na… i go to gym everyday morning… is tht enough instead of the excersises u suggested??? do reply as soon as possible…ill b waiting thank u.. :)

    • you can do this:

      1. exercise (Skipping works)

      2. don't eat with everyone, take meal in room, and then back to kitchen! simple!

      but focus on your studies first! Good luck! :)

  47. Hi Nabeel

    I read the articles of yours I am struggling to reduce my weight I am going to gym for last ten days neary 1hr n 45 mins I work out in detailed

    20 mins cycling 20 mins fast wAlk at the speed of 3.9 miles my height is 5ft 10 inches I weight nearly 150 kg my age is 25 can I lose atleast 45-50 kg by April 20 and ya I am taking two pills of lipo 6 black in the morning and evening.Is there anything I can do to achieve my goal waiting for your advice soon plz

    • First advice: STOP taking lipo 6

      Second: Don't do running if you get pain in knees (even in the end) Just cycle, walk and swim

      Best advice: Start Swimming

      And overall, it's great :) keep it up!

  48. gurl here .. 17 . 5'5 of height and now 81kg .. i'm on diet .. i'm 89kg last month and yah i know i'm still obese .. huhu :( still working hard to lose weight .. i don't feel alone now .. thx . i get more motivated after reading this article ..

    • great! keep it up!!

  49. Hi,

    i'm just wondering, if we were to have one meal per day ,what is the calorie intake for that one meal and when should i have the meal? Also do we have to take the calcium pills and etc?

    Sorry for my poor english.

    • Hey lena,

      about meal once a day => not recommended, instead, have meal once a day, and take 2 boiled eggs white only in the morning

      calories => almost 1100 kcal minimum

      calcium => don't take it daily or too much. Just recommended because body calcium levels help it decide a few things, and on dieting the calcium level go very low. But do consult your personal doctor before taking calcium supplements, check this for detail: Calcium role in weight loss

      • Hi Nabeel,

        Thanks for the advice before! However i have one more question!

        I have really bad knees and i was thinking if i could just walk for two hours in the morning and another one hour walk after dinner and after that i will do some push ups and skipping rope.

        Will i still lose 10kg in 10days?

        • Wait, sorry i mean two hours walk after dinner!

        • can you please elaborate this "Bad knees" that you have?

          you get pain in knees at rest? while talking? while going up/down stairs or sitting up or down on floor? while walking briskly? while jogging (after how much time)?

          • I get bad knees, while going up/down stairs and also jogging for like 5 – 15 minute. My knees went bad after i had an accident.

            • Lena, stop all activities that give the knee pain immediately, including limiting going up and down the stairs, sitting down on floor for long or so and consult your doctor before starting them again.

              About exercise, the only safe exercise for you is swimming (which is practically the best one for all of us)

              What was the accident btw? and how long ago?

  50. ask gp to prescribe u orlistat xenical 20 mg.1m 28 with 5 kids.been on a diet 4 95 days lost 13kgs with exercise.i cycle on the xercise bike a t home 2.3 hrs a day

    • you're doing great, Add swimming or walk to your normal routine too, it helps body tone up in a better way.

  51. hey nabeel …… m 91 kg…height 5'5 n m 19 yrs old….

    i was 98 kg's last month….i lost 7 kg's ….

    but the thing is i really want to loose weight …like real fast….as its my sis's wedding on 22nd of dis month….i really want to loose 10 kg's…

    but how to do it…??? :(


    • keep trying! train twice daily! swim too!

      • kindly let me know if its mandatory to take [multivitamin and calcium + vitamin D supplements (sugar free) (consult physician or ask me in detail)] ?? what we dont take this?
        and if its mandatory to take them then kindly specify the exact names of multivitamin, calcium and vitamin D tablets and the quantity in which they are to be taken daily!
        awaiting reply

        • yes they are essential in weight loss to avoid starvation mode and other issues

          you can take abocal / qalsan-d for calcium and revitalemulti for multivitamins

  52. Nabeel bro, gr8 post :D thanks

    i'am gonna try it for 5-10 days and will post again about the result! bookmarked the site n the page



    age=17 :P (i was slim till 12yr, i became fat after eating loz of lays :P)



    pant size=41 i think

    • did you try it?

  53. i freakingly want to luse my weight so damn fast..m luk fat nd ugly wen i go out wid frns..even da dresses dunt suit me..its eww.. i really want to luse my weight so so so fast..plzz trynna help me..

    • what's your current age, weight and height Alisha?

  54. Hey nabeel, am only 12 and I just read this thing now and am seriously scared to do this because I could faint although I really need it because am 62kg which is alooot!!!! So is it safe for me, am only 12????

    • no it's not safe for you Mira,

      you just start exercising daily with balance diet

  55. Plus from where are you nabeel???

    • Pakistan

  56. hey! I am 17 and weight 96 kg pleaseeeee help me go down to 50 kg I am 5'6 btwwww and being fat sucks

    • well I will suggest going with small targets, go for 7 kg, then break, and so on

  57. Hi angel…

    I'm a 41 years old lady, I've been taking fat burning pills, but I still need to lose about 5 kg sooooooon can you help?

    • have those fat burning pills been beneficial to you till now? if yes then how much?

      which one do you use?

  58. hey nabeel

    I'm 15 ,is this safe for me?

  59. Can u plz suggest some Fat Burning Pills for me, like i m 22 years old….is it ok for me to use it… my weight is 65 kgs and my height is 5f 3 inchs…Plzzz i want to lose my weight in any way….if its a yes…than tell me the name of medicine.

    • you don't need weight reduction pills or something.

      Just walk daily after dinner and in the morning. And if possible, swim, that's the best one.

      And control your diet abit.

      • And what about Apple Cider Vinegar…Somebody told me that it helps reducing fats….So does it work??

        • yes Apple Cider Vinegar is said to work in reducing fat, but even if it does, that's very slow process. But ofcourse, you can add it to your regeime

  60. And what about Apple Cider Vinegar…Somebody told me that it helps reducing fats….So does it work??

  61. hello im 15 and i read other comments that it isnt safe for me to do this, but i have seen the "lose 7kg this week" one and i was thinking instead of doing 1.5 running, i was going to walk for 3 hours, biking for 1 hour and eat lots of protien diet and will this make me lose 1kg per day or more?

    • running is fine for you, just give it a try with high protein diet !

    • hi just wondering how the “high protein diet” went?

      • Well it was not high protein, but infact low carb diet, and went pretty well ofcourse!

  62. i am 15yrs height 5ft5in weight 94kg

    frm today i am gonna try this(1 august 2011)


    • you're welcome Kabir! keep me posted!

      • Thanks nabeel

        • how is it going?

  63. Hello there. I am on my second day. I started on wednesday as my day 0 (preparation day) and im on my second day. I love it, but i really hope this works for me. i'm 53 kgs now. So, see you on sept 10. Hopefully, i'll be 44 or 45 kgs. :DD

    • Good luck! keep us updated!

  64. Oh and one other thing i wanted to ask …can i do yoga instead of swimming along with jogging…

    • imho, yoga is not enough exertion , but if you have no other option then go for yoga too

  65. alsalam aleakom
    i think this diet just saved my life i need to lose wight and fast im going to start it in the morning im tall so being obese doesn’t show very much ,being tall has its benefits :P
    thank u very much 4 this Nabeel
    im posting in 10 days with my results :)
    im 21 years old
    177 cm in high =5,8 ft i think
    122 kg
    thanks again :)

    • w/s

      waiting to get comments from you after 10 days!

      • :)

  66. back as promised and 13 kg’s lighter :D
    stating 2moro again still got a long way 2go but this is a good start :D
    thanks Dr. Nabeel

    • you’re welcome Samah!

      good luck!

  67. hey nabeel… I want to lose 10 kg.. my age is 21 can i follow this diet plan? I want to ask as you have said I can eat once in a day, is it except breakfast? or I have to skip break fast as well ?

    • you can have boiled egg whites (2 eggs are ok) in the breakfast

  68. well i daily hit the gym and do workout for almost 2 hours.. Do I need to do this jogging, skipping and pushups as well?

    • depends on which exercises you do at gym! however jogging is always a plus, you can skip skipping and pushups

  69. if u want to lose ur wait then drink lemon tea and spaicailly green tea

    • thanks for the tip sonam :)

  70. hi nabel after 1month is my marrige and im 19 yers old and im 70 kg how can lose my 5 kg sooo fast plzzzzzz for god sake help me

    • good luck for your marriage sonam

      you can lose 5 kg easily in 1 month. Just follow the diet mentioned and exercise twice daily. and avoid all extra treats and meals!

  71. hi there
    i jet read ur article but way if u can’t run 15k a day den way should u do?

    • if you can’t run due to stamina, then keep walking in between running and have rest too

  72. salam nabeel 1 m 29 years old
    5 feet 5inches
    my current weight is 107kg
    i have harmoes problem also
    plz suggest me the right deit for weight lose

    • i need to know bit more about your hormone issue to suggest

  73. Hi doc,my weight is 94kg and height 5.4,age33 years, l liked ur diet plan and gona try it,want to know can i use k&n product like shami kabab,chapal kabab etc

    • yes you can use them but not cooked in oil, rather the defrost ones via oven

      • did you lose any sizes?

        • waist 42 to 35… if thats what you wanna know ;)

  74. Thanks alot,today is my 2nd day,ill let u know after 7day.just want to know can we use lemon,vinegar,ketchup with chicken?

    • how much did you lose till now?

  75. Can we use lemon,vinegar or ketchup in this diet?

    • lemon + vinegar: yes,

      ketchup: avoid..!

  76. hello Nabeel i just wanted to know if you can eat breakfast because it said to only eat one meal,so if i eat breakfast i can’t eat anything for the rest of the day.

    thank you.

    • yes, do have breakfast, have 2 egg whites only (no yolk) and sugar free tea if you want

  77. i just read this diet plan, and planning start tomaro on wards, my target is to loss 20 kilos let me how much i can i a week, i hope i can do it..

    • update ???

  78. Iam starting this diet from Tommorow morning Current weight 58kg,
    Will update my results!!

    • so whats the update ???

      • I broked the diet :-(

        • oh! why?? was it too hard ?

          • Yes just because of lots of work out . I was so tired and hungry..
            Iam starting today inshAllah .. Will let u know !!
            By Burning 400 calories a day , do you think I can loose 10 kgs in ten days ??
            And by following ur diet plan

            • 400 calories extra burnt a day can’t make you lose 1 kg a day imho, you need to increase it

              • So in total how many calories to burn?
                I am doing aerobics 45 mins
                And walk burning 400 calories..

                • almost 1000-2000

  79. plz help me… im 20yrs old. height 5’4″ and weight is 94kgs :O
    next month i hav to go abroad to meet my father. he vil kill me if i dnt lose weight soon… i want to try this diet but im scared.. instead of eating only once can i eat oats for brkfst, lunch and dinner… (quaker oats boiled in only water ) and have a cup of green tea in the evening… i really need to become at least 69-70 kgs… im scared to face my dad… and sometimes i eat fruits like papaya or apple in between… and also for exercise i do it in morning and evening before dinner.. i walk for 30-45 mins at moderate speed on treadmill and do some aerobic exercises… will this help me to lose weight quickly?? plz help

    • no oats, take only egg white in morning

      apple is fine

      walk is fine, but aerobics is better

  80. Hello Nabeel……..i hav commented twice but i guess sum1 has deleted ma comment…….
    Btw i hav started dis diet 2day n will let u kno hw much i hav lost afta 10 days….m doing treadmill for 2hrs….n m jus drinkin 3liters of water,3 glasses of grapefruit juice n 1 piece of roasted chicken….hope it works for me 2….will reply inshallah

    • sorry about your previous comments malika

      your diet is fine, just add 2 boiled egg whites in morning and add more protein (pulses are great too)

  81. Im 24 years and my weight is 60 and height is 5.3 I want to loose weight atleast 7 kg in 10 days Bt if I tk ur diet plan then this don’t work for me as I’m a pure vegetarian and can’t tk egg and I do walk around 12 km a day suggest me something 4 breakfast can I have whole wheat ( dalia )

    • pulses, have pulses instead of meat then

      and minimum wheat in your daily routine, so probably no whole wheat stuff

  82. 20, 5’2 and i weigh 55 kgs. Im not overly fat but i absolutely have to lose 5-7 kilos in a month. Will this work if i run/jog 5km evryday and not 15? because i think ill pass out otherwise. and should i do weights to tone my arms?

    • umm 5km is fine initially and don’t do weights imho, do aerobics and general body fitness exercise instead

  83. Hi I’m 21, 160cm n 63.7kg as of now. I’m going to start this from tmr.

    Thank you so much for sharing! I’m hoping to achieve 49kg by the end of 10 days which is 3rd June.

    • good luck!

  84. What If I dont like eggs ? :P Is there any alternative of it ? or Shud I only have a tea (without sugar) in the morning ?

    • which one you don’t like the most, eggs or being fat ?

  85. Hi dr.nabeel
    i will start u given diet frm 2marrow..
    Sir i dnt know how to play skipping i even not tried skipping in my life. Sir can u give me any other exercise instead of skipping.
    My height is 5.1 n my weight is 60 i wana lose 10 KG.

    • skipping rope…. it’s nothing scientific much!!!…

  86. excuse me,what do u mean by” take (1-2) egg white (no yolk!)?”
    is it hard boiled egg ?

    • yes it means hard boiling the egg and eating only the white part of it

  87. What woud be the best thing to eat once a day?

    • 1 chicken roast

  88. Hi nabeel,
    m also of the ‘heavy weight community’. Im now 18 yrs, weighing 80 kilos.. Im jus 5.2 in height.. Please guide me to lose weight… Can i start it by tomo.. +ll i surely be losing 10 kilos in 10 days?

    • start it Archana!

  89. hey dr. m shubhangi my height is 5’3″ feet n m 70 kg….can u plz tell me my ideal weight..thanku

    • your weight should be from minimum 50.5 to 67.5 maximum

  90. Hi dr Nabeel

    instead of Vitamins can we take fresh squised orange juice i have started today the diet

    • vitamins are preferrable . . .

  91. Hi I’m 10 years old and I weigh 50kg :( my goal is 30kg I was last this weight when I was 8 years old:( plz help me loose that weight fast I’m really desperate cause I don’t have any confidence any more to wear bikinis or short shirts most of my fat is in my belly and my thighs plz help

    • don’t diet as you’re in growing age, eat good but exercise harder

  92. hi.. mjhay ek bt smjh nai ai.. apnay upar btaya k koi b ek time choose krna hay meal k liye lkn phr apnay breakfast ka b likha hay.. question is k hmne meal k liye apna time choose krna hay ya sirf breakfast krna hay ya phir dono e krnay hain??..

    • dono krnay hain hassan

  93. hey ill start this today. one hour on tredmill. and 100 push ups. drink only milk everyday (sometimes add honey and coffee as well) ill update my weight here

    • have skimmed milk only, not the regular milk. and have proteins.

  94. i wil try this. im 21 i weigh 70kgs. if i eat 1 boiled egg white, 2 (orange manderines) in the morning, and 2 at lunch, because ive notice manderines make me active. and then eat another boiled egg white at dinner and maybe another manderine so that im hungry much when i go to sleep. wil that be okay ?

    • have proteins, pulses etc in your diet.

  95. hey how can i exercise in morning cos im hungry when wake up.
    need to eat and wait 2 hour then work out or wat?

    • just do it for a few days and you will get used to it.

  96. I am 23 years old
    181 cm height
    112kg weight
    can i lose 1 kg a day by just eating dates and water what do u think dr.nabeel

    • yes you can but you shouldn’t. Eat proteins and do gym along with losing weight to have a good body in the end.

  97. I am at 70 kg right now. I want to get at 58 kg quickly. what I do? I have joining in ARMY next month.

    • 70 kg is fine for army

  98. Hello Dr Nabeel….I’m a female age 28 weight is 68.8 kg
    height is 157 cm .my main target is to be 55 kg by August 15.I do go for a
    work out one hour daily half an hour of sercet and other half an hour of pilates…I would need your advice on how I can lose more of weight be for my target…..plzzzzzzzzz help

    • just start following the routine and diet

  99. hey all’ dr nabeel’ i am over weight’ beautiful but trapped inside da fat suit .. I ding situps, always contract my stomach musles as my son is 2 and had a c section, im gaining muslce weight… My breast are becoming rounder as i’m also using da bow for thighs and arms.. I just need i weigh abt 98kgs and is abt 1.6meters in height.. I hardly go out i am gratefull for who i am, but not happy in fatsuit.. Please help.. Trapped in fatsuit help please

    • start diet and workout!

  100. I locked myself in a house with a pool for 3 days now and still have 11 more days here…i ate only peaches and watermelon and my excercise was swimming and cleaning the house…i started this diet 78.4.and my height is 164 cm..will weight myself after 11 more days..i will add a can of tuna with my fruits…as thus is the food available in the house…i wiill be drnking more water and green tea with my duet…i really hope it works…as I know this should work ot as I do not have any other alternative but to stick to this diet…as I told u I am locked here

  101. dr nabeel…i wrote here before but my comment has been deleted…anyways…last friday i started fruit diet so today is my 4th day but i added a can of tuna along with the peaches and watermelon… i locked myself up in a house with a pool and the only available foood is peaches watermelon and tuna….i drink a maximum of two liter a day and i swim for an hour…i know i will stick to the diet but do you think i can lose 10 kg in 10 more days…that means i will stick to this routine for 14 days…is it possiable? i am locked inside a house:) i was 78.4 when i started do you think by the end of day 14 i can be 68.4…and i am 164 cm

    • by the way i do not have a scale in this housse….please check my updates…i need help in this diet…and i dont want to be alone on this diet…anyone intrested to be a friend with me on this diet

      • Today is day 5…eating tuna for lunch and watermelon for dinner…i am wondering if my weight now is 74 or 75

        • Today I had a tuna can..small piece of watermelon…3 peaches and then I screw up…i made pineapple salad with green peppers ‘ onionions and I added olive oil salt and lemon…it was si good..iknow this is going to make me gain weight but I couldnt resist

          • good luck :) and try not to get off track again!

    • hey..i wana ask u if v can only eat once in dy dn brkfast s included?? or v cn take brkfst ns othr 1 meal also….
      nd m veggi..cnt take eggs cn u pls tel me altrnate??
      nd cn v hv lemon juice in day?? nd cn v take soup also in night??/
      pls rply…

      • eat twice a day, one breakast and second meal
        lemon juice is fine but not empty stomach
        and ummm instead of eggs you can have pulses

  102. Assalammualaikum dr nabeel im 14yr old n 170 cm my weight is 97kg will try ur diet plan starting tommorow :D hope it works

    • good luck :)

  103. pls rply to my cmnt sir… m waitng

  104. hi doc .im Sujan age 20yrs height 6.3″ weight 94 …my colg is goin on so i get up by 7am nd by 8 im off to colg witout b’fast…return home probably by 6pm dam tired nd exhausted n then i get back to a lot of personal work n im free nly by 10pm everyday.. i just hav 2 chapati’s nd i drink 3 ltrs of water everyday …i kindoff neva hav lunch …im fat but still by body is slightly flexible ‘kind off=)”…but Y DO I STILL HAV SUCH AHUGE BODY????HOW DO I REDUCE>>>>OTHER THAN ALL THAT U HAV MENTIONED ABOVE ND YES IM A PURE NON VEGETARIAN;)

    • you have nice height sujan, at your height your weight seems normal (if you’re muscular too specially)

      add breadfast to your diet and exercise before breakfast.

      if you want to reduce, change to bran bread instead of chapati and add more protein to your diet.

      rest I can advice after seeing your body structure

  105. al salamo 3alaykom dr nabeel

    1st of all thank you sooooooo much for this great diet
    i will start tomorrow in shaa allah
    but i have some question
    kindly please reply

    1st about the diet:

    breakfast :2 egg whites
    lunch : a tuna can (about 100 grams tuna meat )
    only those 2 meals

    is that ok for 1kg loss /day ?
    and how mush time shoud separate lunch from breakfast?
    and if is it ok to drink many nescafe with “sugar match” ?

    2nd about the excersise:
    6 sets of pushups
    6 sets of pullups
    2 sets of squats
    2 sets of lunges
    2 sets of lower back excersises
    all maximum reps
    3 minutes of abs
    (but no way run :D )

    all these 1 time just after getting up (before eating)
    and one time after eating eh 2nd meal by 1 hour
    is that ok to lose 1kg/day ?

    and i was wondering …… is the weight loss would be due to fat burning or muscle wasting ?

    sorry for the long reply but i am really desperate to lose weight
    and thank you very much

    • i know it is long…but please read…i am desperate

      • and do tell me about your progress

    • diet is fine, you can add more protein to it too

      however, for weight loss you have to do running / swimming or cycling too along with this routine.

  106. hi,,, my name if sara and i weigh 164 pounds(74kg) and i was wondering if it has to be running and skipping rope’?? can´t i still lose 10kg if i do zumba 3 times a day and walk for 1hour and later do the push ups … isn´t that okey….?? please answer. rally need to lose the weight!!! of and my heigt is 5′ 3:)

    • yes it will work

  107. dr.nabeel… after we lose 10kg in 10 days..would we lose 10kg for the next 10 days as well?

    • no, the initial weight loss is more rapid and slows down as we proceed

  108. Hello Dr Nabeel my height is 5.6 and my waist line is 35 am i at risk of overweight..??

    • yes you might be over weight, what’s your weight?

  109. Hi, first of all Dr. Nabeel thank you for this great diet.. I have lost 15 lbs in just 5 days, this is great I’m very very happy.. I ate only once a day and exercise 2 hrs per day….

    • this is awesome lana! please elaborate your exercise routine more to help others

  110. al slam alekom im 22 n bk to 120 kg i didnt watch what i ate n hod lots of fast food i did this b4 n lost 13kg in 10 days with it
    this is my day 1 on this diet ive been puttin it off for soo many days n every day had its excuse 2day i only slept for 2hrs but starting it any way
    just had some OJ n half a fruit n nut bar 4 breakfast around 114.5 cal all cuz we r out of eggs
    gonna jog/walk for 1.5-2 hrs then have roasted chicken breast with veggiez then a 2 hrs zumba i skip wen im alone almost a set of 50 every time
    if i had free time at nyt i will walk for 1 hr
    gonna lose this weight for good this time not stopping till im down to 75 or 80 kg
    i made this page my home page so i might post my updates here daily if i wont bother u :)

    • aww, you shouldn’t have gained back the weight…. good luck this time :) and keep me posted everyday!

      • thnx im not stopping till i reach my got this time ,, i will post every day in shaa Allah it will help keep me motivated :)
        ive cheated a bit sooooo im taking this as day 0 (had some dinner )
        its been a crazy week for me only slept for 10 hrs or so in 7 days O_o <— last excuse u will hear from me
        couldnt exercise much 2day so im off to bed early so i could look less of a zombi n more of a human 2moro
        btw whats the best choices for the meal will protein+veggiz b ok ?

        • sam, sleep well! sleep is important. And protein + veggiz is ok, but I prefer pulses and meat/chicken (personal choice)

          • trying to but at best i get 3hrs asleep ,, nw there up to 6 hrs at best
            i was avoiding pulses :/ adding them starting 2moro :)
            thnx doc :)

            • add lots of water too!

  111. day 1 went gr8 didnt cheat had chicken n veggiz again n my breakfast was tea n 1/2 fruit n nut bar exercised as planed feeling goood so far lets see what the scale says 2moro :)

    • great, drink lots of water too!

  112. scale is 118kg 2day :D
    but my day didnt go well had a family emergency n couldnt exercise gonna try to make it up latr
    2day i didnt have any time for breakfast just had a cup of low fat milk some were during the day wen i was a bit tired (couldnt find fat free)
    n my meal was proteins only didnt have time for anything els
    not much hunger 2day n more energy :)

    • whats the scale going now ?

      • its 116.4kg 2day but im stuck with zumba n jogging in place n some exercises only
        yestrday was a really busy day coulding have time to exercise but did what i can to keep moving even if it means cooking for the family n doing some zumba moves (looked like a mad scientist turned around n found my sis laughing at me her eyes tearing :/ ) n skipped when i have a few free min

        • i’ll check whats zumba then :P

  113. Hello Dr.Nabeel i’ve lost 13 kilos by following this diet but have to lose more so should i continue with this routine till i reach my goal weight…thank you…

    • how long did it take you to lose 13kg?

      now for some days, continue with the exercise (less aggressive though) but give a break to diet (don’t start all junk and bad food again, just have controlled but better diet) and then start again, so that body can repair itself and replenish

  114. had to break the diet 2day having a baaaad cold and a really sore throat been ignoring it but cant any more, ithink that lack of sleep is catching up on me :/
    3 days max n im bk on the diet :)
    will eat healthy these days cant taste food any way :P
    n will just do a little walking but wont over do it just to keep the weight off :)

    • ya, just slow down the regime but don’t quit. Get well soon!

  115. feeling better bk on the diet 2moro :)
    my first target is 110kg :)

    • goodluck sam!

  116. hey doc. So i am 19, height 5’6, wght 70. i need to lose 10 kgs.. m a dancer so i do a lot of workout n exercising but somehow my wghts been vry stagnent. Im goin to follow ur porposed diet plan strting tomorrow but i need to clarify something.. one meal : breakfast, cn the scnd meal be dinner?

    • I am a girl btw :P

      • glad to know that :P

    • yes it can be like this :)

  117. hello again dr.nabeel…do you have any suggestion on how to relieve muscle pain after jogging…thank you.

  118. ASA. main ny diet 7 days ke ha aur 3kg lose kiya ha ,ak time exercise ka sath….. ab main full 10 days karna chate hoon proper uss tarah sa jaisa ap ny batiya ha ,,,,,, sirf poshna ya ha ka kiya main besan ke chappati raat ko chicken ka sath ya chicken soup ka sath lay sakte hoon

    • no, have bran bread only if you want to and good luck :)

  119. exercised in the morning (didnt get tired as fast as i used to nw :) ), and nw was tooooo lazy to exercise just wanted to clean my birds cage n sleep
    toke the cage to the yard n started cleaning but i think mr exersice missed me so he dropped the cage n made me spend half an hour chasing after my birds who thankfully didnt fly over the wall to the street O_o” <— felt like a ninja catching them in med air :p just spend an hour apologizing to them for dropping them cleaned there cage spotless and gave them a treat
    learned my lesson never skipping mr exercise again
    im 110.2kg 2day but toke me longer cuz i cheated sometimes having a few days off but will b bk on the diet soooon :)
    thnx dr Nabeel :)

    • lolx, great :) good luck sam! keep up the good work :)

  120. hi,i am doing this diet ,i am not check my weight in daily bases but after 10 days i will let u know how much i lost,just wana ask that i cant go outside for walk ,500 skipping rope before breakfast ,300 push ups and 300 skipping rope after 2 hours of dinner,is it enough for lose kg a day or not,plz guide me……….

    • well its all fine, but 300 pushups…. ?? :O

  121. Can I eat any midnight snack?
    & if I can’t, what I can eat once in a day? Can your suggest me any food?
    Today is my first day, looking forward for your reply :)

    • you should eat twice in a day, once in breakfast (tea and bran biscuit or skimmed milk is good with boiled egg white only – no yolk) and then in dinner.

      Mid night snack . . . you can have apple . . :/

  122. Hi ALL,

    I’m not sure how is it possible that humans can achieve 1kg in 1day, but what i can say from the article above is, the methods are seriously dangerous. If you love your life, DO NOT FOLLOW this methods, and other methods in internet telling you like can loose 10kg in a week or something. the right way to loose way is to eat proper and exercise proper. And your result should be achieved gradually over long period of time. loosing 1kg per day is not loosing fat. you loose muscle mass, water, etc. Fat works as last resort for human survival. When your body goes starvation mode, your body utilizes other source in body to keep you alive before making use of fat. our body does not automatically use fat wen needed anytime we want unless your body is “fat adaptive”. Fat adaptive body uses fat first before other source of energy. You will see fat adaptive people wont be fat because their body doesn’t retain fat too much.
    Please consult a REAL professional. otherwise, this scenario is just blind leading the blind. Have a nice day!

    • Mr real professional, please provide me reference to your statement: “Fat works as last resort for human survival” :) thanks

  123. I wanna start this program, but first wanna know what to do after the 10th day so I won’t gain it back??

    • after 10th day, keep your diet healthy and junk free and do healthy exercise daily to avoid gaining weight

  124. hi doctor,main ny 3 kg aur reduce kiya ha with out exercise ,protein diet kitna arsa ke ja sakte ha aur kia herr week inta he weight kam ho ga ya process slow hoo jay ga………

    • it will get slow with time, and exercise is important

  125. salam dr nabeel help me m in a huge trouble……maine apko fb pe b text kia hai kindly reply:(

    • yes ? how can I help you?

      • my height is 5.7 n weight is 80 n my age is 22 yh jo ap ne btya hai kya mai is se 20kg in 20 days b kar skti hun?aur din mai bs ek br khana hai???mgr kya???

        • no, din mai 2 times khana hai

  126. plzzzzz help me

  127. hey doc
    i really wanna try ur plan but can u plz tell me in detail wat can i eat n at wat timeshould i eat during dese 10 days as m a vegetarian.

    • you can eat pulses and eat twice daily

  128. hi Dr.nabeel am jane my age is 25,weight-86 n height 5.1 I need to reduce 10-15 kg. within a month my marriage is tere.from tomorrow onwards I’m going to start ur advice pls help me out.I vil update u if I lose weight .did I vil lose weight?my hometown is village I can’t go out for walking because of my marriage .can I do skipping for 2 hr and I usually go walk in upstairs for 1 exercise is k.can i follow tis .please reply.waiting for ur advice .

    • don’t do starvation type dieting as it will affect your facelook too in marriage

      exercise is good, do pushups and upper body exercises too

  129. Dr nabeel, if you was a real doctor, u would never advise to use artificial sweeteners such as canderal. because canderel slowly kills you by causing cancer celles within the human host (body). Ive doing medicine at keele uni. this is a unsafe method but as for a short period of time its ok. but do eat 1000 cal at least in a day from proteins and carbs. do not eat fatty and sugary foods. you will still loose a kg per day. but do some exercise.

    • i can’t find where i advised canderal to anyone on this page ? or atleast for long term ?

  130. hi dr.just read ur article i wanna complete diet plan plz how an i get it?

    • yes you can get private consultation and diet plan if you want too

  131. Sir, need to lose 10 kg in 10 days. I didn’t understand your plan, please elaborate it, what should be eaten at breakfast and lunch? And 15 kms continously? Without rest?

    • no, 15km with rest if you want

      and don’t eat oily and full of carbohydrate stuff

  132. Nello dr Nabeel

    Just read your diet and wanted to ask if spinning can be a supplement for running and rope skipping. So If I do 1 h spinning in the morning on empty stomach and after 2hours eat 2 egg whites then at 14.30h abs class 1h after 2hours have a lunch protein, and in the evening 20h 30 do i need to do another spinning class maybe? Please let me know as I am trying to work out a routine that can work for me as I find running a bit boring :) and really enjoy spinning and i can do it 2 times a day…

    Thank you

    • spinning is useful but not at all an alternative for running / hiking

      try dividing time to both

      tip: running is boring… maybe, but being fat is…?

    • where do I see the answer??

      • answer of ?

  133. Hi Dr just to let you know you give me such hope!! I’m getting married in 2 months and I need to lose around 13 kilos so I will keep you posted … The diet starts tomorrow!!!

    • Good luck for your weight loss and your marriage Natallie!

  134. can i get ur email address??? I need a private consultation!!!

    • sent you an email from my Id Elina, please respond on it

  135. Hii..
    Thanks for sharing ur idea.. I got some doubts.. I know this is a long one,but pls take time to read it and do reply me.. Im 22 yrs old female and weigh 78-80Kg(it fluctuates ;) ) .. Im a dentistry student.. so U might know,how much we have to study.. I start at 6.30am and have a long bus trip of around 1 n half hrs to college.. I only take a cup of black coffee then as my breakfast as I dont have enough time,plus I feel nauseous on taking anything solid that early.. and usaully eat smthng solid at noon or at evening after comming back from college.. Im planning to start ur regime of losing weight.. but would that make me so tired? And ,I kind of faint whenever I get into too much stress. & I got migraine… So,should I do any modifications to the diet section? I have tried exercises and all before .. but,whenever I do some pull ups and other exercises,I feel dizzy..what might be the cause for that..?
    I dont know to do push ups.. can I skip that? There is no place in my home for jogging.. but I got an orbitruck..would running on that would be enough..?
    Some suggest drinking a glass of water with honey is good for dieting..whats your take on that..?
    Pls reply…

    • Forgot one thing.. Im 5’5” in height..!!

      • your height is great :)

    • i liked the part “so U might know,how much we have to study” . . . i wish i knew :p

      however, if you start the diet, keep calcium and minerals in your daily routine and you won’t feel weak much

      for fainting part, check your bp when you’re feeling like that, if its low, take one or two glass of water with high salt in it.

      yap orbitruck is fine, you can do skipping too

      learn pushups from internet or any athelete

  136. Hello,
    Dr nabeel i was really dyeing of being fat my weight is 113kg and i touched 123kgs i lost 10kgs in a month two years back after being diagnosed with diabetes. I am obsessed by my temper ,mood swings emotional eating…along with Pcos.i am very strong at the same time and can workout easily i do interval aerobics v effective, n now added kick boxing v tough though….my age is 28 height 5.6ft. My brother in law,s wedding is being held on feb15 2013.i need to bring my weight down to two figure i.e 99.i need your moral support as i,ll keep you updated me if u have any guidelines in specific. I,ll be extremely grateful.

    • kick boxing is good :) wish you good luck for your target Mariam!

  137. I need to start also tell me about lemonade diet on the Internet. Should i do that along.lack running space…aerobic will be fine for how much time….today its 30th jan i have fifteen days to loose 14kgs….i,ll start with your go. I would like you to email me if it suits you i need help for my hubby as well. I,ll appreciate your quick response plz .thanks

    • lemonade can affect stomach abit, i don’t recommend that though….

  138. Hi dr
    I am 5.6 and weigh 113kgs now.i was diagnosed with diabetes 2years back when i was 123kgs and i lost weight with hard earlier posts were deleted i dun knw why.i need to lose 14 kgs in15 days as i have my brother’s wedding coming up on 15 feb i want to be 99 age is 28.plz email me as i have further details to discuss. I need your moral support and go signal.ill keep on posting my progress.if any one wants to begin tomorrow lets start…..n be with me

    • hi Mariam, no the previous posts were not deleted, they were pending my approval to be published here

      you should start working out and ask me for any help if you need any assistance

  139. Whats this y cant i see my comment after submitting it. It vanishes .ineed serious help.hello dr

    • it goes in moederation Mariam :)

  140. I ve started it doing great so far since yesterday. I weighed112 on30th today on jan 1 my weight is 110kgs.i was out for shopping couldn’t do jogging n push-ups but i skipped 500/100 i,ll be doing all exercises.i drank 3 liters of water .had a bite of regular chappati with mix veggies.just a small one.
    Its working tbanks alot i,ll hopefully post my progress tomorrow. Still waiting for your response

    • Great Mariam :) keep it up

  141. hii agian Dr.Nabeel..
    I started your regime from yesterday.. I havnt weighed till now .. but pls pls answer to my doubts I asked couple of days back so that I can continue with this without any hiccups..!!
    please do reply..

    • start it Shinu :) and keep a record of your weight

      • ThankU 4 replying..
        Me and ma sis started your diet plan from 1st feb onwards… we are doing skipping and push ups too… I lost 2 Kg & my sis lost around 3 Kg by 2nd day….
        Thankyou again 4 sharing ur diet plan.. Hope our weight loss progress like this in the comming days…
        Have a nice day..

        • Great to know that Shinu :) Good luck for your weight loss goal, keep me updated about your progress!!!

  142. 2nd day is not coming to an end and dr nabeel you r not replying chances r i,ll go to kitchen and grab awhole lot of sumthing or anything delicious……oh i just cant stick in more..

    Icant fight my urge for food

    • I’m sorry I was busy in some examination

      take some water and better if you add calcium supplement to it

  143. thank you doc … may Allah bless u … i am starting it from today .. i am eating breakfast and diner ( half the amount i eat) … i want to lose nearly 10 kg ….

    thank you thank you thankyou … for this one …

    • you’re welcome Rajeev! :) [edited your comment to capitalize “A” for Allah]

      please note, exercise is the key to success! not just the diet :)

  144. Hey dr nabeel i want 2 lose 10 kgs in 10 i am realy confused wht 2 do cx i hav asthma pr0b cant xcersies mch..:/ n cn i just eat oranges n apples in mY 2 meals?

    • Hi Jia, people with asthma can exercise, very well :) just in limits that you don’t trigger status asthamaticus (consult local doctor who knows about it in detail)

      no oranges and apples only in meal will damage your body, add protein to your diet

  145. No park is near by my place so can’t prefer jogging so please suggest me some other exercise. And , can I take green tea 3 times a day. Please please please reply

    • you can do skipping

      and yes greentea without sugar is fine

  146. Dr.Nabeel..
    May be U got busy with smthng,but pls try to reply to our queries soon…
    My weight has started falling down again,but real slowly… Its me and my sis’s 8th day,and we have lost only 4-5 Kgs…
    In morning we eat a small portion of whatever is made at home(like a small piece of coconut less steam cake/a single small dosa/a chapati/bread with honey+ water /sugarless tea/coffee)
    At noon, we eat like 3/4-1 cup of vegetable -rice pulao(without a drop of oil and with more amount of vegies and pulses)+ smtimes, sm clams(everything cooked without any oil or coconut)
    After that till sleeping we eat fruits like a piece of papaya/an orange/an apple/sm watermelon/cucumber..
    we havnt taken a pinch of sugar or a drop of oil since we started this diet..
    we ate sm dates when we so much craved for smthng sweet..
    + we may take a cup of sugar less coffee and smtimes salted lime juice…

    we do like 5-8 sets of skipping and 3-5 sets of Pushups+ 1hr or more on orbitruck ..
    Is there anything wrong with what we do which is making our weight loss slower??

    • everyones body has different response and tendency to losing weight.

      Are you taking calcium and multivitamin supplements ?

      also, weight might get static for some days and then start falling again, its usual and nothing to worry about. It usually happens if you’ve tried to lose weight many times before too

      • Thanks for replying…(finally !!)
        No..,Im not taking any supplements..I feel OK without that.. Im not feel nauseous or dizzy as before…
        We are past 10 days,but lost only 5 Kg..(Thanks to U,atleast I lost that much) But we are keeping the diet on for some more days…
        I havn’t really tried to lose weight before(atleast not for more than 2 days ;) ) This is my first attempt.. But my sis has done it before…
        You dint reply me about using honey… Is it ok to use honey and jaggery (not daily..,but sometimes)..
        I some times drink lemon juice with honey in the morning as it is said to be helping in weight lose.. Is it fine..?
        Hope U will reply soon..
        Have a nice day..!!

        • yes its fine to use honey sometimes

          however, not using supplements will cause an issue. . .

  147. Can I eat anytime a day but healthy

    • its better to eat twice. Have a small meal at 2nd time

  148. DR.Nabeel….
    Pls..pls.pls..pls…reply to what I asked… pls.. Its my 10th day..

    • I’m sorry shinu to keep you waiting, replying your messages now

  149. Dr.Nabeel..
    Y my comments are not appearing here..? Why aren’t you replying to them..? Is it becoz nowadays I am giving -ve feed backs..? I mean ,about this not working on me..? Its OK if you dont want it to appear here.. I dont want to discourage people following this either coz I think,may be its not working on me bcoz Im weird.. but atleast mail me personally.. Its day 20 and I cant wait more to be answered for my queries..
    Thankyou anyway coz I lost atleast 5 Kg..
    Have a nice day..!!

    • hi shinu, it’s not like that :) actually I had a busy routine lately so wasn’t able to respond here regularly, sorry about that

      whats your update on weight loss ?

  150. ^shinu you need to calm down and stop posting comments. Maybe he is not replying because you post so much it’s quite pathetic really. This article is for advice only. And is not guaranteed to make you lose a kg a day as everyone’s body is different. If you are not losing anymore weight then there is nothing he can say to you to help you. You already know you need to exercise hard and a lot and eat healthy to lose weight. Stop with your annoying comments. He is not your personal doctor.

    • lol, thanks for supportive comment Lan :)

  151. HEYY!!!!! Im trying dis diet tomorrow!!!!!it bttr work!!!!!!

    • whats the update about your weight loss tk ? did you lose weight with this diet and exercise ?

    • One QUESTION….Is the weight lost permanent???

      • The weight loss is permanent if you keep exercising and have a healthy diet afterwards.

        No weight loss is permanent if you stop healthy activities right after reaching your weight loss goal and start taking pizzas and burgers in every meal everyday, with sugar water (pepsi or coke)

  152. Hello ammu 15yr old with 80kg.i read the article.its gud . .after 10 days how many days break is needed?plz help me!am 168 this way cause any side effect?

    • you’re very young Ammu, you should do it with less intensity, just do more exercise :)

  153. Am waiting for ur reply plz help me!

    • i replied ammu, i asked you to add me on facebook or skype if you want customized service for diet plan

      skype id:

  154. actually i am doing this diet but have a qustion that 1.5 hour exercise we have to do so can we divide this into 30 30 min in morning than 30 min in evening then 30 min in night like this can we do.reply fast plz

    • you can do it like that, but continuous one has more effect

  155. Ths plan looks good.em starting it from tomorrow.hope it will work.

    • Good luck Irum :) let me know if it works for you!

  156. huy can you share your email address?

  157. Hi dr,
    Iam useing elliptical daily and burning 500 cal is this ok instead of jogging 1.5 hr .bec I cannot run that much pls tell me

    • yes its fine, but will make you lose bit slowly

  158. hi,doctor. I wish to try this diet

    • I wish that you do that too :)

  159. hello Dr. nabeel,

    I am trying to start diet from tommorrow

    • Good luck Shallu! keep updating us about your progress with weight loss

  160. Hey, Dr Nabeel. I’m 16 years old and weigh about 80kg and am 154cm tall. I go to school and all so i dont have time to do the excersises twice a day. and only 1-2 egg whites per day? I desperately want to lose 1kg per day please.

    • you should exercise atleast once a day then

      and about diet, no only eggs is not good, you should have another meal at night too

  161. Hi doc.. I wnt to lose 10 kg in 3 i wnt to wear a saree in my new gym height is 5.6, weight 69 kg till now…plzzzz help me

    • Muskan? :O 10 kg in 3 days…?

  162. Hey Dr nabeel
    Am going ur diet from tommrow
    I have my cousions wedding in 10days i want to loose atleast 15 kg in 8 or 10days
    I will strictly follow d diet that is i will drink lots of water and eat only breakfast …and can i chew sugarfree gum will it affect
    And i will skip 300 daily .50squats .and run on treadmill for min 45 this fine will i loose 15kg in 8 or 10 days….please reply

    • Pooja, you should also have one meal at night as I said

      sugar free gum is fine

  163. Hello nabeel, I’ve started this diet it is my day 2. I’m feeling a lot of weakness. I only eat cabbage soup with fruit at night the rest of the day nothing. I run for an hour in the morning between which I walk to and 40 minutes in the evening after that I do some boxing cardio . I do push ups at night. What do you think am I doing it right?

    • you started your comment with “i’ve started this diet”

      but i can’t see “cabbage soup” in my post anywhere :) and can’t see “proteins” in your comment

  164. When should I take the meal?

    • twice daily, once after morning exercise and second before night walk

  165. i have done the GM deit before n i loosed only 3 kgs in one week….whereas my sis loosed 5kgs in one week….i am confuse that will i again suffer from this problm that i vil b loosing less from other people….i m 18yrs old n my weight is 69 n height 163cm……help me i desperetly wnt to loose weight on 10 days atleast 7kgs…..

    • it’s quite variable. Not everyone gets the same results due to many reasons including level of activity and the daily meal amount varies from person to person too + some metabolic / emotional factors

  166. vvvvv.goodddddddddddddd i had lost 13 kg

    • glad to know that Reddy! :) would you like to share your before and after pictures ?

  167. This plan just helped me to lose a lot of weightttttt…. but waist fat is really stubborn ! It never go off :/ :(

    • Sara you need to do exercise along with diet to tone up your body !

  168. Dr Nabeel u r my last hope pl help me what diet I should have to reduce pl send diet tips I am v upset

    • have you read the post nisha? did you start dieting and working out ?

      • I am going to start from tomorrow today I enjoyed my food pl encourage me I will update my status

      • Dr I am doing 3 hours work out in elliptical bike and 200 skipping and 400 stick workout for arms and hip is this k r I have to more is this k with this diet pl reply

  169. Planned to start up with the diet from today… but doing 1.5 hour of excersice is impossible for me… becoz harldly I can do excercises for 20 mins… surely not more than that… so I wud like to know the better alternative for 1.5 hour of excersice each day Mr.Nabeel

    • Start with 20 minutes Priyanka and gradually increase :) you can do it!

  170. I want to lose my weight 10kg in 8 days. Can I do it?

    • It is possible Shumoti, but not recommended :)

  171. Hi Dr. navel u mention that in breakfast we can eat 2 boil egg and in the evening we can have dinner half if the portion we normally eat but is that mean it could be anything e.g rice or any other carb ?

    • no, it has to be more of protein :) very little boiled rice or bran bran

      and my name is Nabeel :)

  172. Dr shall I take green tea without sugar

  173. Dr I am doing 4 hours work out in elliptical bike and 500 skipping with this diet is this k

  174. I am 14 years old
    85 kg, lost 5 kg in 1 month, from 90 kg,
    I walk on the treadmill for 30 min daily ,
    So in your opinion, what are changes i must make or introduce for more weight loss

    • Hi Haneen, really nice to know that you’re working out to reduce weight.

      You should start jogging and other aerobics and not just walk.

  175. I am 16 years old
    my weight is 89 kg
    plz tell me about the mineral supplements that i can take

    • you can try revitalemulti

  176. hello dr nabeel……i am 69 kgs n want to reduce 10 kgs in 14 days……what to do plz suggest …i hv given birth to two children through c section cant rope…..any other exercise

    • can you swim ?

  177. Isnt this diet dangerous?

    • isn’t obesity more dangerous?

  178. Doctor can I do workout with dumblles insted of running.

    • dumbbell are good but running is necessary, why do you want to avoid running / jogging ?

  179. Your plan sounds realistic, as it oozes efforts to make. So nw th cruks is tht I want u to suggest me the combination of diet n exercise precisely..
    wht I’ll continue is swimming for 1 n a hlf hour. Takin revital women. Sugerfree chewing gums ,as it reduces hunger. and skimmed milk tea.

    So now what should I add subtract in exercising n diet to get the best results… Min. 10 kgs or more,, in max. 10 days…

    • Yes thats fine, exercise as much as your body can withstand.

  180. Hello,
    I dont know if you are following the comments any more or not. But i really need your help.
    I came across your article few days back abd started following it.
    I am 25 years old 5’7 height ans i m 107 kgs.
    So initially when i started the diet i thought we have to eat only once in a day. I did that and also worked out. I go to gym daily and do run approx 12km daily on treadmill. Thats my favourite workout. I dont do pushups and skipping.
    Initially i lost 2 kgs in 2 days and now its my 4th day and i have not lost anything :-(
    Am i doing something wrong?
    I have tea one egg 2 bran bread slices and some chiken once a day only. I also eat some fruit once in a day.
    Please tell me if i am wrong any where i desparately need to lose weight.
    My target is to run 15km a day on treadmill will acheive that soon inshAllah.

    • Hi Sehrish.

      Yes I’m still following the comments, although replies get delayed abit. . . sorry about that.

      The weight loss isn’t smooth. You don’t see a drop of 1 kg every day, atleast every single day!

      There are number of factors which affect the drop shown, including your bowel habits, water intake routine etc.

      What’s the progress now ? how much weight did you lose till now ?

  181. Hi, I’m Tasha. I’m 16, I’m 53kg. And I think I’m overweight actually and i want to lose 7-10 kg. but can it work in 10 days if I do it all? Precisely? And how many push ups per set? Can I do other exercises rather than jumping ropes? 100 per set? 5 sets? Isn’t that too much? May you help me and give me a personal diet plan? I’m sorry if I’m asking too much :( I really want to lose weight, I always feel insecure. Thanks a lot!

    • Hi Tasha.

      What’s your height ?

      Number of pushups per set depends on your strength and stamina. Just keep pushing yourself and it will help in weight loss

      Jumping ropes can be replaced with jogging, and ya fitness is hard :) but fun!

      You can get personal diet plan too as a paid service.

  182. My weight is 62 kgs and height is 5.4… I want to loose weight upto 8 kgs in 10 days… plss suggest me and 100 nm skipping a day is helpful or have to do anything extra..?

    • Anuska you are already in good weight, you just need to tone up your body.

      Exercise properly, do chinups, pushups and jogging and eat healthy. Make a target to be 60kg only, not less than that.

  183. Hi,
    M brity height 5’4
    Waist 32
    Weight 63
    Please tell me what meal should I take for night time.
    Please reply soon, I m eagerly waiting your respon.

    • you should have healthy diet and meal at night, but without any sweets

  184. hello doctor,

    am 21yrs weighing 70 kgs..and want to reduce min of if i follow this diet..will it put off my weight permanently?
    n can I jog 1hr morning n 1hr aerobics in evening?
    food taken would be..2 egg whites in morning and a bowl of salad at night?
    plz reply

    • Hi Ekta,

      What’s your height?

      and yes it will help you lose weight.

      But you should add multivitamins and more proteins to your diet

  185. I really liked this diet plan, nd i m going to start it from tomorow, hope this will work! :-)

    • great! good luck khushboo! keep us updated about your progress :)

  186. Dr.I.m.23 ..weight is 75 kg and my height is 5″1″
    I want to loose 5 kg in.a.week..what should I.xo.

    • Did you read the posts about weight loss on our site ? including this one?

  187. Hello Doctor,
    I am 19 years, height 6ft 1inch, weight 120 kg, i need to come down to 90kg in 30-40 days. I go to gym daily and do a lot of cardio, cycling, treadmill, cross trainer and do lift a lot of weights. I eat only ones a day. Its been 4 days and i don’t see much difference. Help me! Give me some tips. Please Doctor.

    • How’s it coming along now? what’s the progress with your weight loss?

  188. Hello,
    I’m 19 years old and 6ft 2inch tall. Weight 125 kgs. I want to come to 95kg in 30-40 days…. Can you help me out.. I go to gym daily and burn 500 kcal and i eat once a day…
    Please help me out…

    • Burn more calories and good luck :)

  189. Hi Doc,

    I have hypothyroidism. Is it still possible to lose 10 kilos in 10-15 days with the above mentioned diet and exercise? I do plan to begin with it today:)

    • With regular and proper medication for hypothyroidism yes it’s sort of possible

      However such extreme diet isn’t recommended in your case and disease.

  190. Hi Dr. I am 26 years old n my height is 5.2 my weight is 88 kg I have a baby of 6th months but I m not feeding due to some problem please guide with a proper diet plan n exercise so that I can lose 30kg as I having some medical problem. I want to follow your diet for 10 days but I cannot do skipping rope as I have pain in my knees so can you help me

    • You can do brisk walk? or cycling? or atleast swimming?

  191. Do respond ASAP, my height is 5 feet.3 inches, weight is 80 kgs , age 32 , i feel am over weight , i want to be 60 kgs, pls tell mi how many sets and what exercises do i need to do to reduce my 20 kgs excess weight in 20 days. i have started ur plan , but feeling upset as all my frnds tease mie moti….pls dr. help me. need ur advice . Having lot off water now. and also following ur diet plan… but not reduced any weight ..its my 2nd day of diet n exercise. pls help me doctor …badly need to reduce my weight. my husband is also upset because of my heavy body, am not at all in shape i feel.
    ur early comment will b very very much appreciated. I beg your pardon, I’m in urgent need.

    • Deesha good luck in losing weight

      You need to do jogging / running, pushups atleast and then situps and pullups too.

  192. Hi there, I was wondering if a meal replacement would me suitable for this? Instead of breakfast? And work out an extra half an hour?

    • Yes you can have a brunch type meal but breakfast is helpful!

      You can add 10 extra hours of exercise too :)

  193. Hi
    Do you have a diet to lose 500g in a day ?
    I really want to loose weight but this diet loosing 10 kg in ten days is very hard for me.
    I’m 33 years old
    85 kg
    168 cm
    Thank you :)

    • make it bit lighter for you but add exercise to it!

  194. I think my last comment was deleted cuz I can’t find UR reply I’m 5 foot 3 inches and
    My weight is 58 kg . I’m 11 years old and I’m a girl. Is it fine if I eat a boiled egg and do a 40 minute cardio?

    • Calm down kid :) The comments are held for moderation and published after being approved.

      You are too young for dieting. You’re too tall for your age too! are you sure you’re telling your height and weight correct?

  195. Hi
    I am 28 years old married woman and have a 7 month old baby . during and after pragency I have gain toouch weight and now in a obesity category according to BMI I have to loss 25 kg and 11% body fat ,will your diet chart helps me or there is some changes for breasfeeding mother. I want to loss in one month plzzzzz help me and can we drink tea with little milk 3-4 times in a day during dieting

    • Hi Meenakshi,

      as you’re breast feeding your child, it’s recommended that you don’t over diet or exert yourself.

      You should start healthy diet and activity to reduce weight gradually.

  196. hello doctor nabeel…. I’m feeling soo glad after going through your message..!! firstly I would like to tell you that I’ve went through many workout schedules and many many many diet plans but none of them satisfied me and got irritated among my self and made my mind blank and started eating what I would like and now I’m looking worse and killing among myself… but as I went through your Lines firstly I was relaxed made up my mind regrowth that Il have a last trail with nabeel sirs diet cum workout plan. then today only I’ve read your post I’m happy that what u said itself will create a belief in us yes we can become thin… and more il be in touch with u sir il share my update again after 10days as per ur guidelines thank u sir for instuctions..:)

    • I’m glad to know that it’s helping and motivating you in getting fit and getting in shape. Good luck :)

  197. If we start dieting without exercise than there will be any results or no

  198. sir if i dont take the tablets that you had mentioned during exercise will it be occur any problem to my healh?????

    • no, if you keep a good and healthy diet then you don’t need them

  199. Hello doctor i want to know that how much water i have to drink . And which kind of meal i have to taken plz help me

    • you should take at least 2 liters of water everyday. Diet is explained above please follow that, and tell me what’s your current diet routine

  200. My age is 29 height is 5f 3 inch plz tell me i am waiting for ur reply

    • what’s your weight dear!

  201. dear doctor.
    i am currently 106kg. 22 yr old. 5’11.

    i want to loose 30kg but want to use this diet to kickstart weight loss by loosing 10kg in 10 days.

    i am starting ur diet tomorrow.

    couple of questions.

    is it ok to eat a piece of fruit in the day to avoid feeling hungry?

    what would you suggest eating for the other meal in the day? when would you suggedt eatibg it?

    i already go to the gym everyday to lose weight but have seen little results.
    and am turnimg to this diet in desperation.

    i await your response and will post my results.

    • I wonder how a piece of dry fruit will stop hunger, however if it does, then sure go for it :)

      have two meals, once in morning, like boiled egg white, second in late evening which would be mostly protein with lots of water

      which fruit you are going to have? apple is fine

      what do you do at gym? please elaborate, jogging is must

  202. I am 19years old. My wait is 85kg . I want to loose 20kg wait in a month.plz help me

    • what’s your height? and have you started the routine?

  203. Hello there. :)
    I need to lose around 10 kgs in a matter of 10 days. As the title says, so i basically walk on the treadmill in the morning for around 2hours. And later 2 hours in the evening. At a speed of 6.5 km/h (average) I increase the incline a bit more and speed a bit more, as i keep doing.
    Also, i skip 100 times a day. And do around 60 crunches a day.
    What exactly do i need to eat in the morning and night. And in between, is it okay to chew on dry fruits or fruits?
    And will this plan help me accomplish losing 10kgs in 10 days?

    • You’re going great! what’s the progress?

  204. Hi

    i am 72.9 kg want to loose weight as fast asap.
    Exercise , nd diet seems perfect way to loose
    but can you help me that what should i eat in a day and time i am vegeterian

    • Go for green leafy vegetables, avoid potatoes, rice, etc.

  205. If it is really dangerous for girls.. thn plzz suggest any other diet plan.. cuz i need it…. i m 18 years..5.8 height.. nd 85 kg.. i need to loss 20 kg… as early as possible.. plzz suggest me…

    • Get healthy diet and exercise daily

  206. Hi dr I really want ur help here with me am 75 kg and my age is 18 years old i really want to lose atleast 20 kg I never went to gym and likes but now am gonna start ur tips and I hope it will work….so my question is how can I lose the shoulder fat within such small duration???????waiting for ur reply…….

    • Just get on to healthy diet and exercise alot, join the gym :)

  207. I want to loose around 15-17kg in 11days..for dis purpose i’ll start 11days fast(only drinking water) from tomorow.. Nd 15min exercise in morning nd 15min exercise in evening .. Can i loose 15-17kg in 11days by following dis plan or should i increase no. Of days for fast …

    • You can lose by this routine, but increase exercise as much as you want to lose weight.

      Exercise 2+ hours in morning and in evening

      Starving for 11 days will weaken your body, your joints, your organs, your brain, etc. and may have permanent damage.

    • are you mad ma’am pooja….. its impossible

      • the doctor is right…

  208. I have a question
    I want to fallow this diet but I don’t understand.
    I can eat two meals during the day
    egg yolk for breakfast
    What can I eat for lunch or dinner?

    • no! NO EGG YOLK for breakfast

      Yes you can have two meals, one breakfast and one sort of early dinner.

  209. Tnx Doctor
    I wanna start from satarday.

  210. hi doctor,
    I’m having pcos you think this will gonna help for me aswell?

    • you need to consult your gynecologist for the treatment of PCOs Amie

  211. I m 19.. I was slim before 5-6 months… but bcoz of typhoid I put on 6 kgs.. I was 51 & now I m 56! I wanna loose this 6 kgs in 10 days… please help me out…

    • What’s your exercise routine?

  212. Hi doc
    My weight is 62 kgs and my height is 5.2″
    What would you suggest to lose 12 kgs in a month ?
    Either i should take a strong diet plan or go for more and more exerciss ?

    • Hi Arzoo

      what’s your current diet and exercise routine?

      for weight loss you’ll have to focus on both exercise and diet control

  213. I’m 22 yrs
    I weigh 110 kg
    height 180 cm

    I didn’t get to know what to eat, is it just two egg whites per day?

    • No! egg whites are for breakfast, have a normal meal at night

  214. Hi
    I am 74 kg, 5 ft, 32 yrs.

    Wanna reduce 20 kgs may 2 months. please advise. Hv Umbilical hernia, knee pain and back aches…

    • can you swim jyoti? swimming is best for you to lose weight!

  215. Hello Dr.Nabeel.. i have posted my query previously.. par i think some1 have deleted it.. Am currently 20 years.. 156cm.. and 60kg.. i desprtly wanna loose 10 kgs.. am planning to start this from dec 14.. as till dec 13 am having my exams.. i wanna know is it ok to do this while being on periods?

    • It’s not recommended during exams :) Clear and focus on your exams and then try to lose weight!

      • Cool.. :) will update u my progress by dec 24..
        My xm will end on 13 so i will start from dec 14..

        • Doctor am having another doubt.. what should i have at night? Mom used to cook spicy foods at nyt.. is it abvisable to have it? And also.. i cant have tablets which u have mentioned.. what should i take instead of those tablets?
          Hoping for a speedy reply from your side.. :)

  216. Hi ,

    I have been eating healthy for a month or 2 and have seen results went from 61.5 to 55.5 but i stopped losing weight from then. I dont execrise a lot since its my foundation year and so many assognments due. I walk from my apartment to university 30 min or 25.

    I am 19 and my height is 153.

    Would love your input?

    • How about Jogging for 30 mins when you wake up and then skipping the walk of 30 mins and taking a bus to university?

  217. Hi,
    I am 32 yrs weight 72 kg and height 163 cm.
    I want to lose weight by following this diet.
    But my medical history is i have less hemoglobin i.e 9.6
    and have thyroid and on medicines.
    My doubt can i follow this diet?

    • no avni, you should consult your doctor before doing any such diet plan.

      Plus what are you doing to improve your hemoglobin?

  218. Hii doctor i read your post and i like it. i wan your help. i want to lose 10kg in 10 days its very important. will your diet help me perfectly?? My current weight is 54.4kgs and height is 5″2. I want 45kg in 10 days and also want slim legs and thighs. please help me.. and i kindly request you to gave the reply fast.

    • Yes it’s possible if you do good exercise with it too!

  219. Hi Doctor,

    I want to look Gorgeous this 31st…anyhow…
    Wanna lose 16 kgs in 20 days…
    Skipping and running absolutely fine n i njoy both …also play lawn tennis for 45 minutes daily …pushups i feel EW!!! can you help me with optional exercise like crunches or squads or any other to reduce belly and thighs …..

    Please advise.

    Thank you for posting above workout plans to reduce 1 kg in 1 day….

    :) :)

    • Hey Neelam

      Belly and thighs will go away with good jogging

      pushups and pullups are really helpful

  220. Hi

    I am going to start this diet tomorrow
    weight 100 kg
    age 19
    goal 90 kg in 10 days

    • good luck :) keep us updated about weight loss progress!

  221. Assalamualaikum.. Dr Nabeel, may I have your email I’d please to contact you over mails.

    Only if its fine with you.

    Thank you.

  222. Hey nabeel….
    I am highly motivated by ur diet plan of losing 10 or more in just ten days…
    so de point is dat my weight is 79kg nd my height is 5inches 3 feet nd age 17 and will ur diet plan be effective? Will i lose like atleast 7 or 9 kgs if nt 10 in 10 days?
    Plz reply soon….

    • Hey Maria :) good luck

      but don’t forget to exercise !

  223. Hey nabeel….
    I am highly motivated by ur diet plan of losing 10 kg in 10 or more days….
    so my weight is 79 kgs height 5.3 nd age 17
    so will ur diet be effective?
    Plz reply soon….

    • diet will only be effective with “exercise”

  224. Instead of jogging can I do cycling ??? And instead of push ups can I do crunches…. Plzzzzzzz I wanna become thin…..

    • Jog a while if possible, cycling will help too

      Do pushups and crunches both

  225. Hey… I didn’t know wat to eat … Can u prescribe anything … U told only once a day we shud eat… But I feel so damn hungry so Im eating more of carrots and cucumber wen ever I feel hungry… Will this stop me from reducing 1kg in a day… I really wanna become thin before jan27… So plzzzzz help me… and I want in detail how to do this diet… So it will be more helpful if ucan email me… Plzzzzz beg u

  226. Hi.. I did cycling crunches skipping …but I had a heavy meal at night…mrng and afternoon I had only carrots and cucumber… Will this help me lose my weight… And I really wanna know wat to eat healthily… Plzzz email me… Plzzzzzz

  227. I am starting my own diet tomorrow.
    My goal is to lose 10 kg in 10 days.
    My weight now is 105kg.
    I’ll be back in 10 days.

    • Good luck! waiting for your update!

  228. Hi nabeel m 23 yrs old and my weight is 95 kgs i wana be 60 kgs. If i do skipping 500times mrng n evng is it enuf fr me reduce atlst 10kg till 14 th feb i wrk i just dnt get tym in nyt shift cn u plz help me wht do i do

    • can you do the jogging? 500 times is too low, but fine to start with

      Plus do aerobics

  229. Doctor, I workout everyday and counted how much kcal I burned in each day workout, it is 1600 kcal approx. How much weight will I lose in 10 days, assuming I eat just less than average? Please need your help. Thank you

    • You’ll lost 5kg in 10 days almost hopefully :)

  230. can i just do skipping instead of jogging? Honestly I dont like jog and I prefer jumping rope rather than jogging. Is it okay if I increase jumping rope to replace jogging?

    • do you dislike being fat or jogging more? I hope it will help you in deciding.

  231. Hii sir
    my weight is 90 kg.n height is 5’11”. Age 25, I want to lose 10 kg in one month. But the problem is that I got fractured last month, so I am not able to run .plzzzzz give me advice. I can walk but not run

    • Hi Pardeep.

      Which bone did you get fractured? I hope it gets well soon!

      You can walk and take it easy till the fracture heals. don’t push your body to avoid any long term complications

    • Also, try to have a balance diet and not a strict one. Avoid sugars and drinks etc.

      You need healthy diet to let the fracture heal properly

  232. sir i want to join national defence academy my wwieght is 80 kg and i want to loose 14 kg in 6 months i eat twice a day and skip 300 daily 25 crunches and 10 pullups and 14 pushups and my hieght is 183 cm and what more ishoud do please recemend

    • Do jogging and more pushups

  233. I am 93 kgs & my age is 39 years. Even I want to reduce 10 kgs in 10 days, but eating one meal and starving for the day is not good, Also it does not given enough energy to work out for 3 hours. Instead fruits or vegetable can be replaced. Hope it works.

    • Santhosh if you’re going to take all energy from food for workout then how will your body switch to the stored fat? :)

  234. I am 99kg an I’m 19years my height is 1.6 I am starting tomorrow morning I am going to run 15k on the treadmill is DaT fine will I still lose a kg a day

    • good luck ash! and keep us updated! how did your workout go today?

  235. Aoa dr nabeel. Im motivated after reading ur blog. Iv 2 kids in 27 was 91kgs and i eat a healthy diet very less sugar and very less carbs. Now im 85 and i really want to lose 25 kgs im 5.5 in height. Can i lose this weight in a month?

    • ws Shirin! glad that you’re motivated! You can definitely lose weight but 25 kg in a month isn’t good and not recommended! keep it healthy and gradually go towards your goal!

  236. Ok dr il b trying i juat hope i dont get distracted. My bp goes really low if i try to lose weight and if i take salt water wouldnt it retain water in my body? Il b trying hard i know i wont lose 25 kg in 1 month even if i lose 15 kg it would b a big achievment for me . Btw can j give ur numberif ur in pakistan

  237. Hey Doc!
    Can i just jog or brisk wall on a tread mill instead of running? Cuz i really dont have any place around to run plus its raining in my city now a days..and am 20yrs old with this huge 86kilos :( am soo looking forward to do yhis diet plan..please do reply.. Thanks :)

    • Hi Husna!

      Sure you can jog on the treadmill along with pushups and pull ups and aerobics! :)

  238. Drinking 8-10 litres of water is good for our body
    And tell me corn flakes is better of wheat flakes
    And tell me which fruits is good for lose weight?

    • it appears to me that it’s unhealthy, therefore please keep it to 2-3 litres per day, unless you have a valid reason and logic to increase it

  239. Hi sir! My weight is 67 kg and height 5 ft. I need to lose about 12kg within 10/12 days. I walk on the treadmill 40 minutes each in the morning and evening at a speed of 6. I haven’t restricted my diet yet… but if I do, will doing this much work? Or is there something more I should do (exercising) to lose 10kg in 10 days? Also, I drink about 8 glasses of water every day.

    Thanks for the article. Its motivating (:

    • Glad to know that it’s motivating for you Saumya!

      Start converting the walk into jogging in patches if you want, gradually

      Also do pushups and chinups along with aerobics

      Restricting the diet would help a lot! avoid sugars and anything that’s sweet at all initially!

  240. 1. I think its okay to eat once a day just for one week. But it will be dangerous to do it more than week.
    2. I think the result will be different for every one. Obese people(>90kg) will get better result (lost 10 kg)

    • You are right kira, that’s why I recommend in the article to eat at least twice daily!

  241. aoa em doing machins n aerobics last 7 days :( but koi fark ni par rha :( 70kg hai woi hai

    • ws

      how many hours do you exercise daily? are you jogging too?

      what’s the diet that you’re following?

  242. Do you lose water or body fat? Thx for posting this, I’m gonna try it out!!

    • Fat mostly :)

      Good luck! let us know about your weight loss progress!

  243. Hi
    I want to lose 19 kgs in 2 week
    I m 14 years old and my weight is 75 KGS my height is 5.4 and I m vegetarian
    So please tell me what to do please help me

    • Start regular sports and exercise and stop taking all junk food and processed things.

  244. BHAG MILKHA BHAG is a story for mee………………………

    are u sure this can affect to lose weight…………….if i do regularly for 3-4 months

    • yes it will :) but don’t forget to do gym, including specially pushups and pullups

  245. Please tell me what should be my daily routine….

  246. Hey can u please tell me what should be my daily routine
    And please be a little fast because my school is already starts
    And I m vegetarian so I can’t eat nonveg

  247. So does that mean that I only eat 1-2 egg whites per day?

    • No paula! it means that you eat 1-2 egg whites in breakfast only and you have another meal later that day.

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