Best exercises to lose weight fast

All exercises are not designed to lose weight. Some are there to tone up the body, some to gain stamina and even some to gain weight.

Proper and relevant exercise with proper weight loss diet is necessary to lose weight fast.

Here we will list out a few best exercises to lose weight fast.

Best exercises to lose weight fast:

Weight loss by Swimming


Swimming is one of the best exercise to lose weight fast and effectively. It will not only make you lose weight but also give your body a proper tone and look. Swimming is specially good for very obese people and people with joint issues as there is minimum stress on joints in swimming. But the trick is to “swim” in the pool, not just take a bath, I hope it makes sense.

Weight loss by Trekking / Hiking

If you’ve got a hill near your home, you live in a paradise. Climb up the hill everyday. Average height to be climbed per day is 1km (length can vary). But start slow and keep improving the speed and height day by day as trekking may hurt your knees or feet or even back if you’re not trained properly.

Weight loss by Jogging

Jogging: Well, if you can’t swim or hike, then jogging is equally effective but sort of boring (atleast for me :) ) exercise to lose weight fast . . .

Running (or jogging if you can’t run initially for long period of time) is one of the best exercise to lose weight. It was the integral part of my weight loss exercise routine when I was trying to lose 10 kg in 10 days.

Weight loss by Martial arts

Martial arts with lots of aerobics in it is very efficient exercise to lose weight really fast too!

I hope this list helps you chose the exercise you want to follow to lose your weight rapidly.

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