How to relieve muscle pain after jogging

One of our visitor asked me a question:

How to relieve muscle pain after jogging ?

Well, I’ll list out a few points to overcome the muscle pain in legs after jogging / running after elaborating why exactly this pain occurs.

Why do we have muscle pain after jogging

  • normal wear and tear of the muscles, leading to soreness / pain in legs
  • lactic acid accumulation, lactic acid is collected in muscles and it gives pain all day long after running or any other exercise

How to relieve muscles pain after jogging

  1. don’t stop abruptly. When you stop after jogging, don’t just sit down or stop immediately, rather, continue doing brisk walk for around 100 m or so so that the blood keeps on circulating for some time after you stop jogging.
  2. stretching, stretching muscles after any exercise reduces post exercise pain and cramps
  3. vitamin E, it helps in reducing lactic acid accumulation induced pain in muscles
  4. regularity, be regular, exercise everyday and you’ll feel no pain in less than a week :)

Hopefully these tips will help you reduce jogging or other exercise induced pain. If you have any queries or tips do let me know!

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