Summer Headaches

Summer is a wonderful season for taking break, going out on vacation and enjoying one self on a beach! As with any other season, summer brings many problems with it too. There are several diseases that are associated with summers, but here today I am going to highlight one issue which is not a disease but effects almost everyone during this season, headaches.

What is a summer headache?

The headache that is caused by staying out in sun for longer periods and during heat spells. Few people are prone to it more than others and may develop it in just few mins, others may be okay for few hours, but it effects almost everyone.

Does it indicate other conditions?

People with hypertension or even diabetes may be slightly more prone to these headaches. If previously you were tolerating heat well and never had headaches, and now somehow you have developed severe headaches, which are frequent, consider seeing your GP.

What Treatment should be taken?

The best treatment is remove the cause. If headache is caused by sunlight try finding a shade, if just due to heat, try getting cool by taking a shower or swimming. If this does not help, Acetaminophin or commonly known as Paracetamol is best remedy for such headaches.

If the headache still persists, consult a doctor.

What is cause of this headache?

Usually few people are more prone to headaches as compare to others but the headaches caused by heat have one common factor, dehydration. Dehydration causes decrease in blood volume hence decreased blood flow. The hypotension (decreased blood pressure) seen during summers is also because of dehydration. When blood flow is decreased to brain, specially when one is standing and is hypotensive, brain may shut down causing fainting or headaches.

How to Avoid Summer Headaches?

The easiest will be avoiding heat and sun at all costs ;)

That being impossible, below I am giving you a list of things that will help you avoid summer headaches :)

  • Avoid Dehydration

Dehydration being major cause of this kind of headache should be avoided. Try to carry water with you whenever there are chances of staying out in heat for longer periods of time.

  • Avoid Direct Exposure To Sun

Direct exposure to sun causes headache due to heat as well as due to excessive light. Trying to move in and out of shades, using shades and glasses as much as possible, avoiding direct sun is helpful.

  • Posture Change

Standing for long in sun or during high heat spells decreases blood flow to upper body and specially to brain, due to gravity. This can be avoided by taking few steps and avoiding being stationary on one place, by changing posture, sitting for a while when possible is also effective.

  • Loose Clothes

Loose clothes enable evaporation to be effective thus causing cooling and minimizing effects of heat.

  • Sudden Temperature Changes

Avoid leaving very cold rooms and entering very hot conditions, try to neutralize body temperature before moving into very heated environment.


This article is for general knowledge purposes and is not replacement of medical advice, which in emergency should be taken soon. For questions please feel free  to post in comments.

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