7 Scientific Weightloss Secrets

Every day a new brand or supplement is publicized on TV claiming to be the best possible weight loss technique. Most of them are 100% ineffective. Even worse, some of them are even harmful to our bodies. It’s important to fully understand the mechanism by which any supplement or technique is going to work on your body to rely on it.

Lets checkout some of the well known techniques for weight loss, well tested and confirmed by science, so that you don’t fell trap to common weight loss myths floating around.

scientific weightloss

Exercise and weight loss

There is no second opinion about it. Exercise is that magic technique which you were always looking for to lose weight! You can’t lose 1kg weight in 10 days without exercise usually. However, you can even lose up to 10 kg weight in 10 days with proper exercise and diet plan.

In fact exercise can be the difference between being the sick, skinny slim and the healthy, powerful smart body.

Our bodies are made for exercise. Whole of our body is covered with numerous muscles and such an amazing musculoskeletal system. God must have provided it for some reason right?

Exercise encourages fats metabolism

During exercise, our body uses all the readily available energy in blood and local tissues. Glucose is the most readily available energy source in our body. During exercise the glucose is quickly utilized, forcing body to use the alternate energy sources available.

Now the muscles shift towards using the glycogen. Glycogen is stored in muscles as well as the liver. During exercise, this glycogen is used and depleted. It’s important to deplete this glycogen to start the real weight loss process.

Now when the glycogen is no more, body moves towards using fats. It’s important to note that once glycogen is depleted, our body energy levels go down, so we might be urged to stop, but this is the critical moment when exercise will actually burn the fats!

Even if you stop exercising, the body will burn fats, how? Well even at rest our body needs energy. After exercise, as you’ve depleted all other energy sources in it, it will ultimately use fats in the body for routine tasks too, including simply survival during sleep.

Exercise and Insulin

Insulin has a very major role in our body. It’s not only the diabetic patients who’re to worry about it!

What insulin does is, once we eat some high energy food, like food high in carbohydrates for example and sweets, insulin pushes this high energy food into the storage cells, fat cells mostly. Which means insulin is directly related to fat production. So we can either get our pancreas removed, which will lead to other issues, so not recommended -_-, or else we can simply avoid foods which release insulin! Ya! That seems simple right?

Now insulin not only moves the energy containing nutrients into the fats, but also in muscles. But during exercise, due to some magical changes, the body don’t need insulin to let muscles take up the glucose and other energy resources. What’s the benefit? Well it prevents the undesired storage of energy in fats during normal times. As there is no demand for the muscles for insulin, it will be released in lesser amounts, thus reducing fat production. Secondly, as muscles will use almost all the available carbohydrates and energy resources, there won’t be enough left in blood to require insulin and to side line it into the fats! Simple right?

Exercise causes weight loss even after we stop

Exercise induces the changes in the body due to which the body keeps losing weight even after the exercise session! What a relief, lose weight even at rest and while sleeping! Just after exercise!

Exercise and muscles formation

Simple enough, exercise promotes muscles development, which not only makes your body more gorgeous, but also utilizes a lot of bodily resources, again utilizing the energy available to be stored as excess fat!

Weight loss and breakfast

Now there is a huge difference between dieting and starvation. In diet, breakfast is important, just as exercise before breakfast is!

If you’re skipping the breakfast, you’re doing it wrong probably. Now it doesn’t mean you should eat halwa pori and nan cholay or paay in the breakfast. What it simply means is that there should be something going inside your body during the breakfast.

During diet e.g., you should take only boiled egg white, skimmed milk without sugar, etc.

As normal people don’t eat when they sleep, this makes 8 hours of no food intake, now combine it with skipping breakfast, going up to lunch e.g., it means almost 14+ hours of starvation everyday, which are quite enough to push the body into the starvation mode! So avoid doing this at all cost!

Proteins and weight loss

Well whatever you eat is probably energy and may lead to weight gain, correct, but if taken correctly, it will result in weight loss, and sometimes if there is no weight loss apparently, it might still be getting your body on the healthier side.

Proteins are helpful in weight loss. They release lesser amounts of insulin and mostly used in building our body tissues.

Now it doesn’t mean that you can eat proteins all day long. Excess of any energy resource will ultimately trigger the fat storage pathways and it will be stored. Keep an eye on your calories count too!

Water and weight loss

Water is the essential item in daily diet. We often overlook it. Although the logics that taking cold water will use body energy in warming in up are weird and I pray that people doing so grow up soon, but other than that water is needed by our body to maintain homeostasis.

Water helps clean all the excess debris and bad chemicals from our body, specially during dieting and exercise. It helps reduce load from the kidneys, otherwise the wastes to be removed would sort of clog our kidneys!


Herbs, chemicals, this that bla bla, there’s a lot around about weight loss. Some of might really be helpful too and we discuss that too, but these days media is so blind that they’re promoting anything that pays them to advertise, without understanding the truth about them and the possible outcomes.

Please be wise and use only the recommended methods of losing weight. Nothing beats exercise, add healthy diet with it which is not artificially manufactured and you’re on your way to healthy living!


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