How to lose 10kg in a week

So you’re trying to get slim and ready to learn how to lose 10kg in a week? Well weight loss can be difficult sometimes, even painful, but the good thing about the pain is that it may last for a minute, or an hour or even a year, but eventually it subsides, and something else takes its place. That something is going to be the prettier and fitter you, the you with 10kg weight loss.

Is it possible to lose 10kg in a week?

Technically speaking, yes it’s highly possible, however it’s not easy. It’s possible to shed those extra ten kgs of your body weight in a week but would take constant and dedicated effort!

Losing 10kg in a week might be easier if you weight a lot, far from your ideal body weight but you’re able to compromise your diet a lot and can exercise tirelessly throughout the week.

Remember to follow the proper and scientific weight loss techniques and don’t fall for weight loss falsies and myths.

Is it recommended to lose 10kg in a week?

NO! it’s not recommended to lose 10kg weight in one week. It’s highly dangerous and damaging to the body, so if you’re having this idea of losing this much fat instantly, then you should probably give up the idea!

This article is based on the possibility of losing 10kg body weight in a week, there can be situations when this can be necessary for few people, however it’s not at all recommended for you, specially for children in developing age, specially under 20 years of age.

How to lose 10kg in a week

To lose 10 kg in a week, you need to follow a strict diet as well as a rigorous exercise regime.

It’s ideal to get a customized diet and exercise plan for your body type, purpose to lose weight and routine. Let me know if you want to discuss it and have it designed for you.

On a general note, the diet and exercises to follow are:

Diet to lose 10kg in a week

The diet has to be customized according to your age, body type, weight, BMI, purpose to lose weight and so on so that you can lose 5kg in a week or 10kg (if done properly and with exercise).

how to lose 10kg in a week

However general rules include:

  1. No sugar or sweetened thing, no sugar containing items like biscuits, coke, cola, drinks, juices (with sugar), etc. This also includes bottled water and packaged milk and yoghurt, ice-cream and other products that contain sugar
  2. No refined and artificial things, no white bread, no white chicken (broiler), etc.
  3. Have plenty of water (or other fluids) throughout the day, up to 2 to 3 litres
  4. Make one litre of lemon juice (without sugar) and have it (count it among the 3 litre fluid that we’re going to take)
  5. Take boiled or uncooked (but properly washed) vegetables mainly in meals, mix them up or just use the ones you like (or even dislike) like cucumber, carrots, cabbage, etc. Add salt and pepper for taste!
  6. No rice or white bread at all, bran bread in very limited quantity can be consumed, very little
  7. No potatoes
  8. No meat, fish (in limited quantity) boiled or steamed is fine
  9. Egg white only (boiled, and not white eggs, have the natural ones) can be consumed
  10. Take multivitamin and calcium supplements (but with plenty of water or they can damage kidneys)

Follow these general dietary guidelines to lose 10kg in 7 days!

Exercises to lose 10kg in a week

Now comes the sweet part! exercise to lose 10kg in a week! Well in short you have to be on exercise 24 hours almost to lose that much weight! And that exercise has to be sweating one, not just casual ones. Exercise is the best way to lose weight.

Again, you should get customized exercise plan for you to lose 10kg in a week, however general guidelines include:

  1. Remember to do at least these 4 things:
    1. Jogging or running
    2. Push ups
    3. Pull ups
    4. Sit ups
  2. Brisk walk is for aged women, young women and men of all age “run”
  3. Pushups, pullups and situps are a must, for women too, although they can do it in limited quantity
  4. Exercise 2 to 3 times in a day, almost an hour or two hours in each session.
  5. Run for almost 15km per day
  6. Swimming is good, but only if you swim 4 to 5 km a day

Let me know if you have any queries related to your 10kg weight loss in a week. You can get a customized diet and exercise plan for you for how to lose 10kg in a week too for a low price. Don’t forget to take your before and after pics!


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