How to manage low blood pressure at home in emergency

Hypotension, low blood pressure, can happen anywhere under certain circumstances where no medical help is available. What to do in such situation when your blood pressure drops and you don’t have any doctor or hospital around . . . ? keep reading to know!

Emergency treatment for low blood pressure (hypotension)

First of all, make sure that the condition you’re feeling is “hypotension” / low blood pressure. Because if the blood pressure is already high, increasing it further may lead to complications. So make sure you check the blood pressure properly using bp apparatus (sphygmomanometer) and make sure its LOW (below 100/80 atleast)

blood-pressureSecondly, make sure that the person isn’t hypertensive, that is, he don’t have high blood pressure issues, as he may go into hypertension again once remedies for low blood pressure are being given, uncontrolled.

How to manage low blood pressure at home

Now comes the main part, how to elevate the blood pressure of a person in hypotension.

Salt – Salt is the potent blood pressure elevator. Whenever you’re experiencing low blood pressure, take some salt with water and it will restore your blood pressure within seconds. Pour and stir some salt in water until it gets saturated and starts settling down in the glass and then drink it.

Blood pressure chart

Make sure you maintain blood pressure chart at home regularly if your patient have symptoms of low blood pressure often. Try to take the blood pressure reading at the same time everyday, for 7-8 of days at least, so that you and the doctor can see the trend at almost the same time of the day, with same distance from the meals.

Let me know if you have any queries related to low blood pressure and its emergency management when you don’t have any hospital or medication near you.

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