Best Diet Plan 2015

Lets be honest, everyone thinks what they know or believe in is the best thing in the world! So do I believe! I believe that my thoughts and concepts about dieting and weightloss are ultimate! However they may not be!

The world is made up of billions of people, and to be honest, almost all of them being better than me!

So I’ve made this page so that you can share what’s best in your view, what worked for you? what did you do to lose that nasty weight and it worked well for you?

Share the diet plans that worked for you, even if they’re your own customized plans. We will share them with people here and help the world get healthier!

Best Weight loss weight 2015

We’ve shared multiple diet plans already including:

However lets give people a better list and really help them lose some weight and get fit and healthy for a healthier life!best-diet-plan

Please share the plans if they worked for you specially. Not just any diet plan that you come across internet and want to share it! Elaborate the diet plan, summarize what’s being done in it and also any of its pros and cons if you’ve found any.

Most diet plans are helpful in weightloss but are not safe for people, specially kids, so please mention along with them too so that anyone who attempts to follow that diet and exercise plan knows the limitations and any possible risk factors before following the diet plan.

Diet and exercise

Yes we understand that diet plan alone isn’t as effective as it would be with an exercise regime along with it. So feel free to share that exercise routine along with the best diet plan to lose weight too!

Be truthful, be specific, elaborate and lets discuss and come up with the best weightloss diet!

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