5 things that don’t make you fat

To be honest, almost nothing can make you fat if consumed in right amount and also in right situation, setting etc. However, anything in access can be toxic as well as can result in weight gain.

Here I’ll show you 5 things which will not make you fat, but please note, excess of anything is bad, and also, that it’s the right combination of food that matters, not the individual item.

Please note, these tips are for those people who are already slim or in perfect weight and just want to maintain their weight. For those who want to lose their weight, don’t read it! it’s not for you!

1. Cooking Oil doesn’t make you fat

Yeah! you read it right! cooking oil don’t make you fat. Now this doesn’t mean that you should start drinking it! what it means is that you should not eat all steam roasted stuff! cook the food normally with the oil. Avoid gross oil from the meal, but the one absorbed in it is fine (no not absorbed like in french toasts! use common sense abit!)

2. Banana doesn’t make you gain weight

They say, 2 banana empty stomach in the morning can help you lose 2 kg in a week! so try it out!

3. Chocolate doesn’t make you fat

Chocolates don’t make you fat if taken in small amounts. Please note, it says chocolate, not the brands with sugar, cream, honey etc in them¬† (like in bounty, mars, etc)

4. Cucumber does not make you fat

Cucumber is almost 80-90% water, so yeah! have it whenever you feel craving for some junk!!!

5. Water (or salt) doesn’t cause weight gain

Believe me, some people even think that drinking more water can make you fat! Even some people say that if you reduce intake of water and salt, you will become slim! NO! you will become sick! When you avoid water and salt intake, it works for a while due to reasons explained on how salt and water restriction loses your weight abit but that’s different and dangerous!

When you try to get slim, then get slim! not sick! play hard, but play tactfully! Don’t fall for weight loss myths and focus on the scientific methods of weight loss.


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