Restricting Salt and water intake can make you slim?

I’ve heard some people say that if you reduce intake of water and / or salt, you will reduce weight! For a short answer to it, NO, don’t even try doing that!

Let’s discuss it abit. Some of you might have tried it too and lost some weight too! so then why did I say NO?

Let’s cut it down, we will discuss reducing water intake and reducing salt consumption separately first and then combined.

Reducing water intake:

Water goes out of our body all the time. By urine, by skin via sweat and perspiration, via breathing, etc. If you cut down the water intake, then probably your urine output will lower down (causing damages to the body including the urinary system and kidneys in severe cases) but it can’t stop skin and breath loss of water! So now you know why it made you lose some weight? that is how! Next time never try it!

Reducing salt intake:

Reducing salt intake lowers down the salt concentration in the body. Making it hypotonic, so to keep it isotonic, the body losses more water via the water loss mechanisms of the body. This is severely damaging to the body! never ever try it!

Reducing salt and water intake both:

Well, simple enough, you’re trying to do the damage of both of the above combined!

So now when someone advices or asks you to cut down water and salt intake, what would be your response? yeah! and say it louder!

Tip: take nearly 8 glasses of water a day and have normal salt in meals.

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