YDA Islamabad protested against torture to the doctors

YDA Islamabad protested against brutal act of police and government against the doctors of punjab hospitals.

They blocked the road for traffic for 2 hours and recorded their protest on media (geo and express) however, none was showed on tv or website imho.

Emergency wasn’t closed and patients were being seen normally in the emergency.

Doctors in Pakistan are on strike against the unavailability of the service structure by the government.

The service structure isn’t being provided by all governments, be it ppp in federal, pml in punjab or so on. All are acting the same.

However, in the recent strike, in punjab, punjab government ordered torturing the doctors which lead to many being seriously ill and one on the ventilator and coma now.

After this incident, all the hospitals have called for protest against the government. The government as a whole is involved in it and all political parties too as none is trying to resolve the issue in the area under them.


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