Weight Loss Soup

There are many recipes in town all claiming that they help weight loss. This recipe I have tried myself and by my mom, we both lost weight, about 10% of our original weights with just a seven day diet plan! Take that! Just seven days! Only drawback is that this weight loss is so immediate that it can be back soon as well! But it is a big motivation for beginners!

The complete diet plan will appear in another post. This soup can replace the main course of one of your daily meals and it will help maintain the weight loss.

weight loss soup
Onion Weight Loss Soup

Ingredients of weight loss soup

weightloss soup
Water3-4 liters
Onions4-6 large size
Cabbage1 half head
Tomatoes2-4 large size
Green Bell Pepper2 Large size
SaltTo taste
Ginger powder1 tablespoon
Garlic powder1 tablespoon
Black pepper (crushed)1 teaspoon
Oregano½ Teaspoon
Sesame seeds½ Teaspoon
Coriander seeds½ Teaspoon

Preparation of weightloss soup:

Wash all the vegetables and cut them as you please. Recommended cut is ring slices for onions and fine slicing for cabbage and bell pepper.


Take the tomatoes and skin them, in a pan add them with 2 cups of water and cook it looks like a paste. Take a large pan and add 2 L of water. Then put in all the veggies. Let them cook till they are all well cooked. In another pan take the rest of water with all the rest of the ingredients, bring them to boil, add cooked with veggies with their stalk and stir, add tomato paste and cook till it is well mixed.

Serve hot with Garlic bread or celery. Chili sauce or Soya sauce as per taste.

Serving size: 6-8 persons

Important points

Keep these points in mind while preparing this weight loss soup:

  1. Avoid too much salt, salt is known to retain water in body which is not good for health. This is especially true if you’re on a salt restricted diet due to any health issue.
  2. The simple recipe can be altered to achieve different tastes. Just do not add fats or sugar, otherwise the intention of weight loss will be lost.
  3. This soup can be used any time of the day.
  4. It can also be given to children above the age of 2 yrs. Just add some boiled eggs or boiled sweat corn to it, as children don’t need weight loss.
  5. With brown rice it makes perfect weight loss combination. However, use rice in moderation and avoid white rice. Remove the starch from the rice before using them in the soup.

Note: The soup will help in weight loss. However it will not be useful or can even result in weight gain if not used in moderate quantity. Remember that anything will result in weight gain if it gives more calories to your body than its requirement. So make sure that your daily caloric intake is less than total body calorie expenditure if you’re trying to lose weight.

Also, when you give this to children, make sure that they’re getting enough calories through the coup, as they’re not trying to lose weight.

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