Depression and it’s types

Depression is a psychiatric syndrome consisting of dejectd mood, psychomotor retardation, insomnia and weight loss, sometimes associated with guild feelings and somatic preoccupations, often of delusional proportions.

Depression is an alteration of mood characterized by sadness, worry, anxiety and loss of weight, libido and enthusiasm as well.

There are several typs of depression such as:

Reactive (Secondary) Depression

It occurs in response to a real stimuli, e.g grief, illness, etc or in response to drugs, e.g. antihypertensive drugs, alcohol, hormones.

Endogenous (Major Depression) Depression

It is a genetically determined biochemical disorder manifested by inability to cope with ordinary stress.

Bipolar Affective (Manic-Depressive) Depression

It is associated with bipolar affective disorder.

The treatment of the depression in a depressive patient depends on the type of depression he is having. Click here for the names of anti depressive drugs used for the treatment and their classification.

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