Tips to improve your body shape and reduce weight

If you think you are fat and need to lose weight, you probably should! but make sure you really need it first! ask some of your friends or a doctor near you if you look really overweight and out of proportion!

also note, losing weight, and getting in shape (toning up your body) are two different things.

Tips to improve your body shape and reduce weight

For losing weight and then maintaining it, simply stop these things:

– no ice creams, chocolates, biscuits (all type of junk food infact)

– no drinks / sodas or juices (can have diet coke etc)

– stop sugar – in tea, coffee, milk etc, use sucral(not canderal) instead if you’re unable to stop sugar initially.

– try to eat roti made at home, instead of nan from shop, and that too, try to have the “bgair channa hoa aata”

– in the breakfast, if you have eggs, then avoid their yolk and also avoid paratha of course!

– don’t eat potatoes, milkshakes and highly oily thing

Other than these basic changes, to tone up your body and keep it in good form:

– walk atleast 3 days a week for 30 mins, (goto park, or simply some friends home near your house etc)

– skipping is good, but if you make a habit of it, and then leave it, it will make your thighs much fatter than what they are now! so don’t over do it

– do some sports! basketball, football, martial arts, hiking, cycling, dance, aerobics, swimming, etc! chose any similar one! and do it once or twice a week at least

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