Sources of water loss from body

This post enlists sources of loss of water from the human body. If you thought urine was the only way how water goes out of body? think again! it’s one of the means of water loss from the body only. Read below to know how water is lost from the body.

Sources of water loss from body

body water loss sourcesWater is lost from the body by following way and routes:

1. Water loss through urine

Quite obvious that urine is all made of water and mostly excess water is filtered out of the body. Urine takes the toxins form the blood and filters them out of the body via kidneys using the excess water too. As the body loses water the amount of urine produced reduces too and ultimately concentrated urine is produced.

2. Water loss through sweating

Sweat is all salt water with some other constituents. When we sweat the sweat glands filter out water form the blood and the nutrients and it appears as sweat on our skin.

3. Water loss via breathing

Water is lost with every breath we take. The lungs filter out small amount of water from the blood in the pulmonary capillaries with each breathing cycle. This water goes out with each breath that we expire. Ever noticed the fog or “smoke” / “fumes” coming out of our mouth in winters? that’s warm water that comes out of our lungs with each breath and appears that way due to sudden cooling down of warm water vapors.

4. Water loss via vomiting

Vomiting includes water and many nutrients. Vomiting don’t just include what you’ve eaten. It brings out more than that and can even cause dehydration and also loss of high amount of important nutrients from the body.

5. Water loss through feces / stools

They’re not just solids or semi solids. Some water is lost with feces too, and a lot is lost in case of diarrhea.

6. Water loss via bleeding

Quite obvious, when ever there is blood loss, it will also result in water loss and blood is nothing but water containing many cells and other constituents.

How much water to drink per day

Take almost 8 glasses of water a day minimum to keep your body properly hydrated. You can take it up to 3 liters of water intake daily too to replenish water in the body if you’re sweating more or have diarrhea, any condition that’s causing excessive water loss from the body.


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