Severe itching on legs (& body) while walking / exercise

It’s enough man! it hurts! itching like hell on the skin not only on legs but on back, belly and so on! damn! it drives crazy! !!!!! Read all of it! it’s worth it!

Itchy legs when running after days break

OK first of all let’s categorize the itching condition depending upon the cause and situation:

  1. itching in hot and humid environment
  2. itching when start to walk/exercise (specially after a few – many days pause in physical activity)
  3. vibration! yay!

Ya i know you also fall in anyone of these categories! Let’s see what exactly causes them, and how can we avoid them!

The first one, itching in hot and humid environment, like sauna, or simple summer days, or hot bath, etc The solution to this one is simple. Avoid the hot environment, if you feel itchy, don’t scratch it, instead take a bath with cold water and stay in cool room. This condition also occur when you take shower with hot water in winters, so technically it’s the hot water that causes problem for you.

Secondly, if you have the problem when you start walk / exercise after long long time! or some people have it if they have a break of 1 week or 10 days even… it hurts! seriously! One of the reasons for this is exercise induced anaphylaxis. You may feel nausea, git symptoms, shortness of breath and even become unconscious! Whats the cause? it’s because your body is allergic to some antigen (proteins) that you took that day or day before the exercise. Yup you did! because they are among the common use items, most common one… wheat (bread!) ! and others are like caffine (coffee and tea), shellfish, aspirin, celery, etc.

So whats the solution? first of all, don’t panic, and DON’T scratch! what? it’s itching like hell! !!! Ya i know! if you scratch, it will itch more, so simply leave it, make it cool, take a cool bath! have some rest etc.

Itchy legs when running – Solution

So what are the PROPER STEPS to do to stop and avoid this itching problem ???? here they are:

  1. be regular at exercise (jogging is fine – 3 times a week)
  2. test out the food items ( and medicines ) that you are using those days, skip them and see if there is difference (like stop taking wheat for few days – it helped me! )
  3. Don’t scratch! ofcourse!
  4. take cool (not chilling cold!) bath whenever it’s itchy.
  5. use soap (preferably only) Dove natural (non-fragrant) or else some similar one.
  6. don’t take bath with HOT water . . . ever! if it’s winter, just make it warm enough to not cause you cold symptoms! that’s it
  7. wear lose (and clean) clothes.
  8. antihistamines do help (if you have issue only first 2-3 days of exercise start) but don’t use them for long, they will lead you to another problem!
  9. apply local anesthetic on the itchy part
  10. see a doctor (dermatologist preferable) – who does exercise himself too . . . (you can judge by his toned body)

Hopefully it will help. I have seriously read people saying they scratch till it bleeds! man! i know how much it hurts! You feel like screaming! hopefully people will find remedy for it here!

If anyone doesn’t get the issue of severe itching solved by what’s stated here, please let me know! and also your unique problem, so that we can try to make it helpful and edit it for as much people as we can!


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