5 Reasons why Dettol is bad for health

Dettol is a brand since 1950’s. Their product line includes a number of items they call hygiene products.

It’s a common myth that killing all the bacteria around you is good for your health. I don’t understand why humans are so fond of killing everything around them, including other humans too.

No, killing bacteria all around you isn’t safe and isn’t recommended at all. Why? Because every bacteria has a function and when you kill or destroy them, who’s gonna do that function for you? Your grandma? I don’t think so!

My friend who is addicted to Dettol

I won’t take the name though, but let me quote her words:

I wish I could drink Dettol too

Yes please continue! Who’s stopping you huh? So it adds to our list that humans want to kill everything, themselves too!

She is addicted to the phenomenon of being “Clean” with Dettol and not to mention, it’s smell and fumes are addicting to her too!

The bacteria on our skin are not bad for us? Really?

Well yes, really, except if you’ve just got your hand out of the sewerage line. Under normal conditions, our body is covered with bacteria. These bacteria are in harmony with our body and our body has effective resistance to them. They live there, they breed there, they die there and the cycle continues, and we remain protected from them in the safe way.

Why killing bacteria on your skin is bad for health

harmful effects of dettolSo after reading the paragraph above, someone might ask, they’re living on our skin for free, why not to kill them? Huh?

Sounds similar? The same logic why one country kills others? And it’s own minorities too? Well let me explain how killing those “Free” livers can be harmful for your health, and why letting them live there is safer.

Lets image your skin is a table, on which a lot of bacteria are placed. Now these are the “normal” bacteria that are living there for ages and haven’t killed you yet.

Now imagine that the “harmful” and killing bacteria are flying in the air and roaming around. As they are scattered in the air they sometimes come to the table, try to adjust, but despite being “powerful” they don’t get the place to sit on the table. It’s not that they’re weak or the bacteria already on the table are strong, it’s simply that the harmful ones aren’t finding any place to settle there!

Now imagine, you being a human and having human mentality of killing everyone, just everyone, kill those free livers on the table. What happens now, the “harmful” bacteria flying around in the air get a place to sit, on the empty table! Now they will be there yelling! “yay! We discovered this land” (not like Columbus discovered America, where already people lived :/ weird!) Now they will live there, they will breed there, and as they’re harmful, they will do their harm there! They will do the damage and disease process that they’re capable of.

Why can they cause the disease when the previous ones couldn’t? Well how innocent question it is J your body had developed resistance for the earlier ones for ages and was in harmony with them, but these are unknown to your defense mechanism. Plus they’re already powerful ones, so more dangerous than the ones that were living on your skin before.

Composition of Dettol

As per online sources, dettol liquid is composed of:

  • Chloroxylenol
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Pine oil

Dettol is poisonous if ingested through mouth.

Effects of drinking Dettol

Some of the serious side effects of dettol liquid poisoning are:

  • Corrosion of the mucosa in oral cavity, pharynx, larynx and all parts of the digestive tract
  • Lung aspiration (pulmonary aspiration), that can lead to the loss of pulmonary function and even cardiac arrest
  • Depression of central nervous system

Is dettol harmful? or is dettol safe?

Well conclusion is, stop using dettol uselessly. Dettol liquid is toxic, and same ingredients are part of the soap too probably! Stop infecting yourself with dangerous bacteria and germs for which your body isn’t prepared at all! Stop following the media and ads that tell you to kill every single bacteria in and outside of your body. So that they can sell their other brand, yes medicines and supplements to counter the harmful affects caused by their own soaps and products!

In case of ingestion of dettol, immediately consult the doctor, vomit out the liquid if possible and call the emergency department.

What happens if someone drinks Dettol

Dettol should not be ingested at all. It can lead to:

  • intestinal burning
  • severe gastritis
  • inflammation of the gut
  • diarrhea
  • vomiting
  • abdominal pain
  • damage to nervous system
  • loss of consciousness
  • death

Therefore keep dettol out of the reach of children and adults too. In case of any accident, rush to the hospital immediately.


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