Police and bhugti tension in shifa international hospital, islamabad

For last couple of weeks, a person was admit in medical icu of shifa international hospital was from balochistan and the grand son of bhugti was sponsoring his treatment there.

Today, that guy died in shifa international hospital, islamabad. Since then a huge infantry of police and a lot of balochis and bhugti people are present in shifa international and the situation is quite tensed.

shifa 1

The police and anti terrorist squad is not only deployed outside shifa, but they have also taken positions at all entrance and exits of the hospital. They’re moving around inside the hospital too to keep an eye on stuff.

Media is also present at the location and waiting for don’t know what… a clash maybe ? or some official statement ?

The bhugti clan wants to take the dead body to the parliment and police is there to stop them.

Lets hope nothing bad happens…


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