PIMS housejob test 2012

Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS), Islamabad, conducted tests for houe jobs in all departments (medicine, surgery, paeds, gynae & obs, neonatology) last week.

The test includes basically scenario based MCQ’s and is very much practical. The test doesn’t include the crammed question and is more conceptual, discussing diseases and practical aspects of patients management. A very good approach and examination imho!

The candidates clearing the multiple choice questions part in PIMS housejob test were called for an interview later on and then given housejob in various departments of the hospital.

PIMS housejob test was quite transparent

Tests this year were very much transparent! Each candidate was given a carbon copy of his answer sheet which he can tally with the final result displayed on the result day so there was no chance of incorrect marking which was rumored last year.

PIMS housejob Interview

After that, the interview was just about seeing the candidate once and asking him which department he wants to join (among the available seats in each one) and not meant to test or ask him questions again.

Overall, the housejob tests this year were very much fair and fine.

Final list of house officers for each departments will be displayed tomorrow on 6th February 2012 and Joining will commence within couple of days.

Good luck to all those who got selected for the housejob!

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45 Responses to "PIMS housejob test 2012"

  1. where is the final result?

    • it is displayed on the admin block notice board in PIMS

  2. salam
    sir next test kb hai house job k liye…
    i am student of lumhs…do i need NOC…plz send me the requirements n cnfirm date of test…

    • for paid housejob the test will be end in july hopefully

      however if you want honorary housejob you can apply anytime

      and you need your pmdc provisional certificate

  3. hello sir i have heard test for house job is 22nd july is it confirmed.becoz my final yr result has not been announced yet:(

    • when will be your result announced samia ? and no, the test date is not confirmed yet

  4. it will come in july..sir i have heard pims test is confirmed on 29th july..nd last date of submssion of form is 21st july..bt i dun have my masksheet nd pmdc registration..if i get my marksheet befor 21st can submit my form on the basis of it as we get pmdc certificate very late after result..thanks sir for your coperation

    • pmdc registration is compulsary

  5. salam sir i want to ask when pims going to take test for new house jobers? i.e for 2013. i hav cleared bds andnow want to know abut joining in pims

    • pims housejob test for 2013 will be held in feburary first week probably.

      However stay in touch to get updated about it

  6. sir whts the pattern of test for housejob in pims?its mcqs or scenerioz typ??n wht abt the distribution of mcqs?w8ng fr reply…thnx

    • its mcq’s based, and i’m not sure about the distribution though…

  7. What is the update regarding last date of appliction in pims for housejob? when is the test scheduled? and can u guide about the types of mcqs?

    • they haven’t announced the application submission date yet imho, i will recheck from admin tomorrow and let you know though.

      about mcqs types…. they’re mcq’s… don’t know how to tell their “type” :)

  8. sir is it easy to get housejob in pims???need paid housejb in pims..really in need:-(

    • yes it is, but today is last date for applications in PIMS, hurry up

  9. sir tell me about pattern of test for house job
    will it include analytical questions ?

    • nop, only medical related questions

  10. some students say that the the paper mostly include anatomy ,physiology ,pathology and little bit from final year course.
    sir plz tell me about the pattern subject wise.

    • it includes final year subjects mostly

      medicine, surgery, gynae, paeds and oncology

  11. sir but oncology is not included in final year course.

    • who said that ?

  12. ok thnx sir.

    • you’re welcome Fida

  13. Sir, the merit list of candidates for house job shown on pims web site is final or not and how many candidates will be selected on merit.

    • its not final, however, the final one will be almost similar too

      I’m not sure about exact seats this year, but they’re around 90 usually

  14. Aoa sir when wil be the tests for year 2014…can u plz tel me

    • they will be in the last week of jan or first week of feb, not sure exactly yet, stay in touch with PIMS admin

  15. i wanted to know when pims house job test

  16. i have cleared three parts of pmdc done mbbs from china,,pmdc said mite they will take time to give rmp…..but they will provide me a letter that u have clear all three parts,,,,,,,,,,,will i be able to sit in house job test

    • not sure about that Sidra, you’ll have to contact PIMS admin if you’re from islamabad

  17. salam..sir.i need to know about pattern of test.4 h.job
    will u plzzz guide me.

    • You simply need to get the application form and submit it along with the required documents by the mid of january and the test is held in the last week of january or first week of february.

      Seems like you would’ve started house job somewhere already! how’s it going?

  18. z their any doc hostel facility availabl??

    • Yes Sundas hostel facility is available for female doctors only but it’s very hard to acquire due to imbalance in supply and demand!

  19. and also plzz tell me abt d website of previous entry test if available…so dt i can hv an idea 4 tst…

  20. Sir…i want to ask about that does attempts are counted in final merit or just entrance test marks and mbbs marks…and if there is deduction of marks how much is it?

    • Omair I’m not sure about this, please confirm from PIMS admin and update us too.

      In my opinion, attempts don’t matter.

  21. ASA
    Sir when will be the house job forms available?
    What wll be the requirements?
    What subjects to study for house job?

    • Amna, hosejob forms are usually available one month before the exam (in January and July).

      Requirements are PMDC provisional registration.

      Subjects are not specific, just focus on patient management and medicine + surgery mainly, although other clinical subjects are included too.

  22. Sir i want to know that whether house job test occur twice a year or just once??

    • They keep changing the policy for housejob test. It does occur twice an year too sometimes. Please check from the PIMS administration and update us too.

      Let me know if you’re having difficulty in finding it out, I’ll try to check myself.

  23. is there any housejob test in pims ?it wil paid or not?for private college student?? when we can apply i passed mbbs in this i mean 2016 .still not hear about date housejob of pims?plz anybody can tell me

    • For first half, PIMS house job test is usually announced in January and test is conducted in first week of February, second half tests are taken around August.

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