Issues of Starting Running after Long time

Well most people get issues when they start running after long time. These issues include both physical and psychological aspect. There are physical changes that take place in our body during inactivity phase for a long period of time, which result in difficulty in starting activity when we want to. These changes are mostly reversible and can be overcome by starting the exercise and remaining regular in it.

The most common complains include (and their solutions) are discussed in this post.

Issues of started running after long time

  1. itching in legs, hips and back
  2. pain or severe irritation in legs
  3. loss of stamina
  4. weakness

Solution of common issues of starting running / jogging after long time

Most people feel severe irritation, pain or itching like feeling around their legs, hips, back and belly some times. The feeling is so strong that it does not let the person go further. Many people simply quit the thought of running again due to this thinking that their body is not able to run anymore, which is actually not the case. The issue is just that your body is not tuned to running/moving for long now, so you just need to kick start it for once.


To get over this problem, the solution is very simple (although not easy some times). The simplest trick is to get your body used to it.

First of all a few tips, drink more water, take normal salt intake(not lower it), take calcium and vitamin supplement. Don’t take bath for long with hot water. Wear lose and comfortable cloth and walk/run in a comfortable enviroment. Also make sure that your shoes/joggers are in good form and are comfortable.

Before starting running again, simply start walk. Walk around 1-2 km 2 times a day (morning and evening) or at least once. Do this for 3-4 days before starting running at all. This will ease your legs and body a lot making it easy for you to start the running part with better enthusiasm. Key is to keep your body and mind relax, but motivated. You should push your limits but not to the extend that your mind isn’t able to bear the burden and refuses to take it altogether.

When you start running, take it real easy, at least for 4 days. Means when you run, just stop running as soon as u feel un comfortable. Make your self easy, then start again. Then slowly shift to the pace that when you are uncomfortable, stop running, but donot stop, keep on walking, then as soon as you regain your strength, simply run again.

After 4-5 days you can follow your own code of running, by this time the itching problem should be reduced to very low level and you shouldn’t feel irritation anymore.

Once you get normal in running, don’t lose the habit then. Make a habit of running at least twice a week so that your body remains tuned to activity and doesn’t end up in the same phase that you were before starting the exercise and jogging.


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