How to stop weight gain once you’ve lost some

Losing weight is easy, keeping it off is hard . . . So in this post, I’ll share some info and tips on how to avoid weight gain once you’ve shed some pounds.

Please note, there is no hard fast rule or routine to follow to keep the weight off from gaining again, so if you’ve got some other ideas, do share them too. I’ll share here what I find useful and follow them personally after losing almost 30kg myself in 3 months.

How to avoid weight gain once you’ve lost some kgs

Well, most of the things to do seem pretty obvious, but anyway, lets have a look at the list, and check which one’s are you missing:

1. Diet to prevent weight gain

Cut on your diet permanently. Take 2 meals a day only. 3 meals are only for those who’re training hard for some sports and think 2 meals aren’t enough to meet the energy expenditure.

NO SUGAR. No sugar in tea, coffee, this, that, bla bla bla, just NO SUGAR. Our tongue gets used to any taste very easily and finds tastes to give pleasure. So stop using sugar and it will be all fine in some weeks. If you find it very difficult to give up on sugar, use artificial sweeteners available in every market and general stores even (canderal, sucral) [some people say canderal and sucral are harmful! hell yeah! but I bet they’re less harmful than the sugar]

No bread / nan / paratha / biscuits. These are one of the main reason for our weight gain. Make a habit of bran bread. Believe me, it will taste bad only for a few weeks (and that too for some people only) After a month or so, you will feel like you’re having a sugar coated bread if you eat normal bread instead of bran bread, and will realize how good bran bread is and how good it tastes. Also, for roti / nan, replace it will unrefined wheat (bgair channa hoa aata) Use it at home to make bread / roti.

stop weight gain

Cut down on oils. Use minimum oil in your meals. Use them though, but it should be like “there is oil in the food” not like “theres food in the oil”.

NO MILK – thats right! no milk specially the processed ones which come in the market (nestle, olpers, haleeb, etc) ! Please let me know if someone wants to argue about benefits of milk and harmful affects of not having it . . .Milk products are fine, yoghurt, ice cream, but have the skimmed ones. Skimmed yoghurt, etc)

NO DRINKS – no soda, milkshakes (unskimmed ones), no pepsi, no coke. They not only cause obesity and fat accumulation, but also damage ur stomach, and also affect iron, calcium and other minerals absorption in body, causing their deficiency.

Plenty of water – have atleast 8-12 glass of water a day.

2. Exercise to maintain weight

Exercise is important for living and being healthy.

Exercise means something with exertion. You should get a high pulse and sweating to say you’re exercising.

Exercise atleast 30 minutes, 3 times a week. Have a jogging session, hike, martial arts, football, basketball, aerobics, swimming, any exercise (NO CRICKET is not an exercise neither a sport)

Exercise not ony makes you slim, but also keeps you healthy and keeps heart problems away from you. Bones get strong not by milk, but by exercise and sports.

3. Mindset / nature to stay fit

When we’re sad we eat alot. Why ? you’re sad right ? then don’t eat! punishing yourself by overeating? huh? punish by not eating! man! Just cut the crap, don’t ruin your eating schedule due to emotions.

Infact, don’t have any unhealthy item in your fridge or home, so that you don’t consume it when you’re emotionally unstable.

Similarly, when we’re happy or have done a good job, we treat ourselves, or ask friends for treat, why man? are we dogs? that once we’ve done something good, have a biscuit or cookie ? comeon! show some difference. Eating isn’t the only reward, for humans atleast. Prove it though!

Eat only what you know you should.

Hopefully these will help you keep some weight off your tummy!


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