Menopause Symptoms

Almost every woman undergoes menopause once it reaches the specific age. However it’s important to realize that the symptoms experienced by all women, before and after menopause, are not the same. The signs and symptoms experienced by the women undergoing menopause are very much variable and depend on various factors. What is Perimenopause? The transition … Continue reading Menopause Symptoms

How to relieve period pain fast

There are natural ways to relieve period pain as well as medicines to relieve pain from periods. Here you will learn about medicines that can relieve period pain along with few tips on how to overcome the pain and reduce its intensity by natural means. Females can use both medical as well as natural approach … Continue reading How to relieve period pain fast

How we declare someone Amenorrhic (having amenorrhea)

There are varieties of menstrual irregularities and disturbances but they all have their own management according to signs and symptoms and patients condition. One of them is called Amenorrhea. In this post, we’ll learn various types of amenorrhea and how to declare or know if someone has amenorrhea. The most common cause of amenorrhea in … Continue reading How we declare someone Amenorrhic (having amenorrhea)