How many pounds can a person lose daily?

This is a very common question that how much weight can a person lose in one day! Well the honest answer is that it’s variable.

We will try to discuss in this article that what are those variables and what’s the minimum and maximum weight a person can lose in a single day!

How many pounds can a person lose daily?

The weight a person can lose in a day depends on factors like:

  • Whats your current BMI (body mass index) depending upon your height and weight
  • is it the first time you’re trying to lose weight?
  • how did you lose weight last time?
  • what’s your regular eating routine? (before trying to lose weight)
  • what’s your regular exercise routine? (before trying to lose weight)
  • what you eat during weight loss
  • what you exercise during weight loss
  • your genes (some what)
  • level of motivation
  • availability of junk with you

So once we keep these factors in view, and a few more, we can decide on average that how much weight a person would lose if they try to lose maximum in one single day.


Also note, that the weight loss on the first day is mostly maximum and then it goes down and slow gradually. This is because of the initial:

  • water weight
  • glycogen weight
  • resistance developed in body gradually for weight loss due to prolong low calorie (and low mineral, vitamins and other nutrients) intake
  • efficiency developed in body for exercise thus less energy is consumed for same activity

Losing 2 to 4 pounds is very easy on the first day. This is because the water and glycogen weight is lost the most and also due to exercise after a long time our body moves and all the stuff that was stuck and stagnant in our intestines moves faster due to pressure on the belly during exercise, resulting in defecation, thus getting rid of some more weight!

With only restricted diet and a good exercise, up to 5 kg weight loss is even possible (that’s almost 12 pounds!) but it’s not recommended at all and isn’t possible for normal people as they can’t push their body to those limits mostly.

Calories in one pound

On average one pound of fat contains around 3500 calories. This means that you need to lose 3500 calories to lose one pound. It’s very much possible and easily attainable if you’re trained and are motivated to get it done.

However the weight loss is not just by losing the pounds of fat. The pounds of glycogen stored in liver and muscles are much more heavier and easily lost. Also, the water is lost during the initial phase of weight loss along with the stuff in our belly, that makes around 2 to 4 pounds itself!

So on average, on a single day, at least 2 kg weight loss is easily possible. Easily here doesn’t mean by sitting on couch, but it means that it’s possible, but with a very rigorous regime and a full day workout, properly designed and crafted to lose weight without any loss to the body.

Is it healthy to lose that much weight? that’s a totally different debate. Sometimes it’s necessary to do unhealthy things but others can’t understand that!

Ideally when you’re trying to lose weight, best is to lose almost 2 to 4 pounds per week maximum that too with healthy diet and exercise!

Let me know if you have any feedback or queries related to weight loss in a day!

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